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Summary: The enterprise should be in current market demand is changeful, live in the environment with intense competition and develop new product, go satisfying the constant change of market demand with the lowest price, best quality, shortest time. And incommensurate already much breed, small lot produces common lathe requirement, the lathe operation after numerical control is transformed is convenient, reduced handlers labor intensity, improved product quality, to issue a working procedure production created good condition. And transforming place to require cost is the in part that buys price of lathe of simple and easy numerical control only. Keyword: Lathe numerical control transforms common lathe is to use one of the most extensive machine tools at present, range of its technology parameter is wide, size range of pipe bent is wider, but the structure is complex and automation rate is low, manufacturing efficiency is low, do not apply to nicety, appearance the treatment of complex part. It is high quality of machining industry government, high accuracy, efficient that numerical control turns treatment the inevitable trend of development. Undertaking counting accusing to change transforming to its on existing common lathe foundation is a low cost, cost-effective way. Existing to the enterprise lathe undertook numerical control is changed after transforming, satisfied manufacturing need already, saved a lot of funds again, created considerable economic benefits. After common lathe classics heavies repair for many times too, its component joins dimension changes each other bigger, main transmission spare parts after many change and adjust, fault rate is higher still, use a convention repair plan very inaccessible overhaul checks and accept a standard, and cost is higher. Because system of this logical choice numerical control is,transform the main link that is able to succeed. Of numerical control lathe transforming a purpose is to ask lathe is stable and reliable, with as far as possible low fault rate runs. Common lathe applies personal computer to control a system to undertake transforming, can improve craft level and product quality, reduce the labor intensity of handlers. Control applied personal computer the system to be transformed to common lathe now undertake summing up an analysis. One, the lathe production efficiency after the purpose meaning   that lathe numerical control transforms is transformed is tall, the 3 ~ that are common lathe 5 times; Reduce tool, reduce factitious error, raise treatment precision, have extensive applicability and flexibility; Shorten the trial-produce of new product and production are periodic, organize much breed production easily, make the enterprise can be made to field requirement answer quickly, can machine the large and complex part that general accuracy machine tool cannot machine, can reduce labor intensity, improve labor condition, save labor power, can reduce labor cost; Be familiar with maintenance of understanding equipment, facilitating operation. 2, machine tool numerical control turns transformed necessity   our country at present machine tool gross many 400, among them gross of numerical control machine tool has 11 only.

340 thousand, namely numerical control of our country machine tool is changed do not lead 3% . Come nearly 10 years, machine tool of our country numerical control produces per year a quantity for 0.

68 ~ 0.

80 thousand, annual produce is 1.8 billion yuan about. Numerical control changes year of yield of the machine tool rate for 6% . Our country machine tool exceeds 10 years occupy 60% above, in 10 years of the following machine tools, automatic, semi-automatic machine tool is less than 20% , the automation product line such as FMC/FMS more can be counted on one's fingers (the United States and Japan occupy 60% above) automatically with semi-automatic machine tool. Equipment of the production of the most production trade that sees us and enterprise, treatment counts the machine tool that is a tradition greatly absolutely, and the old machine tool that above of half the number is 10 years of above. The product that with this kind equipment treatment comes out exists generally quality difference, breed little, class low, cost is high, offer goods period to grow wait for defect, lack competition ability on international, home market thereby, affect the product of an enterprise, market, beneficial result directly, affect a business live and develop, the numerical control that must improve a machine tool greatly so is changed rate. From microcosmic on look, numerical control machine tool can machine a traditional machine tool to machine the complex part such as the curve that does not come out, curved surface, can implement the automation of treatment, and it is flexible automation, make efficiency raises 3~7 than traditional machine tool thereby times; Additional, the precision that machines a spare parts is tall, dimension is spent dispersedly small, it is easy to make assemble, need no longer " make repairs and supply replacements " , return the concentration that can implement multitask order, reduce a hardware between the machine tool carry often, have call the police automatically, a variety of functions such as automatic monitoring, automatic compensation, can come true consequently long unmanned guard treatment. 3, the numerical control of common lathe is changed transform design   and not all old machine tool can undertake numerical control is transformed, of the machine tool transform basically should have two requirements: Above all, machine tool foundation must have enough tigidity. Next, transformed expense wants appropriate, economy is good. Changing his costume or dress before lathe, want to make a decision to the function index of the machine tool. The diameter of the biggest circumgyrate that the lathe after changing one's costume or dress can process work and the biggest length, advocate electromotor power won't change commonly. The flatness that processes work, linearity, cylinder is spent and surface roughness still basically decide at machine tool itself original standard. 4,   of transformed main content   (one) of numerical control system transform system of   numerical control to use can make up Cheng controller (PLC) control, PLC is the computer of control of a kind of industry that designs to apply below industrial environment only, have interference rejection capacity strong, dependability extremely tall, volume is minor, it is the distinct advantage such as the ideal control equipment that realizes Electromechanical unifinication. Using PLC to transform traditional relay to control a system is very good method, it can develop the characteristic of PLC high reliability, tall interference rejection adequately, long, maintenance measures life little search peripheral line simple. Undertake the data processing of logistic control and gearshift position to the system with PLC, better land realized former technology requirement, simplified circuit, raised the moving rate of dependability and machine tool. (2) the if want to raise lathe,transforms   automation degree of main shaft box, what perhaps machine workpiece to want rate of cutting of automatic in machining a process commutation, usable double fast and 4 fast electromotor replaces former lathe advocate electromotor. Because the power of multi-speed motor is of as the change of rotate speed change, should choose the electromotor with a few greater power. Also can use main shaft transducer to transform, but cost is higher. When undertaking to common lathe numerical control is transformed, can withhold former some commonly advocate transmission system and gearshift clutch operation, retained the original function of lathe already so, simplified to transform a quantity again. We take this kind of kind, undertake to main bearing precision restores; Precision of circumgyrate of corrective main shaft; coping instead transparent material, convenient student watchs the drive of main shaft box; Transformed gear-box forehead likewise, also installed transparent material, facilitating student observes working principle. (3) of feed system those who transform     CA6136 common lathe to use is the slip guide screw such as T guide screw deputy, with ball guide screw deputy photograph compares efficiency of attrition block muscularity, drive low, cannot suit to move at high speed, also cannot realize automata feed. Additional because wear away fast, cause its precision to maintain gender and life low etc, undertaking numerical control of general accuracy machine tool is changed when transforming, change its for ball guide screw deputy. Ball guide screw deputy have a few more the following characteristic: Attrition loss is small, transmission efficiency is tall; After be like use guide screw nut to be tightened beforehand, can eliminate gap completely, raise transmission stiffness; Attrition resistance is little, have nothing to do with athletic speed almost, the difference that uses static friction power is dinky, can make sure motion is smooth, produce phenomenon of low speed crawl not easily; Wear away long, precision maintains small, life quality. Transform through carrying out numerical control of proof general accuracy machine tool to change in great quantities have certain economy, practical with stability. Its are transformed involve the field such as mechanical, electric, computer, it is a theory the systematic project with deep, strong practice. When undertaking numerical control is transformed, should have made the technical preparation before transforming. In transforming a process, machinery is repaired with electric transform photograph band, first easy hind difficult, first local hind overall situation. After lathe classics is transformed not only maintained the characteristic with wide range of gearshift of part of drive of main shaft of primary machine tool, programming language process designing can be used to control on control of machine tool sport, still can show in the system teach condition to fall to change handlers hand treatment process to generate ISO code automatically, so that issue 10 automatic treatment. Practice proves operation of this machine tool is convenient, reduced handlers labor intensity, improved product quality, to issue a working procedure production created good condition. And transforming place to require cost is the in part that buys price of lathe of simple and easy numerical control only. CNC Milling