Vertical of numerical control of MGKF600 high accuracy is compound grinder

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The machine tool complies with tide of current and compound treatment, the circular workpiece under diametical 600mm holds clip, inside round, outside the treatment such as grinding of round, end panel, cone can be done entirely calm. Numerical control vertical is compound grinder is in recent years arisen and intercurrent exhibit breed of rapid a kind of machine tool, in basically be aimed at large cylinder, conic kind of a hard nut to crack that workpiece cannot hold clip to finish grinding to machine on horizontal cylindrical grinder and develop technically. Complied with current world machine tool industry " high speed, compound, intelligence, environmental protection " development tide, suit much breed small lot, change breed goes the producer type of batch. Compound grinder can pass numerical control to install clip to complete a part inside round, outside the compound grinding that wait machines round, end panel, cone, have efficient, high accuracy, operation to go to the lavatory wait for a characteristic, the assorted sex of the machine tool is strong, can install pallet changer of library of ATC emery wheel, APC, AMS to measure the functional part such as system and manipulator automatically, yi Shi shows automation to produce. Still assign clamping force as a result of vertical at the same time small, clamping apparatus is simpler, cover an area of an area small, of managing equipment purchase cost. This machine agrees with grinding is machined dish kind, short axis kind, sleeve kind wait for long way to compare smaller part, special apply to car a replacement, gear cutting, bearing and other industry the spare parts treatment of much breed, small lot. This machine tool uses integral pillar, sheet to procrastinate board type of bureau of round tablecloth of wheelhead of fore-and-aft shift, double vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, the structure is compact, the integral tigidity of the machine tool and stability are good. This machine tool has a lot of innovation on the technology, for instance stage axial uses filmy feedback formula static pressure, radial uses structure of conic roller bearing, already won national patent. The machine tool can hold 6 class according to the option of the user emery wheel library, can come true online and automatic measure. Main structural characteristic has: * pillar structure uses whole to cast a structure, close with crossbeam for an organic whole, have enough stiffness, realize very tall fore-and-aft geometry and numerical control precision. * circumgyrate workbench uses end panel Bi Shijing to press slideway + structure of radial scroll bearing, have very tall circumgyrate precision and dynamic tigidity. * advocate grinding spindle uses structure of bearing of high accuracy scroll, installation BBT50 emery wheel exchanges unit of broach of structure, hydraulic pressure automatically. Nap of * emery wheel: Deploy 3 kinds of nap implement, nap of horizontal diamond disc implement, nap of Shuang Jingang pen implement, vertical diamond shapes gyro wheel nap implement. System of * numerical control uses system of numerical control of servo of FANUC 18i-TB communication. Control number of axle is 7 axes, it is respectively procrastinate board fore-and-aft feed, advocate the perpendicular feed of wheelhead of wheelhead, electric main shaft and measurement unit; Advocate drive of wheelhead, workbench (SP axis) ; Drive of library of ATC emery wheel (PMC) . Library of * emery wheel uses disk type structure, but interval sets 3 large emery wheel and 3 little emery wheel, add up to 6. * vertical outfit places workpiece grinding, can come true to hold clip multitask order compound treatment. * uses segregation and compulsive refrigeration to eliminate pyrotoxin. CNC Milling