The principle that laser surface cleans and actual application

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1. Introductive   develops as the high speed of science and technology, laser technology applies increasingly already at each domains of the production of people and life. From a form of the supermarket code, laser printer arrives laser hairdressing, cure is myopic, already was people place to be familiar with. The cut that laser equipment uses at industry to produce, bore and solder to also understand for a lot of person place. But laser equipment applies in what clean an industry, people still is familiar with not quite and understand. It is close that laser cleans a technology a kind when will 10 years develop at full speed new-style clean a technology, its advantage with oneself and cannot replace a gender to replace a tradition to clean craft stage by stage in a lot of domains. Why can equipment undertake cleaning to laser below? What can you wash with Yu Qing? The efficiency effect that clean how? Make one simple introduction. 2. Laser and clean   tradition to clean industry to have clean means variously, it is to use chemical drug and mechanical method to undertake cleaning more. Ask in compasses of our country law of environmental protection environmental protection of stricter and stricter, people and safe consciousness increase increasingly today, industry produces the chemical sort that in cleaning, can use to will become less and less. How to search cleaner, and providing those who injure a gender to clean means is the issue that we must consider. And laser is cleaned have contact without abrade, blame, wait without fuel factor and the object that apply to all sorts of material to pledge clean a characteristic, be considered as the the most reliable, most effective settlement method. In the meantime, laser is cleaned can solve use a tradition to clean the problem with inextricability means. For example, workpiece surface is stuck have inferior when the contaminative grain of micron class, these grain often are stuck very closely, clean method groovily cannot enough its purify, and surface of workpiece of radiate of laser of the rice that use offer undertakes cleaning very effective. Because laser is to workpiece,still clean without the contact, fine to nice work or its essence place is cleaned very safe, can ensure its precision. So laser is cleaned have an advantage alone in cleaning an industry. Why can be laser used clean? Why be opposite won't be the object that be cleaned caused damage? Understand the essence of laser above all. Simple for, the light like laser and the very closely associated with each other beside us (visible light and sightless light) without what different, just laser is to use syntonic antrum to collect light in same on direction, and have purer wavelengh, the performance such as harmonious sex is better, because the light of this theoretic all wavelengh can be used,form laser, but the medium that gets be confined to to be able to be aroused actually is not much, because this can produce stability and the laser illuminant that suits industrial production is quite finite. Be used extensively probably namely Nd:YAG laser, carbon dioxide laser and accurate element laser. As a result of Nd: YAG laser can be passed fiber-optic transmit suit industrial application more, because this is cleaned in laser in also be used more. 3. The advantage   that laser surface cleans and mechanical attrition are cleaned, chemistry is corroded clean, puissant concussion rinses liquid solid body, high frequency and supersonic clean wait for a tradition to clean methodological photograph to compare, laser is cleaned have clear advantage. 3. 1 laser is cleaned is a kind " green " clean a method, do not need to use any chemical drug and clear lotion, cleaning the waste that come down basically is solid powder, volume is minor, deposit easily, can reclaim, can solve chemistry to clean brought environment to pollute a problem easily; 3. Of 2 traditions cleaning a method often is contact is cleaned, have mechanical active force to washing object face, the medium that the appearance that mars an object perhaps cleans adheres to at be being cleaned the surface of the object, cannot purify, produce pollution 2 times, laser cleans without abrade with blame contact the gender makes these problem be readily solved; 3. 3 laser can be passed fiber-optic transmit, close suitably with machine hand and robot, realize a remote control conveniently, can clean the position that traditional method obtains not easily, this is used in the place of a few danger can ensure the safety of personnel; 3. 4 laser are cleaned can keep clear of the contaminant of all sorts of types of all sorts of material surfaces, achieve convention to clean the cleanness that cannot achieve to spend. And OK still there is the contaminant that washs material face optionally below the circumstance that does not mar material appearance; 3. 5 laser clean efficiency tall, save time; 3. 6 buy laser to although early days is one-time,clean a system investment is higher, but clean a system OK and long-term stability is used, moving cost is low, it is with the LASERLASTE of Quantel company exemple, hourly moving cost is 1 euro left and right sides only, more important is OK realize automation operation conveniently. 4. The Nd:Y of the type of principle   pulse that laser surface cleansThe process that AG laser cleans relies on the character of the smooth pulse that laser place produces, be based on reach pollution by laser of the beam of light of high strenth, short pulse the smooth physics reaction that the interaction place between the layer causes. Its physics principle can generalize as follows: The beam of light that A) laser shoots is needed to handle apparently contaminative layer place to absorb. The absorption of B) big energy forms the plasma that expands quickly (the not stable gas of high ionization) , generation bow wave. C) bow wave makes contaminant comes to bits and by eliminate. Width of D) smooth pulse must enough short, with avoiding to make be handled the surface is accumulated by destructive heat. E) experiment makes clear have oxide apparently when the metal when, plasma arises at metallic surface. Plasma arises below the circumstance of threshold value of energy density prep above only, this threshold value depends on by the contaminative layer of purify or oxidation layer. It is very important that effect of this threshold value makes sure to be in effective cleanness undertakes below the circumstance of base data security. The occurrence of plasma still is put in the 2nd threshold value. If energy density exceeds this one threshold value, criterion base material will be destroyed. Undertake effective cleanness to be below the premise that assures base data security, need fibrous root adjusts laser parameter according to the circumstance, make the energy density of smooth pulse is in two threshold value strictly between. Purify of every laser pulse is certain the contaminative layer of ply. If contaminative layer is thicker, need many pulse to undertake cleaning. The pulse amount that washs the face clean place need depends on the surface pollutes degree. A when arise by two threshold value important result is those who clean charge a sex oneself. Energy density prep above the smooth pulse of the first threshold value will all the time eliminate contaminant, arrive at base material continuously till. However, because of the destruction of its energy density under base material threshold value, so base won't be destroyed. 5. The laser of actual application   that laser cleans is cleaned not only can use clean organic contaminant, also can use clean mineral, the particle of rustily, metal that includes a metal, dirt. Case of a few actual application introduces below, these technologies are very mature already, already was applied extensively. 5. Of 1 mould clean: Annual the tire production company of the whole world makes several tire, of mould of the tire in producing a course clean must rapid and reliable, stay the time of machine in order to save. Clean a method traditionally to include sandblast, ultrasonic or carbon dioxide to clean etc, but these methods must count hour of refrigeration hind in the mould classics of high fever normally, again migrate rinsing equipment undertakes cleanness, the time that clean place needs is long, damage the precision of the mould easily, chemical dissolvent and noise still can produce the problem such as safety and environmental protection. Use laser to clean means, because laser can use light,fine is transmitted, because this is being used,go up to provide flexibility greatly; Because laser is cleaned,guide light the blind angle to the mould or the place that keep clear of not easily undertake cleaning, because this is used,go to the lavatory; Because balata does not have aerification, because this won't produce the gas that has harm, affect the safety of working environment. The technology that laser cleans tire mould is already many be used in Euramerican tire industry, although earlier investment cost is higher, but can saving bide one's time the time, accrual that avoids the place on security of mould attaint, job and economic raw material to obtain gets quickly reclaiming. Clean a department to be in what undertake on product line of company of tire of carring capacity of Shanghai double money to clean an experiment to make clear according to the LASERLASTE laser of Quantel company, it is OK to require 2 hours only online the mould that cleans tire of a large load. Clean methodological photograph to compare with convention, economic benefits is clearly. Sticking stretch film layer is prevented to need to change regularly on food industry pattern in order to assure sanitation, need not chemical reagents and use laser is cleaned also suit this kind of application particularly. 5.

Of 2 weaponry clean: Laser cleans a technology to apply extensively on weapon care and maintenance. Use laser to clean a system, OK and efficient, quick cleared and rustily, contaminant, can undertake choosing to cleared place, implement the automation that clean. Use laser to clean, not only cleanness spends prep above chemistry to clean craft, and do not have almost to object surface damage. The LASERLASTE of Quantel company differs through set parameter, still can form a compact oxide diaphragm or metallic melt layer in metallic object surface, increase exterior intensity and corrosion resistance. The flotsam with cleared laser basically does not form pollution to the environment, still can have a remote control, decreased effectively to be damaged to operating the health of personnel. 5.

Of 3 planes old lacquer cleared: The system is cleaned to apply in aviation industry already in European laser. The surface of the plane wants new spray paint after too proper time, but the need will be original old lacquer before spray paint is complete eliminate. Method of traditional mechanical and cleared paint is opposite easily the metallic surface of the plane causes loss, bring hidden trouble to safe flight. If use many laser to clean a system, can be in two days in get rid of the lacquer layer of surface of an A320 airbus completely, and won't mar metallic appearance. 5.

Of the wall outside 4 floors space clean: As the flying development of our country economy, more and more skyscraper are built, the clean problem of the wall outside the building increasingly protruding shows, LASERLASTE laser cleans a system to pass most those who grow 70 meters is fiber-optic to the wall outside the building clean offerred very good means of settlement, all sorts of contaminant that it can get on to all sorts of stone material, metal, glass undertake be cleaninged effectively, and clean efficiency than convention a lot of times taller. Still can be opposite the shading on all sorts of stone material of the building, splash undertakes keeping clear of. LASERLASTE laser cleans a system to be in what fleabane hill Shaolin Temple undertakes to building, monument to clean an experiment to make clear, use laser to clean ancient to protection building to restore exterior effect first-rate. 5.

5 electrons industry cleans   electron industry mediumly to use laser purify oxide: Electronic industry needs decontamination of high accuracy ground, suit to use laser deoxygenate to change thing particularly. Be in before circuit board solders, component is sutural must go thoroughly oxide is contacted with assuring first-rate report, still cannot damage in decontamination process sutural. Laser cleans OK and contented use requirement, and efficiency is very tall, one sutural need illuminate only laser. 5.

In 6 accurate and mechanical industry go accurately ester cleans: Accurate and mechanical industry often needs to lubricate and fight corroded ester to be being used on the spare parts kind reach mineral oil to try to keep clear of, it is chemically method normally, and chemistry is cleaned still often have hangover. Laser goes ester is OK ester kind reach mineral oil complete purify, do not mar spare parts appearance. Its contaminant purify is finish by bow wave, volatile aerification formed layer of oxide of spare parts surface bow wave, bring about contamination purify, action of each other of machinery of and rather than. Stuff goes what ester uses at spare parts of spaceflight industry machinery clearing thoroughly. Mechanical spare parts machines medium oily ester purify to be able to use laser to clean likewise. 5.

The conduit inside reactor of 7 nuclear power plant cleans: Laser cleans a system to return those who apply at the conduit inside reactor of nuclear power plant to clean. It uses optical fiber, will high power stimulates beam of light to introduce reactor interior, dust of direct and cleared radioactivity, clean the material that come down to clear convenient. And because be a remote control, can ensure the staff member's safety. The place on put together is narrated, laser is cleaned main effect is being produced in a lot of domains, and be made in the car, semiconductor brilliant wafer is cleaned, treatment of nice spare parts is made, martial equipment is cleaned, the wall outside the building is cleaned, cultural relic protection, circuit board is cleaned, treatment of nice spare parts is made, the LCD is cleaned, the domain such as purify of chewing gum vestiges all can produce main effect. CNC Milling