Grinder of Rollomatic new-style GrindSmart 628XW

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In current machining job, complex and accurate tool needs to have top class property, be less than to the diameter 0.

The tool getting mill of 1mm, the grinder a future life that must use innovation is produced go to. The Rollomatic company that is located in town of Swiss Le Landeron extended his to include 6 axes grinding machine recently inside range of products, because tied the place of fast transhipment of through cargo of grinding emery wheel, make grinder exceeds nicety not only, and faster, efficient with automation. When grinding machines high-powered tool, the machine tool with high-powered need CAD tectonic data accurately translate into has parameter of geometry of high accuracy, efficient cutting to arrive on finished product cutting tool. Come for years, because,be this reason, rollomatic company wins height to evaluate in the industry, be proved to be the leader in grinder manufacturer. Change annulus implement the manufacturing manager Jean-Charles Marty that makes machine more agile Rollomatic SA says: "Our new product GrindSmart 628XW is exhibited in EMO 2011 during the meeting very get attention. It is the 6 axes grinder that develop on GrindSmart 628XS foundation and comes, use at treatment 0.

Cutting tool of cutting of 1 ~ 16mm. We still increased another special function, namely a of new design trade unit quickly, can change quickly group of 6 grinding emery wheel, the special geometry appearance that this new design makes treatment sophisticated is more agile. " should changing when group of grinding emery wheel, the machine tool also changed associated cool spray head, in order to ensure in all unit process of cargo bandling grinding dot can get optimal refrigeration. To achieve the biggest efficiency of automatic production, on GrindSmart 628XW change annulus implement can accommodate two groups round of same group. What this made sure large quantities of quantities are produced is reliable undertake, won't change because of emery wheel wears away and making handlers stops emery wheel block up produces a course. When emery wheel group by debus when, workpiece the cutting tool with good by treatment at the same time debus. "This shortened changeover time, the manufacturing efficiency that improved a machine tool further -- it changes in equational like F1 racing bicycle tire is so fast! " Jean-Charles Marty shows the result with the analogy. Powerful electric machinery, agile clamp system GrindSmart 628XW contains electric machinery of new-style and efficient synchronous main shaft, can provide the power of 14kW, be more than the torque of 23Nm. "We redesigned flange dish, it can be complete the empty arbor with HSK50 is suitable. An expert how-to system can ensure group of grinding emery wheel finds a place for well and truly in same position. Had this combination, can achieve in the person that when emery wheel changes, use every time homocentric degree be less than 0.

002mm. " Jean-Charles Marty complements. To provide the as most compatible as common clamping apparatus system, rollomatic company provided current work head, it can make the clamp system product of Nann and Schaublin also can be used very well. Below the requirement that increases electric machinery to output power, grinding limits also can enlarge the workpiece of diametical 20mm. Jean-Charles Marty says: "Although our engineer adds all innovation among them, but GrindSmart 628XW still held compact construction, do not need to cover an area of a space additionally. " compound, efficient, tall nicety 6 axes grinder -- GrindSmart 628XW, offer change quickly group of 6 grinding emery wheel, for grinding 0.

Tool of 1 ~ 20mm establishs a standard. CNC Milling