Machining center term explains

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The first machining center was 1958 block the Buddhist nun by the United States - the company develops Teleike above all successful. It increased to trade knife unit automatically on the foundation of milling machine of boring of numerical control horizontal, milling can undertake after realizing workpiece to hold clip thereby, auger cut, boring, bore with a reamer is cut and the concentration of a variety of working procedure such as tap is machined. Since 70 time, machining center gets developing quickly, appeared to be able to change main shaft case machining center, its stock the box of many of cutting tool much axis main shaft that can change automatically, can have poriferous treatment at the same time to workpiece. The form that foreword of this kind of multitask processes centrally also expands machine tool of other type numerical control, for example turning center, it is in the configuration on numerical control lathe much each uses the device that change a knife, can control the coordinate of 3 above, outside dividing turning, main shaft can stop turn or graduation, and rotate by cutting tool undertake milling, auger cut, the working procedure such as aperture of bore with a reamer and tap, comfortable at machining part of complex turn coming back. Machining center presses main shaft decorate means cent to be vertical machining center (library of disk type knife) ) with horizontal machining center (chain knife library) ) two kinds. Horizontal machining center has graduation revolving stage or numerical control revolving stage commonly, can machine each flank of workpiece; The combination that also can make many coordinate moves, so that machine complex dimensional curved surface. Vertical machining center does not take revolving stage commonly, make end face treatment only. In addition, still have belt stand, lie machining center and main shaft can adjust the complex formula of two main shaft to lie of axis or vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy stand lie but mode machining center, they can have the treatment of 5 faces to workpiece. Of machining center change knife device automatically to be comprised with the orgnaization that change a knife by the knife library that deposits cutting tool. Knife library is a lot of more phyletic, have disk type and chain commonly two kinds. The size that chain knife inventory puts cutting tool is larger. The orgnaization that change a knife exchanges cutting tool between machine tool main shaft and knife library, it is manipulator commonly; Also have what do not take manipulator and exchange cutting tool with knife library directly by main shaft, say the type that do not have an arm trades knife unit. Be not cutting time to shorten further, some machining center deserve to two each move the splint that exchanges workpiece. One is installing workpiece to be machined on workbench, another assembles and unassemble outside workbench workpiece. After the machine tool finishs treatment to circulate automatic exchange splint, make assemble and unassemble workpiece and the time photograph coincide that cutting machines. After workpiece classics holds clip, the number controls a system to be able to control a machine tool to press different process, choose automatically and change cutting tool, rotate speed of main shaft of automatic change machine tool, feed and cutting tool assist function relative to the athletic contrail etc of workpiece, the ordinal workpiece that finish the treatment of foreword of the multitask on a few faces. The collect as a result of working procedure counteracts machining center to change a knife automatically, the outfit clip that reduced workpiece, measure and the machine tool is adjusted wait for time, those who make the cutting time of the machine tool achieves time of machine tool actuate 80% the left and right sides (general accuracy machine tool is 15 ~ only 20% ) ; Also reduced the workpiece have enough to meet need between working procedure at the same time, carry and deposit time, shortened production is periodic, have apparent economic effect. Machining center applies to spare parts appearance to compare complex, precision to ask taller, product changes frequent in small lot production. CNC Milling