Cruel horse transducer controls the application in the system in lathe main shaft

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The technical level discretion of numerical control machine tool reachs his to machine machine tool crop and the percent that always have an amount in metallic cutting, it is to measure progress of economy of countryman of a country and industry to make one of important marks of integral level. Numerical control lathe is one of main breed of numerical control machine tool, it has very important place in numerical control machine tool, will a few years be taken seriously generally of world each country all the time, got rapid development. Main shaft is lathe an important part in forming, machine efficiency to rising, enlarge machines material limits greatly, promotion machines quality to having main effect. Great majority of lathe of economy numerical control is cannot of automatic gearshift, when needing speed change, can stop the machine tool only, next the hand uses speed change. And of lathe of complete function numerical control advocate transmission system uses infinitely variable speeds mostly. Current, system of infinitely variable speeds basically has system of frequency conversion main shaft and system of servo main shaft two kinds, use dc or electric machinery of communication main shaft commonly. Rotate through taking transmission to drive main shaft, or through bringing the decelerate gear inside transmission and main shaft box (in order to obtain bigger torsion) drive main shaft to rotate. Because range of timing of main shaft electric machinery is wide, but stepless speed regulation, make the structure of main shaft box simplifies greatly. Because the tall sex price of transducer is compared, so transducer is used on lathe very general. Transducer of series of cruel horse Q9000 is compared with its distinctive function and superior sexual value, in the application of numerical control machine tool the respect rises abruptly quickly, had become at present a powerful new force. One, brief introduction of function of transducer of series of cruel horse Q9000: Machine tool of can contented numerical control is opposite Q9000 series transducer advocate the demand of transmission system infinitely variable speeds, control means for voltaic vector, satisfy the requirement of machine tool main shaft on low speed torsion especially, torsion starts to be able to achieve 150% above when 0HZ; 0-15kHz of limits of carrier wave frequency, noise is little; The 0-10V imitate that provides a standard measures interface, can accuse systematic interface with most number compatible, versatility is strong; Overload capability is strong, rated output electric current exceeds 200% above one minute; Provide muti_function output terminal signal, for example 0 fast signal, the signal in movement, timing function, refus passing power is collected piece, breakdown directive, contented system the monitoring to position of main shaft career; Automatic torsion is compensated, main shaft of contented machine tool machines demand in what low speed circumstance falls; Know the moving state with machine tool actual main shaft constantly; Nameplate of electric machinery of can automatic set is worth transducer the electric machinery parameter of limits, from transducer special electric machinery can undertake to general electric machinery vector control moves, electric machinery but utmost ground produces effect, assure systematic stability and accuracy. 2, main shaft of lathe of system of control of lathe main shaft controls systematic principle: Select distribution engine for 3.

7KW/50Hz/380V, choose transducer model to be Q9000-C-0344, 300W/120ohm of resistor of apply the brake. Transducer FIV/0V terminal provides speed imitate amount to numerical control system, FIV receives imitate of numerical control system to measure interface signal, 0V receives negative signal, signal is signal of 0-10V imitate voltage, control main shaft rotate speed. FWD/REV/CM is transducer turning / invert signal terminal, give out by numerical control system normally turning signal FWD perhaps inverts REV comes drive auxiliary relay, of auxiliary relay often open contact to receive transducer FWD/GND or REV/GND, the positive and negative that controls lathe main shaft thereby turns. Control system parameter debugs: The process is adjusted in parameter in, ought to notice: 21-01 parameter, choose advocate frequency instruction, the setting is inputted for imitate signal 0-10V (1) ; 21-02 parameter, moving instruction chooses, the setting is control loop terminal (1) ; 51-04, highest output frequency chooses, the correspondence output at the transducer when imitate signal 10V is inputted frequency, because be inside 0-3000rpm limits timing, consideration machinery reduces speed ratio, this this parameter can be installed for 107HZ; 36-01 installs carrier wave frequency according to electric machinery nameplate; 31-01 and 31-02 are quicken time 1 with slowdown time 1, according to the client's requirement, 31-01=5S, 31-02=5S; 11-02 is the option that controls fashion, choose vector control, 11-02=2. What need an attention particularly is, because vector controls need to offer electric machinery parameter (impedance) , the detailed parameter that supplies electric machinery to transducer according to the nameplate of electric machinery so (rated voltage / rated electric current / rated frequency / rated rotate speed / number of electric machinery pole) , pass the moving key on position operator, transducer can move automatically. In running a course automatically, give electric machinery parameter besides computation beyond, still can detect clean carries electricity, these a few parameter can make vector control shows higher performance, let electric machinery develop the greatest potential, when undertaking parameter teachs oneself be used to, be sure to want to be in carry for nothing (load is not received on electric machinery axis) when undertake. When carrying for nothing only ability assures to teach oneself the accuracy of the electric machinery parameter that be used to comes out, learn the time that the process can last ten seconds oneself. Test and move: The frequency that outputs in constant torsion paragraph (0-50Hz) , vector pilot carries electric current to have VF pilot in part only almost for nothing, the electric current when load is a few smaller than VF also; And when laden cutting, VF control has apparent speed to drop in initial stage, and idling speed and laden speed have greater poor value. And opposite Yu Shi measures control, although initial stage of main shaft rotate speed also can have drop, but drop the value is lesser, and speed is met pick up very quickly, final idling speed and laden speed differ is not apparent. Above the course debug, with VF control is compared, function had very big improvement, no matter from carry electricity for nothing, low speed moment of force, still be the change of speed, the effect is very apparent, can satisfy the requirement of numerical control machine tool completely. After investment moves, use result is satisfactory, the application in showing transducer of series of cruel horse Q9000 to control a system in lathe main shaft is successful. CNC Milling