Plane ala face kind the component is flexible the development that assembles 5 coordinate to make aperture equipment automatically

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The mechanization of plane production technology, automation, modular all the time times suffer people to pay close attention to. The structure of the plane has measure big, appearance complex, join the amount is much wait for a characteristic. Bore process is rigged in the plane in if rely on traditional artificial exercise completely, it is tremendous to the requirement of manpower, material resources, more important is the quality that make hole low, join quality satisfies the requirement of taller fatigue life hard, and machine efficiency low also. As digitlization design production technology and automatic outfit make up aperture technology to develop the application in production in the plane, the plane is flexible the research that assembles a technology obtains fast breakthrough, achieved remarkable result in industry of aviation of industrial developed country. Although home designs the ability that makes machine tool of 5 coordinate numerical control to had matured, but with Yu Fei machine is flexible the machine equipment that assembles a respect still belongs to blank. This paper will be right the plane ala face that is a delegate in order to average remaining part kind the component is flexible assemble the development that makes aperture equipment automatically to undertake discussion. The plane assembles demand to analyse modern plane to assemble in the most important is to assemble speed and assemble quality. The plane assembles quality and efficiency to depend on plane join technology. Current, plane (especially military plan) assemble a large number of adoption to be operated by hand, the speed that make hole, quality that make hole, join quality satisfies the requirement of high-powered plane hard. The application that gets riveting technology automatically can improve the speed that make hole, quality that make hole and join quality substantially, the automation that assembles a technology in the implementation on certain level, digitlization and modular. The demand that makes aperture equipment automatically has roughly [1] : Journey of · machine tool: × of 10m × 4m 0.

4m; Precision of · fixed position: ± 0.

2mm; · places horny range: Pitch angle and deflexion horn each ± 15 ° ; · makes aperture diameter: 4 ~ 10mm; · aperture precision: H9; · processes data: Composite material, aluminium alloy; · provides aspiration unit; · is had measure a way to the function; · has monitoring to reach indication function; · has broach damaged to detect function; · efficiency: 5 aperture / Min. Equipment should finish clamp automatically continuously, make nest of aperture, Huo, loose clamp wait for treatment working procedure. Make aperture equipment automatically total construction makes aperture equipment automatically by vertical 5 coordinate orgnaization and the end-effector that make aperture automatically use are comprised, the plane ala scale that contains two curvature in order to suit kind the treatment requirement of the component. The total construction of equipment sees a picture 1. The rectangular coordinates that 5 coordinate orgnaization can have way of X, Y, Z moves and A, B places horny motion twice, can realize exact dimensional location and attitude to adjust, use at will muti_function end-effector moves to go up to buildup member appoint the position, make hole automatically in order to come true. 1.

Axis of X of X,   of orgnaization of coordinate of Y, Z3 passes clench the teeth of gear, rack to have campaign, through grating feet feedback realizes the closed-loop control of servo electric machinery, the X that finish to drive of high accuracy feed. The lumen of Y axis pillar is empty, interior relies on the join between muscle board to make sure its are rigid. Two side of pillar stand board have certain rake, the purpose is the intensity design such as implementation. In Y axis exterior, suspension has Z axis, balance horizontal slide, double place head and end-effector, they have greater weight, if do not use equalizer, the life of guide screw anticipates short of to the design asks. This system uses machinery to weigh hammer type to deserve to weigh an orgnaization. In pillar lumen, place to deserve to weigh, match heavy quality to take exterior quality 80% the left and right sides. Floating platform and photograph of Y axis pillar join, electric ark and console are placed on platform. Z axis uses deputy transmission of guide screw nut, the servo electric machinery that chooses rated rotate speed to be 1500r/min is direct drive, do not need reducer. Of Z axis direct and bear the weight of finish through linear slideway, there is slide block on every slideway, secure slide to go up. Horizontal slide two sides contains slide block, join with axis of Y, Z respectively, along Y guide course, z axis and horizontal slide can undertake fluctuating moving, implementation is in Y to feed. Z axis photograph can undertake reciprocate to horizontal slide, in order to realize Z to feed. 2.

  of the dual structure that place a head double place a head to use implementation A, B2 the motion that places part. Muti_function end-effector is used at realizing opening fixed position, thrust to detect, the function that controls pump of nest of aperture, Huo, dust, aperture and position automatically to detect. Crucial technology   1.

Muti_function the development of end-effector is muti_function the design of end-effector is with afore-mentioned technical index fiducial. Link craft demand, the impaction feed that designs requirement structure originally and Huo nest feed are the same as to. According to traditional thinking, its form takes shunt-wound kind for feed of impaction feed and Huo nest, the precision that gets Huo depends on the precision of the orgnaization. But the precision that obtains Huo check impossibly because of the precision limit of the orgnaization, so traditional form is put in blemish. What design originally is muti_function end-effector is shown 2 times like the graph. Nextpage     (1) feed of nest of high accuracy Huo. This design uses additionally one kind of form, namely the kind that impaction feed and Huo nest feed take series, and over feed of impaction of park of Huo nest feed. Because aperture decides a ± of precision requirement ≤ 0.

2mm, huo nest precision 0.

05mm wants precision of prep above fixed position, accordingly, adopt end-effector and the plan that fixed position platform has designing apart. Fixed position platform designs the machine tool that is 5 axes linkage, its function is right end-effector undertakes locating mixing normal perpendicular at be being machined to nod. Impaction feed is power control, the distance is very short. The feed that get Huo is to be on the foundation of impaction, with be being machined substance appearance is fiducial undertake machining, because this can assure the requirement of Huo nest precision. Such, kept away from short of of machine tool precision the difficult problem that Huo nest precision asks, came true more the function of the treatment that get Huo of high accuracy. (2) thrust control. Thrust of closing device requirement is inside limits of 0 ~ 200kg programmed control is adjustable, its pneumatic system introduces scale pressure-relief valve pressure regulating be undertaken by pressure sensor feedback baric servo is controlled. Impaction speed and return rate use a hand to move adjust, need only one-time the flow that adjusts good shut-off valve, do not need to often be adjusted. (3) law to tone appearance. Because ask main shaft axis is vertical to working plane, this design was used measure normal technology. Although equal remaining part has two curvature, but curvature is not big, in bore position all around local, can consider as facet completely. When end-effector when pressing a foot to stand by facet, use range finding of 4 range finder, if equidistant can regard as perpendicular, computation wants to deviate when differring horn, adjust attitude through 5 axes linkage, make its satisfy working requirement. (4) precision computation. Because have aperture precision demand, the radial and jumpy precision that should consider electric main shaft, knife handle, cutting tool in the round so reachs dynamic balancing, ask in order to achieve aperture precision [2] . (5) aspiration. Because the dust of composite material is inspiratory lung deleterious is healthy, aspiration device was installed on end-effector. 2.

Double the solution that places corner structure and drive the difficulty that the double orgnaization that place part is a design. Traditional method is from mechanical workmanship the respect considers, ask A places axis, B to place axis and bore main shaft already 3 person perpendicular intersect, ask A places casing and B to place the axes on casing to make sure coaxial is spent again. Often bring about pair of designs that place a head to be able to stay in mechanical design phase only, in craft come true very hard however. (1) law of the double demarcate that place a head. The technology of Electromechanical unifinication is used in this design, the fixed position that the systematic error that causes by official vertical line through using algorithm of a kind of computer to eliminate will come to assure platform of 5 axes fixed position decides appearance precision. When the spare parts is made and be assembled, between axis and axis cannot 0 pairs 0 intersect, official vertical line exists between them. If do not eliminate official vertical line, will produce systematic error and cannot assure to machine precision. This design uses Xi Menzi 840D to regard control as the system, official vertical line is systematic parameter. Should assemble after finishing, measure through testing instrument, analysis and computation, in getting systematic parameter offspring enters control system, assure the fixed position precision of platform of 5 axes fixed position thereby, reduced treatment of mechanical spare parts and constructional difficulty greatly. (2) AB and AC double those who place part choose. The design used AB the double drive that place part, AB double place part only a simple move or action and deflexion the little movement of 15 ° of 2 ± . If choose AC double place part, c places ± of horny general motion 180 ° . Apparent, coordinate the work with the end-effector that has two guide, AB double the stability that places part is better. (3) the application of harmonic decelerate machine. In AB double harmonic decelerate machine was used in the design that places part, it is the crucial part in articulatory robot technology [3] . Its are main characteristic and advantage are: Tall, drive compares precision of angle fixed position big, force big, structure is flat thin. Technology of will articulatory robot applies at AB double the design that places part, it is the attempt that robot technology project turns application. 3.

The drive of axis of applied   X of unoccupied place technology of disappear of double electric machinery uses gear rack transmission. Because backlash exists in process of gear rack drive, so if do not eliminate this drive gap, cannot realize servo drive; Also cannot achieve the fixed position precision of the set in afore-mentioned technical requirements. Traditional method is use machinery disappear is unoccupied place. The principle with mechanical unoccupied place disappear is: Drive of an electric machinery, carry the stretch load that increases beforehand, those who make generation of two output gear contrary is torsional, an among them action is on rack left tooth profile, another action is on right tooth profile, achieve the result with unoccupied place disappear thereby. And the rigid structure with electronic unoccupied place disappear is machine of two same electric machinery, decelerate and gear, when needing servo drive, control system will produce two way the moment of force of contrary size likeness, make court of two drive gear different direction relies on rack closely, eliminated gap thereby [4] . Be being started and big torque needs below the circumstance of slam the brakes on, output of two electric machinery is the same as to torque. When the capacity of machine of the modulus that chooses gear rack, electric machinery, decelerate, those who need a consideration is the circumstance of the biggest torque. If need the driving force of 1000N · M, machine of mechanical disappear unoccupied place decelerate is outputting force to should achieve 1200N · M to athletic gear, because of the bad news inside retrorse gear 200N · M; And disappear of double electric machinery is unoccupied place every gear should offer 500N · M only enough. Such, below the condition that obtains identical driving force, former need modulus the gear rack of 5, and latter needs modulus only of 4 enough, additional, the decelerate machine with unoccupied place disappear of double electric machinery is common decelerate machine, more unoccupied place than mechanical disappear decelerate opportunity cost wants a lot of lower, accordingly this project used unoccupied place technology of disappear of double electric machinery. This equipment machinery has assembled the last word partly finish, objective graph sees a picture 3 with the graph 4, be in Electromechanical adjustment phase now, this equipment is face of ala of the first airlines of domestic kind the component is flexible assemble equipment, the development technology of end-effector provided the experience that can draw lessons from to be the same as type equipment research and development. After this equipment put into production, anticipate equal remaining part makes aperture assemble cycle to be able to shorten nearly 50% . Double the application of unoccupied place technology of the settlement that places corner structure and drive precision difficult problem and disappear of double electric machinery is successfully the design development of 5 coordinate machine tool will offer new thinking henceforth. CNC Milling