The laser in dentistry and domain of technology of medical apparatus and instruments is fused

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Metallic laser fuses equipment is to use filament to make the necessary equipment that dentistry product, metal uses when embedded content and titanium alloy medical apparatus and instruments. It is a kind of diminutive primary facility, but the titanium alloy material that the percent defective that can drop a product however and price do not poor uses an amount, improve manufacturing economy. The laser of stuff of small-sized and primary metal that Mlab-Cusing series laser fuses equipment is bantamweight is fused manufacturing facilities, and the raw material that newest Mlab-Cusing R laser fuses equipment fuses this laser equipment can be used expands metallic titanium and titanium alloy. Laser fuses manufacturing workmanship technology is raising product quality respect to having main effect. Before this technology, advanced production blemish makes the shrinkage cavity that often appears in technology of conventional foundry technology and percent defective and repair charge past type. This laser fuses equipment spends very tall geometrical appearance freedom the quality that produces with product production, material and density union are together. Compare with photograph of traditional foundry technology technology, metallic laser fuses the technology is having production to make a process full automatic change and can undertake waiting for an advantage at any time, because this user is OK,the order form of the user is completed inside the shortest time. The characteristic with metallic fused laser is: In very short offer goods period time inside, it is better to use but the product that the standard of date from sex produces technological process to produce quality to stabilize. Apace fuses equipment of metallic Mlab-Cusing R applies to the metallic titanium with production fine structure and titanium alloy structural member. When the structural member that should produce needs very high exterior quality demand and fine structure, this metal laser fuses equipment can make show very high exterior exterior quality and elaborate structure actually. The structural dimension of this equipment is very compact, have × 1220mm of 705mm × 1848mm only (wide × tall × is thick) , weight has 500kg only. It is the most absorbing is to use what be weighed to be " glove box barrow " car of feed a machine, it can fuse for laser according to drawer principle equipment carries pulverous raw material (graph 1) . Its job principle is quite simple and practical: Assemble and unassemble metallic laser pushs wheelbarrow when raw material by fused equipment, with equipment go up makings interface butt joint, can use glove case will whole " drawer " module is pulled, next to argon is filled to enrage inside the drawer, until go to aerobic platoon for nothing adjacent for 0. Use the glove of glove box, handlers can finish fused raw material go up material process, take out the structural member that treatment ends. Feed a machine of the raw material that finish takes out a product later, the fused to receiving interface to be able to make its leave laser equipment of loose barrow and machine tool equipment. Graph car of feed a machine of hand push of 1 glove box uses the drawer principle that applied patent protection, can laser of the apace metal that finish is fused of raw material assemble and unassemble, this drawer system that can help has the risk that also avoided pulverous raw material to be polluted at the same time to operate performance characteristics first-rately: Equipment contains the container of raw material of powder of a memory inside the work area of makings up and down, this container provides a mensurable control equipment. The norms model of drawer system has 3 kinds: 70mm of × of 50mm × 50mm, 70mm and 90mm × 90mm. It is OK to use drawer system the work area that differentiates the space of the work area of an equipment to differ for a few, handlers can change conveniently drawer of feed a machine, ensure equipment production to have very tall flexibility, the laser of the high grade alloy steel of case of this pair of high price fuses treatment is very beneficial: It was offerred very simple and convenient raw material assembles and unassemble method. As a result of raw material whole assemble and unassemble the process is finish inside the space that close, because this avoided pulverous raw material,get aerobic pollution, corroded possibility. Laser of Mlab-Cusing R metal fuses equipment also obtained Atex combustible explode easily safety defends attestation, the user can put a person's mind to use the metallic raw material with very strong active to undertake machining. The structural member hard usage of biology replacement false system and the 100W laser with mighty power fuses the laser focusing diameter of equipment has 25 μ M only, accordingly it can machine quality of the surface that make very tall and the structural member with very fine structure. Laser of Mlab-Cusing R metal fuses equipment is one kind all-purpose model metallic laser is fused equipment, the raw material that uses with respect to it will tell, all-purpose model it is OK to point to use gold, silver-colored, bronze, cobaltic chromic alloy and special type fine steel undertake machining, these are the metallic laser that often use up to now the raw material of fused treatment, increased metallic titanium and titanium alloy again nowadays. All-purpose sex of this equipment makes it OK the structural member product that produces special purpose in different applied domain. Had purchased laser of old model metal to fuse the user of equipment also can fill the equipment that outfit place requires, and the technical reformation of old equipment can use the spot to finish in the production of the user, can upgrade to R conveniently model level. The metallic titanium with use very tall active undertakes a lot of special safety handle a demand operating having, after the technical reformation that completes old installation accordingly, the technology serves personnel to still be in charge of undertaking the technology of the operation grooms use. The raw material that place of this one equipment uses is OK still and patulous, for example the Rematitan CL that DENTAURUM company produces. What should point out especially is, this equipment can be used can bear very high mechanical load and than up to now the stuff of high density metal that dentistry casts the data that technical place uses to have more advantage. Laser fuses the technology also suits to make the false system of human body displacement, for example it is OK the artificial false system displacement creates poriferous structure, it is so in false system of human body replacement " obligate " the cell that having positive effect to skeletal motion grows space. This kind is having " macroscopical hole " the production that exterior structure improved bone to organize, can make in the production of false system of hip joint replacement for example in building, use (graph 2) . In domain of this one application, can consider special geometrical appearance and structure, the function with possible new implementation perhaps realizes new function compositive. According to diverse demand, the bulk of replacement false system can maintain with bone organization match, make sure time of displacement false body length maintains normal function thereby. Of course, the metallic laser that the company also has bigger norms is fused equipment, fuse with satisfying an user to produce large laser the need of structural member. Graph 2 laser fuse the technology also applies to manufacturing organisms structure embedded holiday body, for example false system of hip joint replacement CNC Milling