What does the CPU utilization rate of 90% mean?

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CPU utilization rate (CPU Utilization) is intuitionistic the CPU resource that showed moving program takes up, utilization rate is higher, the machine that shows you ran a lot of programs on this time, usually, CPU took the word of 100% our computer can come down apparently slow. But do you know? We have huge misdirect sex with this one index that will measure CPU utilization rate, and come one year than a year by accident person children. Brendan Gregg is the division of high performance framework of Netflix, he becomes design of large-scale computer function, analysis and tone actor over. He is " Systems Performance " the author that waits for technical book, ceng Huo has been gotten USENIX LISA is big 2013 award. On May 9, he published in individual rich guest " utilization rate of CPU Utilization Is Wrong(CPU is wrong) " Bo Wen, point out CPU utilization rate already became a magnanimity target that has misdirect sex extremely. May you think the CPU utilization rate of 90% means: ?  guides crusty pancake of Kou of provide for of bite fine  crouchs? backwater (Stalled) means processor to dictate in processing the respect is in backwater condition, because processor is awaiting memory to input,be normally / output, this always exists in real life production, but most person muddy does not know like that. Brendan Gregg expresses, now nowadays, the speed of CPU already became than advocate memory is gotten quickly much, if you see the %CPU with very high numerical value, the likelihood thinks processor is bottleneck, and actually those DRAM model groups just are bottleneck. The how many CPU that understands you is in backwater condition to guidance reduces code or can reduce memory to input / the function attune actor between output works. If who is paying close attention to CPU function, expanding automatically according to CPU especially the cloud of resource, if know part of the standstill in %CPU, that will have profit greatly. Of course, brendan Gregg is elaborated from development staff angle, to average consumer, CPU utilization rate still is simple good used property reveals a tool. CNC Milling