The stage amounts to the application of A series servo on fast forming machine

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Summary: The application that introduced a stage to amount to controller of A series servo to go up in MEM300 fast forming machine, the craft characteristic of MEM300 fast forming machine and stage amount to servo parameter hand to move adjust and of self-correcting use. Keyword: Fast figuration stage amounts to servo 90 time begin 1 introduction, market environment produced tremendous change. The demand of consumer more individuation and diversification; Manufacturer people not only want fast design to give the product that accords with people to consume a requirement, even very fast production is made come out. Accordingly, burgeoning shape to the technology is formed stage by stage and be able to develop quickly quickly. What the stage amounts to servo to use it is high-powered wait for a function with fast and exact location, be able to apply in the fast fixed position of the X axis in fast forming machine and Y axis and develop. The 2 principles that shape quickly become form technology quickly (technology of fast original shape, abbreviation RP) be it is a when 90 time development rises advanced production technology, RP is the technology of a pivotal general character that develops a service for new product of manufacturing industry company, innovate to promoting company product, shorten new product development cycle, raise product competition ability to have urge action actively. Since this technology comes out, had gotten applied extensively in the manufacturing industry of the developed country, produce a burgeoning technical field from this. Fast figuration technology is based on CAD and technology of production technology, converse project, statified purify of production technology, material shapes, what data raises figuration skill is compositive; Fast figuration its are basic the process is: The computer that designs a place to want a part above all is three-dimensional model (digital model, CAD model) , ask according to craft next, it is this model disperse a series of orderly unit according to definite pattern, be in normally Z to undertake its disperse by certain ply (the habit is called statified) , become former three-dimensional CAD model a series of layer piece; Again according to every layer piece outline information, the input machines parameter, generate numerical control code automatically; Finally by figuration system figuration a series of layers piece rise their connection automatically, get substance of a three-dimensional physics. If the working flow that shapes quickly pursues 1 show. Graph the 1 working flow 3 MEM300 that shapes quickly is fast the craft characteristic of forming machine (1) brief principle. MEM300 fast forming machine is the file of the STL form that makes through CARK system software, the treatment code of changeover delivers PMAC to control card (campaign of American DeltaTau company controls card) , the opens collect pole pulse signal that issues two 5V by PMAC control card gives stage of axis of X, Y to amount to servo controller, the stage amounts to servo to dominate servo electric machinery, servo electric machinery drives extruding eject shower nozzle to realize accumulation through accurate ball guide screw the process of three-dimensional physics substance. (2) the characteristic of MEM300 fast forming machine. Equipment is with numerical control machine tool the principle is designed, tigidity is good, move smooth; Axis of X, Y uses a stage to amount to drive of electric machinery of A series servo, drive of accurate ball guide screw, accurate ball is linear slideway is oriented; Reseau of peculiar fill method optimizes design technology, make archetypal surface quality higher; Systematic software is OK autoverify of implementation of original to STL format document, repair a function; Filar material width compensates a technology automatically, assure spare parts precision; After filar material shapes but burnish sex is good, easily later period finish machining; Extruding eject shower nozzle is not had answer salivate, high; High quality yuan parts of an apparatus and pass feeling system, provide warning decice, reliability is high, can move for long continuously; Pilot of system of tiny pump pressure boost sends nicety remotely filar orgnaization, ensure process sending silk lasts, stable; Structure of sudden switch nozzle, facilitate maintain, maintenance and change. The fast forming machine that Nextpage4 stage amounts to servo controller 4.

1 servo controller and the join PMAC card that PMAC blocks and stage amount to the join means of servo controller to have two kinds: Join of half closed circuit and complete closed circuit join. (1) the join of half closed circuit: A collect pole that the pulse signal that PMAC card outputs is the power source that take 5V. The stage amounts to servo pulse signal is the opens collect pole wiring way that uses exterior power source, 36, 43 it is pulse is being mixed direction the tubal horn of signal, the 41 tubal horn that are pulse negative signal, the 37 tubal horn that are directional negative signal; 17 and 11 short receive, 45 and 9 short receiving is for electrify let excitation of servo electric machinery. Wiring means is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph the join of the join complete closed circuit of 2 half closed circuit: The wiring way that the wiring means that the pulse signal that PMAC card outputs and stage amount to the pulse signal of servo and servo ON to wait is the same as half closed circuit is same; Different is the coder signal that means of complete closed circuit amounts to the stage feedback of servo electric machinery to give servo controller, feedback to go up again a machine PMAC card undertake controlling; Among them 21 it is signal of A photograph + , 22 it is A photograph - signal, 25 it is signal of B photograph + , 23 it is B photograph - signal, 50 it is Z photograph + signal, 24 it is Z photograph - signal; Wiring means is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph the join of 3 complete closed circuit 4.

2 amount to servo controller debug (1) the hand moves debug: After the join of the mechanical installation of whole system and electric equipment ends, use above all go up the hand that a system or stage amount to servo place to have changes control way, at the same time the parameter P0-02 of will all servo is installed 14, the X axis that lets an orgnaization and Y axis have the campaign of move back and forth, the JL/JM of moment of inertia that servo applies above the orgnaization here can show on the indication screen of servo, we use what the stage amounts to servo to debug little software GAIN.

EXE, the JL/JM of moment of inertia that shows servo and we answer frequency wide B through debugging what computation comes out.

The GAIN that W inputs.

In EXE software, the JL/JM of moment of inertia that in fast forming machine we check servo is 2.

5, answer frequency wide B.

W is 80-100, computation comes out the parameter that we need, change these parameter hands in the servo controller of the input, fast forming machine can move normally. (2) debug automatically: This kind is debugged move than the hand should simple, also should move like the hand above all in that way first JL/JM of moment of inertia: 2.

5 tests come out, input this value in parameter P1-37, install parameter P2-31 into again 54, P2-32 is installed 5, so fast forming machine can move normally. The hand is moved adjust want than self-correcting many accurate, the treatment test that can pass for many times will check the parameter that gives a group to suit whole orgnaization most; But the hand moves adjustment time to want to grow quite, the time limit for a project of expenditure is more also, in the course that producing into batch at the same time, the exceeding also inconvenience such as the input of servo parameter; What the stage amounts to A series servo is high-powered, whole the short, frequency modulation parameter in application of fast forming machine compares calm time wide etc, so we use self-correcting to compare much dot in the normal application in fast forming machine. (3) the parameter that the stage amounts to servo to apply need to change in fast forming machine namely the specification of parameter: P0-02:1The indication of the condition of 4= driver; Use the moment of inertia of indication orgnaization; P1-37:2.

The laden inertia of 5= servo electric machinery is compared; The laden inertia of set servo electric machinery is used to compare below automatic mode; P1-44:2The element that = electron gear compares; The distance that the orgnaization such as the ball guide screw that makes servo electric machinery is driven moves and go up the space of a machine requirement is same; P2-00:157= position controls gain; Basically control the respondent sex of loop of servo position annulus; P2-04:2189= speed controls gain; Basically control the respondent sex of loop of servo speed annulus; P2-06:100= speed integral is compensated; Of the fixed deviation that controls servo electric machinery, orgnaization and whole orgnaization shake; P2-25:2= resonance restrains the low wave that connect filter; Use set resonance to restrain the time constant of the low wave that connect filter; P2-26:5Gain of resistance of 1= exterior interference; Reduce those who add decelerate to develop a phenomenon too with the counteractive ability that will increase pair of outside force; P2-31:54= reachs set of low-cost die type automatically; The frequency that uses set to answer when automatic mode is wide; P2-32:5= gain adjusts pattern; The adjustment of set servo mode is PDFF automatic mode namely laden inertia is compared fixed, the response of servo frequency is wide can adjust. 5 last words fast forming machine is the equipment of machinery of new and high technology that has what apply foreground extensively one kind to be being perfected ceaselessly. What compete as the market is intense with each passing day, this equipment will be applied by more and more company place, to the development of the enterprise, produce mainer and mainer effect, will bring enormous economic benefits to the enterprise. In the meantime, the market competition of fast forming machine is more and more intense also, the tall sex price that the stage amounts to servo to use it is able to apply than going up in fast forming machine, at the same time regular also meeting has very extensive development space. CNC Milling