The trend looks into: MicroMilling

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From April 2003 the portion begins, in the support of European banking community a technology considers to organize (CRAFT) last a period of time is as long as the inject pattern that 24 months begin plastic to miniature package undertakes small milling this project undertakes study. In Fraunhofer Institute Of Production Technology (IPT) , this project is involved offer miniature to machine whole process from the technology, include CAD/CAM software supplier (Cimatron Gmbh) , business of milling machine tool (Kern) , tool manufacturer (Magafor) and die manufacturer (Promolding B.


, structoform, with MMT AG) , mould material hardness arrives 53 HRc, the precision of miniature mould milling<Surface roughness of 5um curved surface <0.

2umRa. Test project used the Cimatron E software that offers CAD/CAM compositive solution for industry pattern industry, cimatron used hypostatic curved surface to mix the technology that build a model, technology of its ACIS kernel offerred the in-house precision that is as high as 1nm. The mass of product data model that if guide,joins is bad, repair must have before CAM is operated. A few small hole or person aperture may bring about final treatment workpiece quality is low. Build a model to differ with simple substance, the mixture of Cimatron builds a model to have " to use repair geometry model to make and design the function of " , through confluence of all sorts of curved surface function aperture becomes entity. Magafor provides special cutting tool for this project, cutting tool diameter is the smallest amount to 50um, to finish cutting smoothly, main shaft turn up arrives 160, 000 Rpm. The discontinuous miniature curved surface of the generation in preventing to change knife course to reduce a risk, cimatron E offerred a variety of treatment strategy. What NC supports diagonal in strategy or the knife below helix assures cutting tool utmost is smooth and enter work continuously. Cutting of applied high speed is passed in machining a process (HSC) strategy gains even and consistent cutter track, used knowledge of semifinished product remain to prevent a knife, leave with undertaking to miniature antrum thick. A variety of finish machining strategy were used to have a test in this project. Discover the NC strategy that is based on curved surface can produce inhomogenous cutter track sometimes, through using strategy of 3D step pitch joint HSC achieved better result. At the same time Cimatron E also was offerred U is defined on curved surface - the milling of V direction is politic, this proof is the rightest to small milling finish machining strategy. Through be opposite miniature rotor undertakes U - V direction treatment, produce test antrum and obtained very tall treatment precision. The treatment quality that the finish machining cutter track that strategy of different NC finish machining uses U-V milling strategy should have acquired must choose right treatment strategy, but cutter track contrail should generate machine tool code through the aftertreatment. Arrange cutter track for light, control system supports treatment machine tool to move with batten point-blank at the same time, use at the same time shrink put with will raise precision; The geometrical appearance of workpiece uses contrail of computational cutter track to large size through enlarge, it is next in aftertreatment process retractile and original size. The mould after treatment is put to obtain this kind to shrink with more friendly user interface, the next version of Cimatron E will support without seam shrink put computational environment, in computational environment according to enlarge have consideration, and include model, view to any inputs or output, emulate, code of NC report, G won't from generation any influences. CNC Milling