Machine of fiber-optic Laser Cutting of FARLEY · LASERLAB DF3015

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Regard Chinese laser as the inaugurator of industrialization application and leader, china labour laser depends on abundant technical actual strength, in the spring 2011, brought the innovation revolution of laser to the market again. DF3015 of LASERLAB brand of FARLEY · of company of Lai of benefit of method of China labour laser is fiber-optic of Laser Cutting machine appear, initiated the new era of cut of laser thin plate. Once the product appears, get the wide attention of all circles, the personage outside causing the trade inside many course of study is right the high accuracy of this equipment, high rate expresses to gasp in admiration. Plan of chance of fiber-optic Laser Cutting of FARLEY · LASERLAB DF3015 and photograph of traditional C02Laser Cutting machine are compared, machines and tools of DF3015 fiber-optic Laser Cutting has more clear technology advantage: 1. Dragon door structure, drive of bilateral gear rack, cast aluminous beam, have structural stability, rigid good, rate is rapid, the characteristic with cut tall efficiency, configure 2KW fiber-optic laser for instance, the speed of steel of carbon of its cut 1mm can amount to 25m/min. 2. German Rofin fiber-optic laser, stability is good, photoelectricity changeover efficiency is tall; 3. System of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D and servo electric machinery, operating system of compositive Laserlab-Sim special Laser Cutting; 4. High speed pallet changer, double workbench is exchanged at the same time, great improve manufacturing efficiency. 5. Low safeguard, feebleminded bad news, low cost: Fiber-optic transmit, do not need to reflex lens, road of the light outside need not be being adjusted, power consumption is low, energy-saving environmental protection, laser does not use up working gas. CNC Milling