Confuse your shoulder milling cutter and imperial crown to get promotion

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In Vald.

The data that Birns Maskinfabrik A/S processes is such as GG25 and GGG40 for the most part is cast-iron. Should machine casting pig (when GG25) , the when confusing your shoulder milling cutter to be able to make the client is saved save money that uses the bit diameter 50mm of T150M of material qualitative grade and 63mm. The active life since cutting blade increases 3 times, the machine tool does not need to often stop machine change bit. "I am very satisfactory to confusing your shoulder milling cutter, " Vald.

The Jens Kristensen of labour end length of Birns Maskinfabrik A/S says. The photograph of broach of integral hard alloy that is the same as other manufacturer is compared, imperial crown getting already also improved productivity significantly. "It is better to had imperial crown to get the performance that discharge bits, " Henrik Nielsen of labour end length says. Imperial crown getting can machine overall length 200 meters GGG40 material. This means to get a needle to be able to cut amount 9 hours before it is ground bad. This result is to be in cutting speed is minutely speed of rice and 100 feed is minutely get below 675 millimeter premise. "We had checked a lot of drill pipe, but the broach with tall hill is up to now best, " Henrik Nielsen says. Torben Dahl, hill is tall the member that sell and Henrik Nielsen, vald.

Workshop section of Birns Maskinfabrik A/S is long.

The photograph showed imperial crown getting and the work that are processed effectively. Bore diameter 20 millimeter, hole depth 100 millimeter. His high to hill content sheds a service very satisfactory. After the new meeting that get a tip is being ordered arrive the following day. Be in before long the clamping apparatus with can buy stability better in the future, make raise cutting parameter and do not have oscillatory risk. "It is better to used imperial crown to get back row bits to behave, " Henrik Nielsen of labour end length says. The workshop is in charge of Ejnar Christensen.

"Hill tall cutting tool provides cutting tool of very big proportional cutting for us " in Vald.

Birns Maskinfabrik A/S.

workshop director Ejnar Christensen says. Vald.

Birns MaskinfabrikA/S has employee about 200 people, and the product of the company basically is to be the lorry of Volvo, Scania and Mercedes to supply a part. The product still includes the part that supplies for Volvo and Ford car. But the product that this company also has itself - the is those who prolong leather belt service life to have airway leather belt that nodular cast iron makes annulus. Vald.

Birns Maskinfabrik A/S and its sororal company Vald.

Birns Jernst? Beri A/S is quality of ISO 9000 (is acquired above all on the world) , environment of ISO 14001 () with OHSAS 18001(security) one of companies of attestation. Whole group has amount 1200 employee. CNC Milling