The tribology of cam transmission system is designed

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System of transmission of 1 introductive cam basically is used at machinery to control a system, implement athletic form change the control with athletic way. Apply in the industry such as light industrial, spin, food extensive, with the combination of other orgnaization the design realizes complex motion curve. The design of cam transmission system is with motion the design gives priority to body, in order to achieve accurate pilot goal. But the attrition of cam, wear away influence motion precision and control quality, it is the main reason of invalidation of cam transmission system. Center in characteristic to tribology research to the research of cam transmission system at present, especially the system distributing gas of internal-combustion engine. Tribology character studies undertake on the foundation that studies in athletic character. As a result of the characteristic of status of work of cam transmission system, driven the gearshift in working process moves, produce inertial impact, want to consider this one effect when the load that analyses cam transmission system. Cam transmission system is nodded in each outline go up getting power is inhomogenous, cause so wear away inhomogenously. Because outline line curvature of each bits is different, the oily film ply that can arise also is change, because this increases analytic difficulty. The article analyses the basic method that sums up design of cam transmission system, put forward to design the content that wants a consideration at present, in order to offer architect reference. What contour line of protruding of foundation of 2 cam design designs the design of cam mechanism to basically include basic measure is affirmatory the design with cam outline. Basic measure basically is a basis the element such as pressure angle will decide, cam outline is a basis basic measure and driven motion curve designs. The design of this two parts often used diagram method in the past, although diagram method is simple, intuitionistic, but precision is low, of the development as computer technology and numerical control machine tool gain ground, the analytic way that cam mechanism devises is replacing traditional diagram method stage by stage. The key that cam designs is the outline curve of cam, those who matter to athletic control, motion is lack fidelity with tribology character. The key that outline line designs is driven motion curve is decided really, what motion curve affects cam transmission system is kinematic with kinetic character, also affect athletic quality namely. Accordingly, design of cam transmission system basically includes driven of motion curve and basic measure affirmatory (basic circle radius, slant the) such as buy, centre of percussion, decided the form of outline curve. The purpose that character of cam transmission system analyses cam mechanism to design makes the job carries the motion curve that emersion anticipates namely. Run when cam mechanism low speed or when its stiffness is very big and quality is lesser, the motion curve that its job carries basically suffers the protruding contour line of a design to control. However, when movement of cam mechanism high speed or systematic natural frequency are inferior, the motion curve that the job carries will produce distortion, produce the dynamic deviation that nots allow to ignore, affect the executive performance of the orgnaization. To stretch cam mechanism, the relevant document report that checks its trends to answer should be gotten less than stretch linkage mechanism much. The Grewal performance that compared cam mechanism of flexibility of the high speed below different protruding contour line. The Chew direct means that offerred a kind to reduce cam remains vibration. Wiederrich spends cam system remains to much freedom oscillatory criterion undertook an analysis. Chew apply optimize academic support to control driven on the dynamic design that significant bedspring force will come to carry out cam mechanism. An applied feedback control such as Yamada will reduce leftover vibration to decide in order to obtain systematic fine. Anyhow, the characteristic analysis of cam transmission system includes athletic character, speed character, acceleration character and load character, the purpose that its analyse is the precision that controls cam transmission system, trends of the existence in deciding working process as a result of the character of itself of cam transmission system changes, these dynamic character will affect the transmission precision of cam, must integration analysis in order to solve dynamic pilot stability, it is intensity design and tribology design to provide data at the same time. Graph the invalidation of the system of transmission of invalidation analysis cam of system of transmission of cam of composition of a picture of machine of 1 cam equivalent includes cam to reach connect with its the invalidation of the relevant component of the department. Its are main the form is component wear away, of component be out of shape, the fatigue dot corrode of oscillatory stability, component and average intensity issue. Wearing away is the position that produces in opposite motion, include cam runner shaft coming back and bearing, cam and driven the contact between, driven prop up etc, generation wears away will make clearance increases, cause motion to control precision to drop, this is the problem that tribology design basically solves, also be the key that cam transmission system designs; Of component be out of shape cent is out of shape for flexibility be out of shape with plasticity, to control athletic precision, flexibility is out of shape must be restricted, the trends that moves as a result of cam transmission system is characteristic, should mature to the limit the flexibility of athletic condition is out of shape; Because material issues generation plasticity to flow in tall stress action,plasticity is out of shape is, the alternative that passes data and processing will give solve; Oscillatory stability is system of consideration cam transmission the athletic stability problem in not stable load and athletic condition, especially system of transmission of high speed cam especially important, stability analyses the athletic stability that solves cam transmission system not only, can analyse the metabolic character of load and ultimate load at the same time, to wear away and lubricating the design provides a basis; Fatigue dot corrode is the form of main be no longer in force of tall deputy contact, affect smooth stability of motion; Other intensity problem is solved with mechanical and primary consideration. Cam of 3 lubricant computation is lubricant of the analysis simplify the issue that 4 tribology design wants to discuss the flying development as science and technology, of design, treatment ceaseless and perfect, the progress of lubricant means, lubricant, additive and finishing technology and wide application, more and more thorough to the understanding of microcosmos, tribology asks the problem is taken seriously more and more, tribology design makes the new window that designs development. At present tribology design still stays in business accounting level, the influencing factor that basically is tribology design is much and miscellaneous, range is wide and the design of parameter is wide, exterior quality is hard to control accurately, the complexity that the character of lubricant and additive changes along with operating mode is waited a moment. Raise a few questions that are worth to discuss here. Surface roughness surface roughness is the main index that evaluates lubricant condition, it is with mean effective value and oily film ply undertakes comparative, in work of cam transmission system, because run to close or work after proper time, its surface roughness produces the likelihood change, protruding peak will be ground smooth, because this will obtain better lubricant position, how does this one phenomenon consider when the design, what design the influence parameter is affirmatory. The research of tribology of rice of lubricant viscosity accept proves, the character of lubricant changes those who follow oily film ply and change, to high deputy drive, oily film ply is very small, this one character of lubricant must be considered, the correction formula that at present lubricant follows velar profound change still is not very mature, but the problem that realizes this one key already adequately, it differentiates what change lubricant position greatly. Filmy and lubricant film lubricates is the burgeoning science of 90 time, interpose flows at playing lubricate with border, as the ceaseless development of processing technique, nicety or superprecision, make film lubricant condition becomes reality, make a fluid lubricant area increases, tatty possibility is reduced, this also is the issue that the design should consider. Design of 5 conclusion tribology is to solve attrition to wear away the effective method of the problem, the element that its involve is much, want those who consider equipment to run filmy and the performance change that combines gender, lubricant and additive, lubricant implementation condition, the transmission character that considers cam transmission system at the same time and intensity design an issue, the issue that systematic analysis involves, make clear formulary scope of application and the change of correction parameter, reach good transmission system. CNC Milling