Raw material rises mechanical industry profit decreases more than 1.5 billion

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According to statistic, machinist job (inside the system) the 1/10 that the total wastage of rolled steel held output of countrywide rolled steel last year. In special machine and project machine child in the industry, the proportion that iron and steel holds cost is larger, and the level of the net profit margin of the industry is lower, industry whole is insufficient 10% , of raw material price rise to be affected to the profit of the industry bigger, but appear on the market at present company great majority is the preeminent company inside the industry, raw material can decrease to rise in price on certain level through all sorts of ways brings pressure. And different child industry, the circumstance that different company place gets each different. Above all, the rate that company place gets an effect depends on spend to steely dependence, the negative effect that depends on degree of taller place to get to iron and steel is bigger, the negative effect that depends on degree of inferior place to get to iron and steel is lesser. Because each industry is opposite,steely use quantity and iron and steel occupy the proportion of its cost to differ, its influence also will appear bigger difference, among them the heavy machinery such as railroad engine, shipbuilding this a few big child the industry gets hurt bigger. Shipbuilding industry is large family of rolled steel consumption, wool interest rate is inferior at the same time. According to not complete count, rolled steel is in these products (large section structural member, pressure vessel and shipping) the place in production cost occupies scale to be as high as 50%-60% to differ. The cost pressure situation that shipbuilding industry faces nowadays already was very austere. Secondly, the rate that the company place in disparate industry gets an effect is different also, the market competes relatively alleviation, demand exceeds supply, additional cost wool interest rate is taller, higher (product of the high end in waiting like pump car) the negative effect that gets is lesser, and market competition is more intense, supply exceeds demand, add be worth interest rate of inferior, wool inferior (like common and mechanical product) the negative effect that gets is bigger. Thirdly, the competitive position in the industry is different the rate that company place gets an effect is different also, have quite of capability of bargain ability, stronger cost marry again (accurate) the negative effect that bibcock company place gets is lesser, and because those compete the run-of-mill company with not strong capability of cost of sufficient, marry again the concussion that its gain level will be risen in price. Its 4, management situation is different, the rate that company place gets an effect is different also, the negative effect that the preeminent company place with those interior more perfect management gets is lesser. Preeminent company can taste the price through raising high yield, reduce other cost, if shorten time limit for a project, still borrow ahead of schedule, decrease purchase the way such as cost to digest rolled steel to rise in price brought cost pressure. Additional, deny into instinct transfer to fittings manufacturer, also be the key that affects company profit ability. The branch passes the ministry to sign long-term contract to synergic manufacturer, cost move, be like sewing machine industry. Sewing machine industry appears on the market the) of 65%(standard share that the component outside the company holds manufacturing cost, ) of share of the nimble in 80%(, the proportion that iron and steel holds manufacturing cost is 9% the left and right sides. As a result of overall the firm is more powerful to the bargain ability of component manufacturer, bought-in component price is stabilized basically. Right overall manufacturer impact is bigger is to cast charging (cast iron, useless steel) cost rises, and this part cost holds totle drilling cost only 10% the left and right sides.

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