Technology of figuration of special type punch is discussed in the application in aviation engine

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Ban gold stamping workpiece has very important place in aviation engine with its distinct advantage, applied range is very wide. From engine the commutate of foremost end is overspread most endmost end spout, everywhere has stamping workpiece, according to statistic, stamping workpiece amount can occupy 30% above. Ban gold stamping workpiece presents new-style aviation engine a the following trend: Form is more complex; Dimension and form precision demand is higher; Data is weaker; New material is used much; Requirement surface integrality fatigue resistance can be good, good. These pose new challenge to technology of plank punch figuration. Change technology of technology, IT, automation along with word of a move in chess or a movement in wushu, measure the development that controls a technology to wait, the demand of research and development of Ban gold stamping workpiece in content of new material, new structure, hi-tech is pulled move below, technology of strike out form obtained unprecedented development on deepness and range. Especially technology of figuration of special type punch obtains greater progress, technology of figuration of a few special type also obtains greater progress in the application on aviation engine. Technology of figuration of punch of special type of technology of figuration of special type punch is opposite the blame of at technology of traditional punch figuration character is traditional a general designation of technology of strike out form, it is the production technique with plate material very main stamping workpiece. Technology of figuration of special type punch besides having the advantage with mutual technology of general punch figuration (productivity is tall; The spare parts wall of treatment thin, form is complex, can get the part with intensity big tigidity is tall and small weight; The stability of spare parts quality that treatment comes out, consistency interchangeability is good, good; Overall material utilization factor is high; The operation is simple, master easily etc) , still have respective characteristic and advantage. Development of technology of special type figuration, application, improved the figuration ability of Ban gold spare parts and figuration quality. The form of Ban gold stamping workpiece on aviation engine is unusually complex, dimension magnitude wide gap, material each different, crop is different, breed is various. And the photograph of Ban gold spare parts of the spare parts on aviation engine and other industry is taller than technical requirement, treatment difficulty is great. Ask the appearance of the spare parts and dimension satisfy design technology requirement not only, the reliability with aviation extremely high industry still asks the spare parts has honest service life, to its consequently the spare parts function after figuration also has quite firm demand. Technology of figuration of a few special type made a domain have certain application in aviation engine, and some special type figuration technical criterion because the characteristic of technical itself not quite apply to aviation engine Ban gold stamping workpiece or have not begin corresponding application to consider, had not applied on aviation engine at present. Technology of dark take shape of poor Wen La needs technology of Wen La dark take shape is make in helping difficult process of semifinished product be out of shape the area is in different temperature with the area that send force, raise those who transmit power division data to be out of shape fight force, reduce at the same time be out of shape of the area be out of shape fight force, make strong area stronger, weak the area is weaker, thereby more the technology of a kind of figuration of the ultimate deformation that is helpful for raising a spare parts to draw dark take shape. Difference in temperature pulls dark take shape to be able to be divided pull for local heating and local refrigeration deep two kinds of methods. Difference in temperature draws dark take shape more general pull dark take shape to be able to reduce the limit to pull deep coefficient 0.

3 ~ 0.

35 the left and right sides, can replace with a working procedure namely common the 2 ~ that help deep method 3 working procedure, special agree with of late box form or canister body spare parts draw dark take shape. Because heat,temperature accepts the restriction of mould heat-resisting ability, so, at present difference in temperature draws the punch take shape that basically is used greatly at the light alloy spare parts such as aluminous, magnesian, titanium, apply to armor plate not much. Difference in temperature pulls technology of dark take shape to had not made domain application in aviation engine. Radial pressure pulls radial pressure of technology of dark take shape to draw dark take shape is to be in pull deep punch to be opposite semifinished product action while, high-pressured liquid is out of shape in semifinished product of the area all around bring to bear on radial pressure, the stress condition of metabolize area produces change, the numerical value that makes radial pulls stress is reduced, make semifinished product is out of shape area generation is out of shape needs radial pulls stress to drop, reduced semifinished product to pass the burden of power division, at the same time the liquid of overflow is formed between spare parts and semifinished product lubricate goodly, raise the ultimate deformation of material thereby. Because what use mould and device complex, application of this figuration technology is restricted, also did not apply in aviation engine to create a field at present. Technology of high speed figuration is common in craft of strike out form, semifinished product produces plasticity to be out of shape the energy of a need gets through punch equipment. Technology of high speed figuration uses the energy of the generation such as explosion, water and electricity, electromagnetism, be in inside short time all round translate into medium (air or water) medium high-pressured bow wave, and the formal function with pulse at semifinished product, make it produces plasticity to be out of shape, thereby figuration gives a part. Cent of high speed figuration is 3 kinds of methods such as figuration of explosive figuration, water and electricity and electromagnetism figuration. High speed figuration also belongs to category of half model figuration, what accordingly its use mould structure relatively simple also, what machine spare parts dimension not to accept equipment restriction, comfortable at small lot or sheet development. This technology suffers the effect such as safe, precision, had not made domain application in aviation engine. Figuration of thermal stress of laser of technology of figuration of laser thermal stress is a kind of when Japanese put forward 1985 new plank figuration technology, undertake local heating to the spare parts through stimulating beam of light, cool quickly with water or gas after that, use stress change, control, realize the figuration of the spare parts. Use technology of figuration of laser thermal stress to be able to curve plank, the spare parts of figuration cone and sphere appearance. German Trumpf company curves figuration at inventing laser 1997 multi-purpose machine tool. This technology also did not apply at aviation engine to create a field. Nextpage   is odd / sheet of technology of many bits of figuration selects technology of advance gradually figuration is in be based on fast prototype to make a technology " statified make " thought and technology of a kind of of development new-style figuration. The disperse of direction of height of edge of three-dimensional and hypostatic model with this will sophisticated technology becomes the fault area that waits for span, produce a series of treatment contrail annulus, figuration tool head falls in the control of numerical control system, along generated treatment orbit chases a layer to undertake plasticity is machined, be out of shape through be being accumulated multilayerly get final spare parts figure. This technology has height flexible, suit to taste development or small lot production newly. Traceable of technology of many bits of figuration 20 centuries the Japan of 60 time, change processing through undertaking disperse to traditional figuration mould, the curve of dimensional bag sth resembling a net that with can adjusting highly pilot array top forms replaces traditional mould substance appearance. This technology is had wait for outstanding advantage without model, fast, low cost. The spare parts is OK cold figuration, also can heat to metallic pressure head the result that achieves hot figuration. Odd / much figuration technology has not applied at aviation engine to create a field. Tepid figuration technology is tepid figuration technology is to use the plasticity after material is heating and outspread rate to rise significantly, succumb intensity drops quickly, the technology that the character that burst tendency reduces has plank take shape. Tepid figuration not only the figuration of the material that can realize cold plasticity to differ, can eliminate stress of remains of spare parts metabolic below high temperature at the same time, reduce an amount, raise precision of spare parts figuration. Tepid figuration can be divided for coupling tepid figuration and hot medium figuration. Tepid figuration technology applies coupling extensively already at aviation engine domain, make alloy giving titanium successfully already complex cover, blade, sealed piece, of material of room temperature low plasticity all sorts of pulling spare parts of plank of dark take shape. Technology of hot medium figuration uses some kind of high temperature to send force medium, like plasma of the stickiness medium such as high temperature balata, liquid state water is mixed speciality flour of oil of high temperature high pressure, solid state the technology of end a kind of hot figuration that has as soft punch or sunken model. This technology is had tepid figuration and figuration full fluid is double advantage, can realize the figuration of more complex part. Hot medium figuration has not applied at aviation engine to create a field, but one of crucial technologies that its are sure to become aviation engine to make part of plank of complex low plasticity. Exceeding material of model figuration technology to exceed plasticity is to show the data below specific requirement appears the character of unusually high outspread rate, think outspread rate exceeds 100% to be defined namely commonly exceed plasticity to have. Figuration exceeding model (SPF) it is to use a few material to have the character that exceeds plasticity below specific requirement, have the technology of spare parts figuration. Cent exceeds model figuration and v to exceed model figuration for plank, introduce here all exceed model figuration for plank. The application of this technology, what going up to be regarded as aerospace technology level to develop somehow is indicative, have very great sense to the development of aerospace technology. Plank exceeds model figuration technology to apply extensively already at aviation engine to create a field, use this technology to create air of set out on a voyage successfully the spare parts such as cover of commutate of engine titanium alloy. Figuration exceeding model / diffuse join technology already was made piece multilayer the spare parts such as blade, blade, wainscot. Figuration exceeding model / diffuse join technology has very vast development application space in aviation engine domain. Filling fluid figuration technology to fill fluid figuration is to use liquid pressure to make a kind of plasticity of workpiece figuration machines craft. Those who press use preform form is different, can divide for 3 kinds of types: Plank fills fluid figuration, housing to fill fluid figuration and tubal material to fill fluid figuration. The figuration pressure that plank and housing fill fluid figuration to use is general and inferior, and the pressure that provides base to fill fluid figuration to use is higher, friend also says inside high-pressured figuration. Technology of figuration full fluid has the following and outstanding advantage: Raise figuration limit greatly, decrease draw deep number; Restrain internal wrinkles generation; Raise the appearance of the spare parts and dimension precision; Precision of spare parts surface is tall; Ply distributings even; Simplify mould structure, reduce mould cost, shorten the mould makes cycle; Figuration spare parts is OK very complex. This technology special get used to aviation engine spare parts to exceed complex, high accuracy, high-powered wait for a requirement, because this is in,aviation engine production domain has very wide development perspective. Apply this technology to make an aviation engine successfully already use Bao Biwei at present gold of sectional and accurate Ban etc. Technology of figuration of rubber of rubber figuration technology belongs to category of figuration of plate material plasticity, it is to show with rubber mat or hydraulic pressure rubber pocket serve as general punch or sunken model, process plate material the method of figuration according to rigid punch or sunken model. Rubber pocket figuration with its height flexible reach high accuracy, already wide application creates a field in the plane. Form of rubber answer synthesis uses polyurethane balata to make punch or sunken model, still can pass increase neatly or the figuration that cancel rubber mat can implement a part. This technology makes domain application in aviation engine wider, basically apply at the accurate school form of spare parts of thin wall swing tower. Aviation engine makes pair of punch technologies use requirement to satisfy aviation engine appearance of Ban gold stamping workpiece the requirement of precision of complex, freeboard, need develops figuration full fluid, punch figuration to emulate energetically, tepid figuration, exceed plasticity figuration to wait for technology of accurate punch figuration, begin the compositive application research of all sorts of technologies. Big batch production needs to develop efficient punch technology energetically, be like the application of successive punch technology. To get used to aviation engine spare parts high-powered, Gao Ke relies on gender and macrobian order demand, need develops strike out form fight fatigue production technology to consider. CNC Milling