Be based on CimatronE antrum mould to design the application of production unifinication solution

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Come for years, many enterprises in industry of domestic industry pattern already were used to the working mode that serves as main communication tool with 2 dimension blueprint, personnel also was used to many technologies to handle almost all issue with 2 dimension view, the company still established the standard inside complete plant for this, formed perfect constructive standard. However in recent years, as the rapid development of mould industry, mixed pattern relies on 2 dimension to view already cannot be conveyed clearly and be handled only. And the ceaseless promotion of ability of computer data processing, make many CAD/CAM software are developed early or late or compositive relatively mature three-dimensional mould designs module. Then a lot of enterprises used the working pattern that a variety of CAD/CAM software use jointly, found with a three-dimensional software namely shape the 3D modelling of the spare parts, convey mould structure with scale of software of another 2 dimension, regard what produce segment with mould spot as to communicate a method this, additionally software of the 3rd process designing does reoccupy the NC process designing of component. Although such working mode is versed in a way already was formed in mould industry in home, and personnel of a lot of technologies masters adroitly already also, but its a few defect that cannot effect a radical cure also bring not small loss to the enterprise constantly, your controller feels have a headache. Graph 1 guest makes change mould bases and its parameter drive the defect of this kind of mode depends on: (1) dispersive controller energy. Use much money software, make what controller needs to answer every software often newer, upgrade and safeguard wait for matters concerned. (2) the communication time between wasteful post. Because every technical personnel is met only the software of this post, when the personnel communication of need and other post is communicated, compare take time. We discover via regular meeting, when when n/arc drafting personnel need confirms detail of a modelling with 3D personnel, light lets 3D rotate place the time that to a specific angle this one process needs half minutes to control. (3) associated sex is not had between documentation. After normally different software transmits data through general interface, the attribute that source data is gifted in designing a process can be lost. And when source data happening designs alteration, be communicated clearly what can rely on personnel completely only and the validity that careful examination just can assure work, this gives a purpose to make was bringinged cannot charge a sex more very much. (4) the workload that increased employee to groom and difficulty. Fall in this kind of mode apparently, the invite applications for a job of personnel, groom and use need to spend more energy and time. (5) added administrator the difficulty of project of well and truly examine and verify. Although officer of a lot of technologies is make from basic level, having rich experience, but very few somebody can be familiar with all software inside the branch. Become so when plan of mould of examine and verify, very difficult the angle from overall situation, all-around the ground thinks whole project. Accordingly, so called examine and verify appears more helpless normally. Be based on but be based on afore-mentioned reasons not only, the unifinication solution of a few outstanding CAD/CAM software begins to be paid close attention to by the enterprise inside more and more course of study. The CAD/CAM unifinication solution of CimatronE covered the whole process that industry pattern makes: From quote the plan is designed to the mould, the project is changed, numerical control process designing, discharge treatment, ensure the user comes with shorter manufacturing cycle, inferior cost the mould of consign high quality. The following with model module of antrum mould design is given priority to, the CAD/CAM unifinication solution that introduces CimatronE is in gigantic the actual application that soars ministry of mould of international group subordinate. This group is manufacturer of machine of product of a professional 3C, its client is included domestic and international a lot of well-known trademarks, wait like Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba. Gigantic vacate a group to be in 2011 the beginning of the year, for its each mould career place of subordinate equiped to exceed 300 CimatronE software, the mould design that makes place of each mould career realizes process designing of design of structure of data changeover, fast form removal, mould, electrode design, NC from now on makes complete 3D change technological process. Replaced a few original professional software thoroughly, cast off what narrate like preamble place before the worry of the sort of job mode. Through CimatronE unifinication solution apply actually, the design efficiency that career of this group mould is in promoted 20% , accelerated the development rate of the product, enhanced the market competition ability of the enterprise. The initialization that Nextpage changes mould bases to regard a mould as the project with choosing a guest to make pursues 1 it is gigantic vacate group subordinate some mould factory (factory of H of the following abbreviation) a mould bases that design ministry defines oneself with CimatronE. CimatronE itself can offer standard mould bases, this with a few otherer the CAD/CAM professional software that suits mould design is similar, and CimatronE can offer a variety of 20 standard mould bases that include Hassco, Futba, LKM to wait inside. But because the library of 3D mould bases that software takes oneself considers its versatility, modelling structure is relatively so simple. Although already offerred parameter of quite a few to define the model of mould bases, series, norms when calling standard mould bases, and the dimension of a few inherent standard component, wait like hammer of guide-post bushing of fixed position annulus, guide pillar, spacing, reinforced stitches, but to be like H factory such enterprise, in be applied actually, arrive from such standard mould bases 3D of true final mould bases, still need to assemble body to do the much work that build a model to whole mould bases. Graph 3 work in coordination the canalage that finish is designed then Cimatron is in gigantic in vacating the solution that the group offers, supportive him client defines the objective that fits this factory to use to make change mould bases and guest to make change standard component, can adopt parameter drive dimension of whole mould bases. From the graph 1 in the attempt of one class explosion that this mould bases assembles system can see, this is a straight body model that is based on structure of two board models, but still included to heat up runner plate, thermal insulation board, zero among them fixed position piece, model benevolence bundle piece, answer a device and the component such as all fastener lock module, micro-gap switch, compulsively. In addition, the detail modelling of every component already was founded, the guide-post bushing air discharge duct of the reverse side of pattern plate of the canalage of guide-post bushing of cooling guide pillar on pattern plate of the slot of section code model that includes to be opened in flank of hot runner plate, state-owned parent and canalage component, mother, fair pattern plate opens modular slot, use to increase strength of fair pattern plate. It is a function not only go up, on flow CimatronE also provides understanding for H factory definitely plan. Before mould design is begun by cent model, generate make public the reelection after master mold benevolence uses mould bases. And this covers mould bases 3D now is enabled at the beginning in mould project. Say exactly, it is to open a guest to make those who change mould bases assemble archives, undertake in this documentation follow-up and overall pattern designs the job. So such flow asks this covers mould bases to be able to be passed adjust, all sorts of products that get used to sequel to load are made dimension. Graph the pattern that 4 implementation line cuts collateral project archives of benevolence 3D graph Nextpage   pursues 1 in left modular erect decides a dialog box is to click " set " play after the instruction those who go out, all parameter that included H factory to design what the ministry makes to adjust this to cover mould bases place to need among them and its numerical value. The length that these parameter include each panel is wide tall the clearance between the 3 diameters that wait for column body spare parts to reinforced stitches of dimension, guide pillar and its position dimension, certain panel add up to 31. These parameter cover 3D mould bases with this respectively the correspondence of each component builds model to ask for relevant couplet, when these parameter in should revising a dialog box namely, the adjustment of the mould measure that this parameter place represents can direct drive. Such, h factory can found a mould bases that fits different product quickly, and can assure to agree completely with hypostatic mould bases. Check through actual application, cimatronE gets to design a section the mould bases of such result saved many time really, and achieve similar mould bases result than 2 dimension cartography even fast. What need points out is, after loading in the product, the work that above paragraphs place narrates parameter to change drive mould bases is started at least, be not a mould to design the content of initialization. Initialization is to open a mould bases merely, add position of modular acupuncture point and go to product to load 3 paces operate strung of every layout coordinate, this process does not exceed 2 minutes. Those who divide model and mould bases design work in coordination in next in the job, especially to big, h factory designs a ministry to arrange 2 engineers to complete the design of mould of a complete set of jointly. If the graph is shown 2 times, engineer A is in charge of the job of mould construction part, engineer B is in charge of shaping the design of face, cent face, the job that uses 2 dimension software to do mould bases to design before namely is by engineer A now in CimatronE with 3D the form is finished, and both undertake at the same time, but each other is hands-off, this is by CimatronE work in coordination the function assures. And content of both division of labor was to consult before the division of labor in the mode with common software of 3D/2D much money, of course, OK also according to move fixed die will divide the work. Graph   of 3D of 5 final moulds works in coordination after division of labor begins, because initialization is medium already to load product, so engineer A can adjust mould bases directly according to product measure now, its mode of operation and effect are narrated like preamble place namely. Should define a mould bases completely right now of course the final modelling of component of each panel etc is not actual, this can be revised in follow-up design, but at least the over all dimension of each panel (grow namely wide tall) can define completely reach the designated position. Conduct this one local result manufacturing branch to undertake getting the materials ready then, photograph comparing finishs the working mode that after the mould is designed, gets the materials ready again thoroughly before, present flow makes the mould bases of H factory gets the materials ready the job shifted to an earlier date 1~2 day. After this, engineer A continues to complete the corresponding work such as inclined top, mold insert, cooling system, slide block. What the graph shows 3 times is project A is finished in B shape modular benevolence dimension has been adjusted according to product measure first before the design, completed the design of canalage. In working in coordination, the another advantage that CimatronE unifinication solution reflects depends on, because engineer A, B used same software, when among them the workload of an engineer is apparent bigger when, another engineer can be assisted. When inclined top, mold insert is for instance too much, after engineer B completes the work of 3D form removal, with respect to can proper assistance A completes a few works. Collateral project works in coordination the cent model that makes H factory designs a ministry to be able to have a product at the same time and mould bases design, improved the work efficiency of this branch, shortened patternmaking is periodic. Collateral project promoted this one effect further. If the graph is shown 2 times, collateral project is to point to, when design branch is undertaking the mould is designed, arrived certain level, electrode design, line is cut, branch or the post such as attempt of NC, project can begin the work, and the ability after needing to wait for the job that designs a section to be finished completely begins. Preamble place narrates got the materials ready to reflect this one result ahead of schedule. Graph 4 it is an example that H factory line cuts a branch to implement collateral project. This mould is used 2 spell the common standard of 1 benevolence, 2 make public need of the altogether on modular benevolence is set again spell 39 mold insert and 15 inclined tops. The position of these 15 inclined tops needs a line to cut necessarily, the collateral project mode that CimatronE offers for H factory operates as follows: Graph the model that 2 medium engineer A are record in in data of only product model benevolence go up, according to actual modelling and experience, inclined top component is added in necessary position. Right now model benevolence the honest stuff that modelling is only bolt aperture and hoisting aperture, and the modelling of inclined top component is to contain pull rod, have chute model but shape without the product formative semi-manufactured goods expects, it is the 3D standard component that H factory defines oneself. Add inclined top while this operates measure, the model of cut body cut that in using inclined top 3D, includes benevolence, the line of modular benevolence cuts aperture to be generated namely. This after a series of jobs are finished, the project attempt module that passes CimatronE will modular benevolence turns an attempt of 2 dimension project, tag the blueprint that necessary dimension got can coaching spot line is cut post is produced. Finish second birth thread more completely than waiting for a mould to design to cut the pattern of blueprint, this one mode shifted to an earlier date not only the preparation that the line cuts a branch and manufacturing time, and blueprint is concise and clear, affect interpret blueprints of the member that the spot works without too much model line. After the line cuts blueprint to generate, after the modelling part work that needs engineer B is finished basically, a uses inclined top, mold insert again shape cut of face and cent face gets final 3D result. Cut besides the line, other spot produces the data that post place requires, blueprint to be able to get ahead of schedule. Check via real work, the electrode of 70% above can design the 1~2 day before be being finished completely to begin to design and be finished in the mould. This shifted to an earlier date greatly the progress that the spot produces, also made sure the mould can shift to an earlier date finally consign is used. Nearly one year the actual application of time reachs plant of H of last word course between departmental door cooperate, cimatronE software is in whole gigantic vacate group subordinate place of other mould career also is used in succession rise. Graph 5 namely among them the final 3D of a mould, include data model of changeover, cent, beforehand design, mould design, go to work treatment of process designing of Cheng Tu, numerical control and electrode design is complete finish by CimatronE unifinication. The CAD/CAM unifinication solution of CimatronE was an enterprise to bring tremendous benefit in applying actually. Those who design the improvement of mode of the promotion of efficiency, job and process designing tool is efficient the position of the leader that reflected Cimatron to serve as manufacturer of the die that it is labour and component manufacturer to offer CAD/CAM complete solution etc. CNC Milling