Full automatic the operation flow of the Laser Cutting plane that sends plane of makings Laser Cutting

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Laser Cutting machine must want to notice to operate circuit between production, cause an accident very easily otherwise, especially the enterprise should notice more, have opportunity of normative operation Laser Cutting only, and make every operation personnel abides by this flow ability to maintain safe production, and the maintenance to Laser Cutting machine. 1. Abide by operating rules of safety of average cut machine. Start a program strictly to start laser according to laser. 2. Handlers needs a course to groom, be familiar with facility construction, function, master an operating system to concern knowledge. 3. Apparel by the regulation good work protective equipment, in stimulate those who accord with a regulation must be wear to defend near beam of light glasses. 4. In did not make clear before whether can some material use laser irradiation or heating, do not want to be machined to its, lest produce the potential risk of aerosol and steam. 5. Personnel of the operation when equipment actuate does not get do sth without authorization to leave post or hold a person in the palm to wait for a canal, if machine or dump switch should stop when need leaves really. 6. Want to put fire extinguisher in the place that conveniently can reach; Do not add man-hour to want to put out laser or smooth brake; Adding defended laser bundle around place paper, cloth or other tinderbox. 7. When the discovery in machining a process is unusual, should stop instantly machine, remove trouble in time or report director staff. 8. Hold laser, lathe bed and week paddock ground neat, orderly, without smeary, workpiece, plank, flotsam piles up by the regulation. 9. When use gas cylinder, should avoid to crush solder electrical wiring, lest accident of leakage of electricity happens. The use of gas cylinder, carry should abide by gas cylinder censorial regulations. Prohibit gas cylinder explodes below sunshine bask in or stand by heat source. When open cylinder valve, handlers must stand in bottle mouth flank. 10. High-pressured safe practice should be abided by when maintenance. Every run 40 hours or safeguard every week, when every run 1000 hours or every 6 months are safeguarded, want to undertake according to regulation and program. 11. The hand answers to use machine tool of actuate of direction of low speed X, Y after switching on the mobile phone, the examination affirms have general reason of as good as besides. 12. After be being inputted to new work program, should foretaste moves, check its to run a condition. 13. When the job, the attention observes the machine tool runs a condition, lest cut machine walks out of effective journey limits or two stage happening collision cause an accident. CNC Milling