The application of whorl milling processing technique in mechanical manufacturing industry

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Gain ground along with what a move in chess or a movement in wushu charges a machine tool, the application of whorl milling processing technique in mechanical manufacturing industry is increasing. Whorl milling is the 3 axes linkage that passes numerical control machine tool, use whorl to milling cutter undertakes helix interpolation milling and form whorl, cutting tool is on horizontal every make a week circular motion, linear inside vertical plane shift a pitch. Whorl milling has treatment effect to lead quality of tall, whorl versatility of tall, cutting tool treatment security is good, good wait for a lot of advantage. All sorts of whorl milling cutting tool that use at present are a lot of more phyletic, the article plans to written guarantee from applied characteristic, cutting tool isogon of craft of compose, treatment spends to a few kinds common whorl milling cutter to make a few analysis introductions. Milling cutter of whorl of type of clip of machine of milling cutter of whorl of type of clip of 1 average machine is whorl milling in the most commonly used and the cutting tool with low price, its structure and milling cutter of type of average machine clip are similar, by can repeat use arbor and can go to the lavatory changing bit composition. If need to machine awl whorl, also can use the special arbor that machines awl whorl and bit, a tooth-like part of anything of many whorl cutting is contained on this kind of razor blade, corkscrewed yarn of cutting tool edge machines a week to be able to machine a many whorl tine, the milling cutter that if have cutting of 5 2mm whorl with,ages, along corkscrewed yarn treatment a week can machine the whorl a tooth-like part of anything that gives 10mm of 5 whorl deepness. Machine efficiency to rise further, can choose much blade machine to place type whorl milling cutter. Through increasing cutting blade amount, can show raise feed rate, but distributing at circumferential the radial between every razor blade that go up and error of axial fixed position can affect thread machining precision. The whorl precision that if be opposite,milling cutter of whorl of clip of much blade machine machines is dissatisfactory, also can try to install a razor blade to undertake machining only. When choosing milling cutter of whorl of machine clip type, should the basis is mixed by the diameter of treatment whorl, deepness the element such as workpiece material, choose the arbor with bigger diameter as far as possible (in order to raise cutting tool tigidity) pledge with proper bit material. The thread machining deepness of milling cutter of whorl of machine clip type is decided by the effective cutting deepness of arbor. Because bit length is less than the effective cutting deepness of arbor, the need when because this should be machined,whorl deepness is more than bit length is statified undertake machining. Milling cutter of whorl of type of whole of milling cutter of whorl of type of 2 common whole uses material of integral hard alloy to make mostly, some still used coating. Structure of milling cutter of integral type whorl is compact, suit to machine the whorl of medium, small diameter quite; Useful also the milling cutter of integral type whorl at treatment awl whorl. Tigidity of this kind of cutting tool is better, take the milling cutter of integral type whorl of helix chamfer especially, cutting negative charge can be dropped effectively when processing tall hardness data, improve treatment efficiency. The cutting of milling cutter of integral type whorl bestrews thread machining to age on blade, along corkscrewed yarn treatment a week can finish whole thread machining, need not resemble machine clip type cutting tool is statified in that way treatment, treatment efficiency is accordingly taller, but the value is relative also more expensive. The structure of the integral whorl milling cutter that 3 belts pour the integral whorl milling cutter of horny function to take horny function and milling cutter of common whole whorl are similar, but the root ministry in cutting blade (or upright ministry) appropriative pours horny blade, can machining whorl while treatment gives whorl to carry a ministry to pour wine cup. Treatment pours horn to have 3 kinds of kind, when cutting tool diameter enough big when, can use horny blade Huo to give role directly, this method is confined to orifice of the whorl inside treatment to pour wine cup. When cutting tool diameter is lesser, can use horny blade to machine horn through circular motion. But in ministry of root of use cutting blade blade pouring wine cup undertakes horn is machined when, should notice cutting part of cutting tool whorl and whorl due and certain clearance, interfere a phenomenon with avoiding to appear. If the whorl deepness of treatment is less than the effective cutting length of cutting tool, criterion cutting tool will not realize horny function, because should make sure its are effective when this choice cutting tool,cutting length and whorl deepness match each other. 4 whorl get milling cutter whorl to get milling cutter to be made by integral hard alloy, be one the whorl inside small diameter is efficient in planting machine cutting tool. Whorl getting milling cutter can be finished get whorl bottom outlet, orifice to fall horn and inside thread machining, reduced cutting tool to use a measure. But the defect of this kind of cutting tool is versatility difference, the price is higher also. Of ministry of pretext of this cutting tool get those who cut the part, whorl milling part among and ministry of cutting blade root to pour horny blade 3 parts composition. Get cutting partial diameter is the bottom diameter that cutting tool can machine whorl. Suffer get the limitation that cuts partial diameter, a whorl gets milling cutter to be able to machine a kind of norms only inside whorl. When choosing whorl to get milling cutter, not only should consider to be machined whorl aperture norms, still should notice the knife has effect to machine length and the matching that are spent by treatment hole depth, cannot realize horny function otherwise. 5 whorl helix gets helix of milling cutter whorl to get milling cutter also is one kind is used at inside whorl is efficient the cutting tool of integral hard alloy of treatment, also can machine a bottom outlet and whorl. Ministry of end of this cutting tool has resemble establishing milling cutter in that way cutting blade. Promote role as a result of the helix of whorl not quite, when accordingly cutting tool makes helix motion machine whorl, blade of the cutting that carry a department excises workpiece material to machine a bottom outlet first, next by cutting tool hind treatment gives whorl. Some whorl helix gets milling cutter to also contain horny blade, can machine an orifice to pour wine cup at the same time. Efficiency of treatment of this cutting tool is very tall, and versatility is better than whorl getting milling cutter, cutting tool can machine inside whorl aperture limits is D ~ 2D (D is cutter hub diameter) . 6 mill are deep thread tool mill is deep thread tool is milling cutter of whorl of a kind of odd tine. General whorl milling cutter has a tooth-like part of anything of many thread machining on edge, cutting tool and workpiece contact area are large, cutting power is great also, and diameter of the cutting tool when the whorl inside treatment must be less than whorl aperture. Because cutter hub diameter is restricted, affect cutting tool tigidity, and the cutting tool when mill whorl gets power for odd side, milling is deeper when whorl easy appear phenomenon letting a knife, affect thread machining precision, because this general whorl milling cutter is effective,cutting deepness is 2 times of diameter of its cutter hub about. And the mill that uses odd tooth is deep thread tool is OK better overcome afore-mentioned weakness. Because reduced cutting force, can increase thread machining depth considerably, the 3 ~ that cutting tool has effect cutting deepness to be able to amount to cutter hub diameter 4 times. Versatility of system of cutting tool of 7 whorl milling and efficient sex are a of whorl milling cutter outstanding contradiction, a few cutting tool that have compound function (if whorl gets milling cutter) treatment efficiency is tall but versatility is poorer, and the cutting tool efficiency with good versatility often not tall. To solve this one problem, many tool manufacturer developed system of modular whorl milling cutting tool. System of this cutting tool pours horny blade and composition of general whorl milling cutter by aperture of knife handle, Huo commonly, the Huo aperture that can choose different type according to machining a requirement pours horny blade and whorl milling cutter. Versatility of system of this kind of cutting tool is good, treatment efficiency is tall, but cutting tool cost is higher. Above introduced the function of cutting tool of milling of a few kinds of commonly used whorl and characteristic roughly. When milling machines whorl, refrigeration is crucial also, the proposal makes appliance has inside the machine tool of cooling function and cutting tool. When rotating because of cutting tool high speed, exterior below centrifugal force effect cooling fluid is entered not easily. Cooling means is divided inside outside can undertaking cooling to cutting tool well, more important is to machining cooling fluid of the high pressure when blind aperture whorl to conduce to a bits, when machining aperture of the whorl inside small diameter, need especially taller inside cooling pressure, in order to make sure a bits is smooth. In addition, still answer to consider specific treatment requirement integratedly when choosing whorl milling cutting tool, wait for a lot of element like standards of precision of material of amount of production lot, screw, workpiece, whorl, measurement, reasonable choose cutting tool. CNC Milling