The measurement that how raises measure function

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-- absorb elite to think how to adopt more effective method from inside classic form measure, economy uses existing time reasonably, be about to consider how to draw more essence ably from inside existing measure above all, the measurement that raises measure further function. A lot of measuring tool that make today are the result that undertakes nicety is transformed on the measure base that creates before 50 years. Original design is to measure precision is 0.

0001in (1in=25.

4mm) dial gauge uses, of these measure gauging common difference is not to stay on original standard, if go 0.

The measurement of 001in tolerancepublic errand had been achieved now 0.

The measurement of 0005in precision common difference is narrower even. Below the circumstance that does not purchase new measure, through improving vintage " classic form " measure, also can satisfy the requirement that high accuracy measures. Good measure design cannot violate physics principle, simple and basic principle is to have accurate and metric base. These principles include all characteristics that we seek in the narrow measure today: Quality is stable; Have rigid structure, link intensity is high; Have acute osculatory sex; Accord with standard of referenced datum plane; Have level off and parallel face. The first pace that public errand of contented high accuracy asks works, it is the digitlization device that uses higher resolution reading, it is a LVDT or digitlization bougie normally, will replace dial gauge. Below this kind of circumstance, can be with a reading 2.

Device of digitlization of 54 × 10-7m will replace 0.

The dial gauge of 0001in. But generally speaking, do not suggest to use this kind of means. However, on certain internal diameter and external diameter gauge or calipers, can have a test to the resolution result that improves ceaselessly. If its can satisfy the repetition of measure as a result,precision is mixed repeat character (GR&R) requirement, can continue to use so. Once had the reading of higher resolution, can begin to consider to measure all small step in the process, it can give here or the measurement over there precision generation 0.

The influence of 0001in, provide best performance as far as possible for you finally thereby. To obtain optimum behavior from inside measuring a process, answer to take following step as far as possible: (1) it is very important that the digital read-out device that uses high resolution is replaced, but if this read-out device is mixed,test probe did not pass desired result, achieve expectant goal impossibly, accordingly must often desired result and component of electron of test and verify. If possible sentence, complete set of best desired result surveys a system, include measure, bougie and numerate system, use a the least value, 0 values and desired result of maximum model system to should survey a system namely. Nextpage (2) the requirement that keeping clean and clean is a special key in measuring all the time, when involving high resolution to measure, must satisfy this one requirement. (3) the temperature of spare parts, measure and example should keep consistent. (4) when whole workshop uses similar measure, should take step, make measure operating sequence keeps consistent as far as possible. Raise the concrete step that measures precision to include each bits more following: 1) to the operation of all users personnel is used groom likewise method. 2) operator should lade with same way spare parts, the spare parts that hold card and examination repeat precision to should use standardization program. 3) deserve to have adjustable when in using a process, the measure of workbench debugs angle, should use same way to debug a setting. 4) of all measure measure strength to should debug same pressure under, want to have enough pressure retaining element already, want to prevent deflection of spare parts happening again. Accordingly, this strength cannot too big. 5) measure clip claw and the design that touch a head should have same length and breadth, and use same data. 6) in the process that debugging measure, should introduce the model of same kind. 7) if the deviation of example, slant buy or multiplier are become numerate when device debugs the one part in the process, answer to undertake examining according to examination watch or craft watch, make sure all and accurate information be classified arrives in the program. 8) touch a head to should be in good working position, planar, score should be not contained above its or wear away dot. And they must mutual be identical and each other not adhesion. 9) to maintain its highest function, should make often be mixinged examine thoroughly and debug desired result to measure. According to different applied domain, the likelihood still involves more measure and step. When if become you to begin,implementing these measure, perhaps can see those 0.

The error of 0001in disappears gradually, make those old " classical " measure gets a new life truly. CNC Milling