Cruel horse Q9000

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Drawbench is the important equipment in metallic wire treatment, its production quality and efficiency are told to the enterprise crucial. Will tell commonly, drawbench can be divided cover type, linear type for pulley type, work 3 kinds. As the progress that produces a technology, technology of frequency conversion of the communication in electric control and PLC programme controll already replaced dc drive and pitching moment electric machinery stage by stage, establish dominant position. Below with Shandong of drawbench of limited company of some communication cable transform for exemple, in introducing transducer of series of cruel horse Q9000-C, winding pilot specialty is mixed use method. One, device essentials wire: Communication cable uses means of copper cash line: Φ 5mm is made an appointment with before extending a line; Φ 1mm line arranges after extending a line fast: 50Hz movement ... internal diameter of bobbin of 703m/ cent reel-up: Φ 280mm external diameter: Φ 390mm tension wears: Deserve sliply to weigh type tension to wear up and down, sector coaxial potentiometer outputs signal limits tension of 0 ~ 10V is fiducial: Make an appointment with 2kg transducer: Q9000-C-0344 of side of reel-up of drawing side Q9000-C-1544 2, the tension with particular transducer of series of Q9000-C of horse of functional characteristic cruel wears high speed to compensate a function get be reflectinged adequately in the exemple here. High speed tension wears compensation, it is instantaneous when compensation is started, mix when stopping or the function that the big instantaneous that the pulling force that creates as a result of exterior reason wears changes. This function is right wear from tension not part of behavioral division deviate undertakes PI is controlled, make it is returned not the function inside behavioral division. With low speed tensional wearing compensates photograph comparing, will compensate with very quick action and have beneficial set. And when the above of level of Up * Low that wears in tension, can maintain compensation changeless. Tension wears high speed to compensate a function to make corresponding character raises winding pilot greatly, satisfy the control requirement of tension of user high speed, constant thereby. 3, adjust order 1, transducer and control ark wiring 2, 2 transducer run alone, revolution counter is measured capstan the linear velocity with what receive line annulus (M/ is divided) hind linkage runs. Gain of reel-up transducer is adjusted. 3, tension wears fiducial value to affirm, value of voltage of each motion division affirms and input. 4, copper cash wears a line, after main action affirms below low frequency, slowly high speed movement affirms. 5, the recrudesce after new axis changing after coiling completely is moved affirm electric current of Zuo carry on one's shoulder affirms. 6, stop in road, recrudesce is moved affirm. CNC Milling