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Intelligence is efficient man-machine interaction

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Normal >30 is old, when HURCO developed controller of form of the first dialogue, started revolution of a machine tool industry, this powerful technology simplified greatly numerical control process designing. Normal > dialogue form is the measure that uses clew and fill a vacant position, the useful data in changing graph paper element into treatment process piece the treatment that will complete a part, the part program that establish can have desired result with conversational form chart at the same time. The process designing with WinMax control will complex system is simple and easy change, make operation personnel faster, easier ground process designing. Use manual process designing to need to input the NC program of 492 G code to spare parts A, the system of control of spot process designing that uses HURCO needs 18 only (cost 8 minutes about) . The software of spot process designing of HURCO gives operation personnel to write the ability of new program not only, and adding man-hour in cutting when the machine tool, also can undertake new program edits (tiring-room edits) . Normal TEXT-INDENT of process designing of 0"> compatible NC: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

The original part of the characteristic of 0">HURCO control system is his but the NC program that the commercial CAM software of compatible mainstream creates. The WinMax control system of HURCO can be carried out and edit NC program, and do quite outstandingly. This goes up with respect to the foundation that is based on example of each process designing to the user, offer can choose the most effective process designing method neatly. Normal >HURCO (industrial standard NC) software package expanded the data format of CAM system and NC program. Package of NCPP productivity software supports all grand program process designing, the person that allow to use founds user subprogram, all algebra that offers in contented programme controll, trigonometric function and conditional statement, these features make program more flexibility, and allow block of ministry of reuse of process designing personnel, make an order smaller thereby and easier editor. Normal > graph data piece search (DB is searched) the time that the function can eliminate to search code of some travel G waste. On the feeling screen of indication workpiece graph, need simple kiss only that one part that you need editorial workpiece figure, appear on program editor screen you want editorial corresponding G code program. Normal TEXT-INDENT of controller of 0">HURCO WinMax Shuang Bing: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

The Shuang Bing of 0">HURCO controls a system to accord with the design of human body engineering, use be operated easily and facilitate the pushbutton of understanding, dignified LCD of screen of type of clipper-built appearance, feeling, color makes job of every process designing very comfortable almost. Normal >HURCO, use seesaw pattern figure, as long as you want editorial part part on kiss screen (show go up in the screen on the right side of) , no matter you are using conversational form process or NC program, winMax control system is in immediately the program share that left program shows correspondence on editorial screen. Normal > controls systematic Normal > " seesaw pattern graph " the cutting way that offerred clarity and graph of spare parts geometry, automatic scale and spare parts view (include conformal view) , make odd screen controller and the function of double screen controller basic and same. High-speed number processing retains truly sufficient capacity and memory, although be used at the most sophisticated treatment, also do a job with skill and ease. Normal > deploys DXF file changeover and spare parts to measure wait for option function, can make system of control of WinMax Chan Bing stronger, also can produce effect on turning center. Normal >DXF changes functional Normal > uses DXF to change software is the the simplest, swiftest method that transmits treatment program the machine tool to control a system, can pursue the AutoCAD spare parts of electronic edition form is direct translate into machine program. Normal >DXF changes software to be able to save time from two respects: Above all, the geometrical figure of the spare parts is made directly by CAD file; Next, avoided the likelihood that the mistake produces when data is inputted. In WinMax? In, DXF changeover has very strong editor function, handlers needs direct on AutoCAD geometry graph choice to machine outline only, input treatment means and cutting tool parameter can, do not need G code and technology of M code major. This function can apply to machining center and turning center likewise. Normal > protruding stage (UltiPocket) function Normal > protruding stage (when UltiPocket) is using conversational form process designing, take protruding stand for treatment model antrum is attrib border, added special milling program, this powerful function can keep clear of out and out random antrum is redundant part, also can use helix feed method, process work effectively. Normal > protruding stage (UltiPocket) software package option can be calculated automatically the cutting tool method all round protruding stage, omited the orbit process designing that makes these complex appearance works. In addition, protruding stage also can be applied rotate, scale and repeat array function. Normal > uses conversational form to explore functional Normal > explores a function when client use HURCO is distinctive and simple and easy spare parts when, need 30 seconds only, can school calm workpiece at 0 o'clock. The position that automatic detector can seek a part and determines workpiece to go up in workbench, finish a setting quickly, detector can be helped school decide a part and can be the spare parts with askew part to make automatic adjustment in the program. Normal >HURCO and detector of laser cutting tool, can faster with more accurate ground the cutting tool that finish is installed. Help handlers installs cutting tool length and diameter, reduce setting time. Normal > detects according to automatic cutting tool whether the cutting tool that monitor already ruptured or feedback wears away to systematic information, also facilitate at the same time monitor the cutting tool that appoints length and diametical public errand. This option is cut at mill applicably and turning machining center. Normal > choice face machines quality (SQF) function Normal > wearily certainly the flowing arc of treatment, result however as orange skin coarse in that way? How can you appear on the spare parts that you machine shake a line? Of HURCO " choice face machines quality " (SFQ) option function software is optimal solution. Normal >WinMax? Control system but lead is read beforehand, check 600 paragraphs of programs, controlled cutting feed rate and acceleration effectively, the quality of spare parts surface after because this uses SFQ software,be being machined is very perfect. Regard a machine tool as dynamic compensation with S- curve acceleration and athletic control algorithm, achieve first-rate appearance on form of complex spare parts geometry thereby bright and clean degree. Normal > outline brim machines functional Normal > this function can simplify job of complex 3D outline process designing to use less data piece program, can reduce the process designing workload of 80% . Relatively complex to treatment part, its biggest improvement is: Use data of form of a dialogue only piece, OK the geometrical model that builds the plane that already defined a good 2D a complex 3D along outline. In addition, what can save time further is to generate successive cutting tool contrail automatically, the appearance with be achieved better is bright and clean degree. Have treatment outline design rake or radian into the brim " model antrum " or " protruding stage " , handlers can define the outline of 10 less than to comprise a complex model. CNC Milling