New-style FTB20 series boils cooling bed develops a success

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Head office of double star machinery creates his characteristic new technology actively, the molding sand heat with better performance of the flow in casting production to answer sand mold is arenaceous turn a tide, academy of head office of double star machinery organizes personnel technically to undertake market survey, project approving tackles key problem. Project technology personnel is on the foundation of serious survey, draw lessons from foreign advanced technique, the near future heated up arenaceous cooling domain to achieve major breakthrough in sand preparation eventually, settled country course of study of person of the same trade is long-term insoluble technical difficult problem, independent and successful research and development the FTB20 series boiling that has domestic banner level is cooling bed. Principle of this system work is simple, not only saved cost greatly, without noise, still have a structure simple, cover an area of a face to accumulate small, maintenance convenient, small pink is separative can good wait for a characteristic, wide application does not have cohere agent at foundry or can have cohere agent and performance of going from place to place is better (be like colophony from hard arenaceous, water glass from hard arenaceous etc) molding sand is cooling as detached as small this world. Current, series of this kind of new-style FTB20 boils cooling bed has been applied extensively to be in system of sand preparation refrigeration, replace traditional boiling and cooling bed already successfully from the point of use effect, and the effect is very apparent. CNC Milling