Of milling cutter of chamfer of fork leaf root grind again with detect discuss

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1 foreword is large chamfer of root of leaf of lamina of turbine end monitor is chamfer of root of 7 fork leaf commonly, to assure its strict molded lines and dimension precision ask, 8 assembly type all are used to shape commonly when abroad makes treatment milling cutter; At present material of end monitor lamina and original photograph compare together with hardness rises, use general high-speed steel to shovel tine to shape again milling cutter already satisfied treatment requirement hard, abroad uses pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel commonly (the high-speed steel that be like Mo) before horny needle tine shapes milling cutter) graph 1 for fork Xie Genxi of the knife assemble diagram, in all on the 8 arbor that assemble bit in F100, graph the 2 molded lines diagram that are left razor blade of milling cutter of chamfer of fork Xie Gen (picture of end of the horn before the graph is medium gives) . Graph milling cutter of chamfer of 1 leaf root assembles diagram to pursue diagram of molded lines of left razor blade of milling cutter of chamfer of 2 leaves root has 3 catastrophe to nod in the production process in milling cutter: It is the choice of structure of cutting tool whole. Abroad uses microtherm to solder commonly high-speed steel of metallurgy of technical general powder (Mo high-speed steel) bit solders to go up in cutter hub solder structure, microtherm solders basically is to prevent temperature exorbitant cause bit anneal, hardness is reduced, cutting function drops. But because we still fail to master cutting tool low temperature completely,solder at present technology, can use hard alloy to set tine structure to replace. Can assure to set tine cutting tool the dependability in cutting process. The 2 blade that are cutting tool are ground. First blade wear, especially point is used wear away the following be being ground again is the biggest difficult point. The blade that blade wears face of the knife before including is ground (produce cutting tool before horn) the blade of face of the knife after mixing is ground (those who produce cutting tool hind horny) . The blade of knife face grinds nonexistent issue before. Knife face is plane of a geometry before, blade is ground can undertake on average tool grinding machine normally, also can grind blade of external diameter of mill bit body at the same time or grind again come out, OK even kibble (only this just) hind knife face in order to decrease hind the essence of knife face grinds surplus. In fact, cutting tool is on the face of the knife after wearing away to basically be in in cutting process, after face of the knife before when cutting tool is made, been grind first, when be being ground again general no longer blade is ground. After that a knife face is the horn after cutting tool sharp edge is circling edge molded lines (it is molded lines of fork Xie Gen namely) and from beginning to end with before a curved surface including sth resembling a net that motion of cost of the character after knife face included angle is forms, grind with general knife form impossibly such constant hind horn is worth hind knife face, after that knife face or hind horn to shaping milling cutter reduces cutting to fight force to assure Xie Gen precision is crucial, this also is to call pointed tine to shape the prime cause of milling cutter. 1.

The first hind knife face 2.

The 2nd hind knife face 3.

The 3rd hind knife face pursues sketch map of face of the knife after milling cutter of chamfer of 3 leaves root watchs a figure 2 medium cutting tool angle magnify the graph can see, knife face cent is 3 parts after, namely 0.

2mm pours arris edge part, call the first hind knife face; Part of the part after 8 ° , call the 2nd hind knife face; Part of the part after 15 ° , call the 3rd hind knife face (3) seeing a picture. The 3rd hind when knife face is machined wear away lesser, can grind when make piece, when be being ground again general no longer grinding; The first hind knife face can be in the 2nd hind knife face grinds the nature after going out to form. The key is the 2nd hind knife face (or the horn after 8 ° ) grind again. Horny blade is ground after think to use grinding machine of tool of numerical control much coordinate commonly, but price of numerical control grinder is high, the blade that can not satisfy this kind of special cutting tool completely certainly worries a demand. Use the grinding machine of mechanical profile modeling that makes according to design of principle of planar linkage mechanism, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, low-cost, can design by oneself even make. Parameter of technology of the principle that what the article basically introduces is grinder of this kind of profile modeling, main structure, design and blade grind a method. 3 it is cutting tool after make or be being ground again detect. Because cutting tool is disc structure of dentate molded lines, the influence of the horn after before be being added again, horn is mixed, use measuring instrument of example, coordinate, 10 thousand labour very hard to show etc will be measured directly. The measurement when cutting tool is made first can be used try cut a way, shape with what had made namely milling cutter is experimenting workpiece (like a quadrate armor plate) aspirant travel tries cutting, check check workpiece fork chamfer through check next (imitate is true chamfer of blade leaf root) precision comes the validity of molded lines of milling cutter of indirect test and verify; But sequel is made especially frequent point is used after be being ground again dully detect may cut a law to affirm through trying no longer or detect the validity of cutting tool molded lines and dimension precision. Combine the mature experience of a few manufactories, the article introduces a kind handy and quick, effective, can detect self-restrainedly device. 1 ~ 5.

Planar connecting rod (orgnaization) 6.

Wheelhead emery wheel 7.

Wheelhead bearing 8.

Rely on matrix 9.

Cutting tool (upper part) , template (lower part) 10.

Runner shaft of cutting tool bracket pursues sketch map of principle of device of grinding of profile modeling of milling cutter of chamfer of 4 leaves root (vertical view) 1.

Arbor and canister of tone a complete set of 2.

Bearing of renovate type arbor 3.

Axial feed dial 4.

Grinding operates handle 5.

Cutting tool bracket 6.

Radial feed knob 7.

Template 8.

Graduation sells aperture 9.

Hinge 10.

Connecting rod 11.

Graduation sells locking bracket to pursue sketch map of device of grinding of profile modeling of milling cutter of chamfer of 5 leaves root (front view) of the horn after device of grinding of 2 profile modeling and cutting tool shape device of grinding of profile modeling of brief introduction of principle of device of grinding of principle profile modeling must solve two problems: Shape the formation of the horn after the formation of milling cutter molded lines is mixed. The fundamental graph of device of grinding of this profile modeling sees a picture 4. This device is clever the athletic principle that applied 6 linkage mechanism, hinge A and hinge B secure the lathe bed in grinding device to go up, and hinge C, D, E, F is what to turn freely can be in inside horizontal; Place inter connecting rod the 3 cutting tool bracket that go up can be circled inside horizontal again place in connecting rod 3 mid runner shaft rotate, in order to get used to the grinding of molded lines of cutting tool lateral, cutting tool and template outfit are on cutting tool bracket, template can measure around to make certain adjustment move to be adjusted with the roll of minim, the template when grinding (molded lines dimension and molded lines of cutting tool design are identical, hold the bottom in bracket) from beginning to end with the circular arc that secures the hard alloy on lathe bed to rely on matrix (as identical as emery wheel circular arc) contact, make emery wheel circular arc and cutting tool point perpendicular as far as possible. The arbor outfit that cutting tool along with can circle his to turn is in of bracket most upper part (5) seeing a picture. Through rotating the handle of two end can be in cutter arbor direction of axes of arbor of the edge inside little scope adjusts cutting tool, in order to realize the axial feed when cutting tool grinding; Tooth is a tine a tine is ordinal undertake grinding, when grinding, the part that brim of tooth molded lines approachs on face of the knife before cutting tool props up what taking the tip of the tongue directly to maintain tine to go up (6) seeing a picture, support tooth 4 fixed go up in lathe bed, as it happens of height of its the tip of the tongue is in position of wheelhead level center (initiative position, right now the horn after the cutting tool of grinding is 0) the height when. Wheelhead is independent for opposite linkage mechanism, emery wheel piece grinding part is very small only 0.

4mm is thick, grinding blade is circular arc shape (with rely on matrix circular arc identical) , in order to eliminate the error that appearance of blade of grinding of blame circular arc causes to molded lines precision, emery wheel centre height can be adjusted inside 45mm limits, in order to fashions cutting tool hind horn and requirement of the horn after satisfying different cutting tool, if emery wheel diameter is F175mm, the horn after the biggest cutting tool can be ground to 31 ° . Anyhow, through horizontal (set for X-Y plane) the 6 linkage mechanism inside, can obtain cutting tool to be spent freely in 2 shift of X-Y plane, adopt the roll on connecting rod of inter of cutting tool bracket, the freedom that can gain cutting tool to circle Z axis to turn inside horizontal is spent, circle the roll of cutter arbor through cutting tool, what can obtain cutting tool to circle X axis or Y axis is rotational, because this cutting tool has 5 freedom outside moving except edge Z axis to spend, can satisfy molded lines of cutting tool edge the requirement of each direction grinding; Of example mix movably a few can turn, and can adjust shift of direction of axes of arbor of cutting tool edge, before OK and contented grinding search to be being adjusted and the feed in grinding is adjusted; Pass 6 linkage mechanism and example of have the aid of and the molded lines that relied on matrix to acquire cutting tool. Those who pass center of wheelhead emery wheel is elevatory acquired cutting tool hind horn, the horn after fashioning different cutting tool of centre height together (7) seeing a picture. 1.

Wheelhead protective cover 2.

Emery wheel 3 cutting tool 4.

Support tooth 5.

Profiling piece 6.

Wheelhead wears a graph sketch map of device of grinding of milling cutter of chamfer of 6 leaves root (vertical view) 1.

Emery wheel 2.

Support tooth 3.

Cutting tool pursues the computation of the horn after the horn after 7 cutting tool fashions sketch map cutting tool can see from inside graph 7a, wheelhead centre height and point of a knife and maintain coincide of crown ministry height, right now the horn after cutting tool is 0; If graph 7b place is shown, after emery wheel center lifts < is worth, the G in graph of A(of the horn after the round tangent outside crossing place of point of a knife to make emery wheel and the included angle that cross place of point of a knife to make plumb line are what grind cutting tool namely is) of the horn before cutting tool. Sina=h/(D/2)a=arcsin(2h/D) normally, if emery wheel diameter is F175mm, emery wheel centre height is adjustable inside limits of 0 ~ 45mm, because of ° of 45/175)=31 of × of A=arcsin(2 of after this horn, namely hind horn is in 31 ° of 0 ~ inside limits adjustable, the horn after can be being ground most is 31 ° . This shows, the size of the horn after can be being ground can increase degree of decision by emery wheel diameter and emery wheel center, emery wheel center is adjustable range is bigger, emery wheel diameter is smaller, the part after can grinding cutting tool is larger, usually. Of 30 ° of 0 ~ hind horny range is already enough, actually because get the limitation of cutting tool itself, with bigger emery wheel grinding too big hind horn or much tine tooth will produce interference with cutting tool. If milling cutter of chamfer of blade leaf root wants grinding hind horn is 8 ° , by on type is calculable give emery wheel center to need to adjust only elevatory (8 ° of 175/2) × =12.

2mm. By still can see at the same time in the graph, face of the knife after the cutting tool after grinding is curved surface of circular arc of a space in fact. Range of the role after outside expressing emery wheel of R/min of limits of rotate speed of Mm of aperture of emery wheel of × of emery wheel diameter, M/s of round grinding linear velocity can be ground 175 × 50 2750/3390/3940 25.



30 ° of 1 0 ~ 125 × 50 3070/3800/4550 20.



36 ° of 8 0 ~ 75 × 28 5350/6400/7660 21.


Gao Ke of center of 45 ° emery wheel moves 1 0 ~ the technical parameter of device of grinding of profile modeling of 0 ~ 45mm3 and wheelhead of parameter of structural design technology and emery wheel wheelhead reach range range of the role after the diameter of emery wheel, rotate speed, place is ground refers to right watch. Leather belt annulus comes to the tower type that different rotate speed carries through electric machinery axis undertake modulatory, at the same time rank expresses the circumferential grinding linear velocity outside the emery wheel of correspondence of different emery wheel diameter, different place of rotate speed limits 1 in. Dimension of the biggest cutting tool can grind the external diameter value of milling cutter of chamfer of root of the greatest part of a historical period to should be F500mm above, the biggest rotate cutting tool width is 200, the biggest allow cutting tool weight to need to be in 50kg above. Cutting tool bracket 1.

Rely on matrix 2.

The pedestal that support tooth 3.

Aspiration mouth 4.

Emery wheel 5.

Protective cover 6.

Emery wheel rises fall handle 7.

Wheelhead level journey adjusts handle 8.

Emery wheel rises fall locking handle 9.

Emery wheel rises fall rotate hinge 10.

Wheelhead is worn 11.

Sliding slideway of wheelhead wearing level pursues 8 polish style F100mm of diameter of total construction arbor, bracket arbor axial adjusts quantity 10mm above, bracket rotates graduation sells an amount 12. Template template adjusts the journey to be 10mm above, template corner coming back spends shim action limits: ± 35. Wheelhead structure blueprint the 8 objective pictures that are wheelhead part. Wheelhead is overall the structure should make initiative position center and cutting tool center are in wheelhead emery wheel inside same horizontal; Centre height of wheelhead emery wheel should hang down in lead direction is adjustable (journey 45mm) , adjust a method to be able to be used in wheelhead electric machinery upright rear installs a rotational hinge 9, by perpendicular litre fall handle 6 undertake modulatory. But will hind horn and emery wheel rise fall the concern conversion of the quantity comes out, engrave after with reticle horn is indicated board on in order to go to the lavatory hind the adjustment of centre height of the emery wheel when horny grinding. In addition, emery wheel should according to grinding cutting tool different and OK change, disassemble at the same time still should go to the lavatory. Of dimension of milling cutter of chamfer of root of leaf of feet of milling cutter of chamfer of 4 leaves root measure basically point to a graph 2 in the radial dimension A(-0 of step face.

03) reachs B(-0.

The measurement of 03) , and the axial of step face is opposite dimension C ± 0.

02, d ± 0.

02, e ± 0.

The measurement of 02. Should relying on general standard tool microscope apparently cannot be measured, in fact a few manufactories of foreign still use simple and easy optical measurement unit to undertake metrical up to now, not only is the structure simple? Measure reliable, and quick and convenient, production cost is low. Graph 9 be this measurement unit advocate view, graph the 10 side view that are this measurement unit. Horizontal test desk 3 for simple and easy solder structural member, also can use useless old lathe to bring the lathe bed of swallow end slideway, zun Duan partial mount takes the disc of arbor and park level position, perpendicular test desk 9 but the slideway of swallow end form of edge level test desk makes horizontal way (the shift of X) , its mobile distance volume can pass dial gauge 11, 12 measure accurately come out, refinance aids tailor-made tool microscope (enlarge 10 times, graph 9, graph 10 medium a 4) , milling cutter of chamfer of root of OK and certain part of a historical period the opposite dimension of direction of radial of a few step, namely dimension A(-0.

03) reachs B(-0.

03) . Graph 10 medium 3 it is bleb type gradienter, in order to makes microscope is in horizontal position. 4 medium reticle are microscope rice glyph reticle (11) seeing a picture, part of ministry molded lines is carried in cutting tool, apogee of cutting tool circular arc alignment lead hangs down reticle, dial gauge is answered 0, rotational silk lever 10 make perpendicular test desk 9 left move, if institute of graph 11b right plan shows the reticle in making cutting tool molded lines aims microscope,be in in mid step molded lines, right now dial gauge reading is dimension A(-0 namely.

The measured value of 03) , test desk of again mobile level can measure a dimension B(-0.

03) . 1.

Milling cutter of foliaceous root chamfer 2.

Arbor 3.

Horizontal test desk 4.

Horizontal microscope 5.

Perpendicular microscope 6.

Vertical distance dial gauge 7.

Perpendicular lifting platform 8.

Perpendicular litre fall filar lever 9.

Perpendicular test desk 10.

Water translation uses filar rod 11.

Dial gauge of Cheng of horizontal journey particle (0.

01/ case) 12.

Dial gauge of horizontal journey big span (1/ case) graph dimension of milling cutter of chamfer of 9 leaves root detects device diagram (advocate view) 1.

Slideway of perpendicular test desk 2.

Perpendicular lifting platform 3.

Bleb gradienter 4.

Horizontal microscope pursues milling cutter of chamfer of 10 leaves root detects device (vertical view) perpendicular lifting platform 7 can the slideway of swallow end form along perpendicular test desk makes fluctuation move, the journey with mobile fluctuation but by vertical distance dial gauge 6 measure accurately, the ± of opposite dimension C that measured value is face of step of axial of milling cutter of foliaceous root chamfer namely 0.

02, d ± 0.

02, e ± 0.

02, the alignment method in microscope is Alexandrine. 5 problems discuss (A)(b) 1 ~ 4.

Reticle 5.

Mid step molded lines is in cutting tool 6.

Molded lines of ministry of cutting tool end handles a plan 11 microscope reticle and measurement technique about cutting tool material as we have learned, the name of cutting tool material that some manufactories use is steel of tool of pulverous metallurgy high speed. Steel of tool of pulverous metallurgy high speed is made with pulverous metallurgy method, its advantage is: From go up at all solved carbide inhomogenous sex problem, carbide grain is petty (2 ~ 5µm) , make big sectional cutting tool aptly. Because carbide grain is little, grindability is good. Heat treatment heats time is short, quench be out of shape small, it is the 1/2 ~ 1/3 of fusion high-speed steel only. The mechanical function of material decides quality of Yu Ye gold, bending strength and concussion tenacity are OK make it is taller than fusion high-speed steel, make interrupted cutting cutting tool aptly. Repair about what blade grinds device emery wheel after grinding those who pass proper time to use, because cutting tool grinds bits to stick emery wheel, and of emery wheel itself wear away, must undertake repairing grinding to emery wheel. Long grind a method to use linkage mechanism ably (the principle of 12) seeing a picture. 1.

Emery wheel 2.

Diamond pen 3.

Diamond pen clamp 4.

Strut bar 5.

Flat bottom template 6.

Rely on matrix 7.

Hinge pursues 12 emery wheel are repaired grind a method 1.

Cutting tool bracket 2.

Air cushion 3.

Working platform 4.

Cutting tool clamp 5.

Template pursues device of grinding of profile modeling of type of 13 air cushion only two hinge secure Zun Duan A, B to go up in wheelhead wearing, two connecting rod reach his to make the same score bottom template plus the diamond pen runner shaft that can turn freely, formed emery wheel ably to repair grind implement. Repair when grinding, as long as diamond pen runner shaft from graphic representation left turn to graphic representation on the right side of, make template leans closely on the R that relies on matrix, diamond pen can grind the emery wheel appearance when the horn after giving some, its R and rely on matrix just the same, also made sure cutting tool molded lines and molded lines of cutting tool template are consistent so. Tell from the structural means of profile modeling grinding about the structural means of profile modeling grinding, besides afore-mentioned 6 linkage mechanism, still have structure of grinding of profile modeling of air cushion type, namely whole cutting tool and cutting tool bracket are to prop up the platform in a high accuracy to go up freely (the 13) that be like a graph, bottom of cutting tool bracket has 4 F0.

The compression of 4mm air exit, the gas film that relies on to compress air to be formed between cutting tool bracket and working platform rises float of cutting tool bracket. But this kind of structure agrees with the cutting tool with lighter weight is like milling cutter of head of general helix milling cutter, reamer, ball, small-sized shape milling cutter. To bigger if grow milling cutter of chamfer of blade leaf root its external diameter and weight all bigger, use stability the unit of grinding of linkage mechanism type with better, bigger carrying capacity is more appropriate. 6 last words can see from above, the milling cutter of chamfer of root of leaf of mechanical profile modeling that uses 6 linkage mechanism is ground again (blade is ground) of device and molded lines of milling cutter of chamfer of its Xie Gen detect device from theoretic it is feasible, and long-term practice of abroad also proves its feasibility, it is a kind of relatively mature technology. Use device of grinding of profile modeling of linkage mechanism type investment is less, and function stability, structure is simple, safeguard convenient, can make the seriation product with much station differ standards, shape in order to satisfy the pointed tine of not isomorphic type, size the grinding of cutting tool. In the meantime, besides can beyond milling cutter of chamfer of grinding leaf root, use clamp of different cutting tool bracket, arbor, cutting tool, emery wheel, support tooth, OK still grinding before the lamina with reamer of milling cutter of Xie Genxi knife, helix, helix, common form of milling cutter of head of ball of horny needle tine, bacterium face shapes milling cutter shapes even lathe tool, use is very extensive. CNC Milling