Grinder grinding note reachs the issue that appears possibly

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: When workpiece surface contacts emery wheel, audibility whistle whistle is successive sound, mark of workpiece surface water can be placed emery wheel is taken away, see faint scintilla at the same time, cooling fluid can be increased when elder brother, cooling fluid chroma uses saponification liquid than common grinding tallish, but the requirement filters clean, undertake feed after that. Every time feed is every pairs of journeys 0.

005mm, grinding arrives finally, till do not have scintilla till. Right now handwheel of will transverse feed is pressed to feed direction, make emery wheel is seized to workpiece slightly, but do not make feed, be equal to pair of workpiece to undertake polishing namely, did not make sure workpiece surface surface roughness can amount to Ra0 so.

02 μ M. The appears possibly problem when grinding and   of reason     1) prevent workpiece to expand when grinding of     summer, machine tool floodlight has can approach work, come loose in order to prevent lamp artillery piece to heat causes workpiece to expand and affect grinding quality. (2) labour assorted surface pulls this cooling fluid of wool     sordid or emery wheel surface has surplus arenaceous cause, should strict close filter cooling fluid or float arenaceous brush. (3) have   of local burn   this because cooling fluid is inadequate, feed is too big, or emery wheel uses blunt be caused by. (4) workpiece surface is local treatment of moire     ends, workpiece surface majority is very good, but local have imperceptible ripple. Main shaft shakes this likelihood, electric machinery vibration or other reason are caused, require a basis particular case, adopt relevant measure to try to solve. Origin: Changzhou city inferior power Electromechanical equipment limited company CNC Milling