Use a machine tool to realize production of benefit of the sources of energy

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Graph is concept of structure of 1 overlay drive to be in how can be the machine tool that comes true in order to cut a bed in the machine tool system that kinematic principle is a foundation and manufacturing technology just accomplished use the sources of energy effectively as far as possible? To a lot of domains of the industry, this question is extremely crucial. The solution that seek is innovation alliance " technology of green automobile body " the core of attention. The finite sex that climate change and rich get, make the necessity that improves beneficial result of production industry the sources of energy and production durative development regards a center as the task, make the focal point that people pays close attention to ceaselessly. The demand of constant to raw material growth (it is for example in developing country and burgeoning country) and of relevant the sources of energy and price of the sources of energy climb ceaselessly litre, all these make we must be made to this answer. Current Arabia world happens with raw material but the incident related acquired character and the discussion that produce to the sources of energy now, be in the aggravation of farther aggravating situation. The critical factor that benefit is becoming an enterprise to succeed besides raw material price, the usability of raw material and the important sense that use a sex easily are rising. Consequently, people is OK from this inference, will decide an enterprise with the economic element related benefit especially in the future in the market success or failure. The connection of production and rich is particularly close, the influence that is in short supply by rich. This kind depends on a consequence of generation, it is to need to reduce the sources of energy that increases manufacturing amount place to need, improve beneficial result of the sources of energy thereby. Accordingly, core problem is: What should production enterprise have to reduce the sources of energy to use the method of the quantity to these challenges and them? Below this kind of situation, can mix through politics only adjust instruction, drive is used integratedly with what urge measure, ability achieves the gross growth with necessary benefit of the sources of energy. To amount to this purpose, the international that needs clarity coordinates consistent political frame. "Get the biggest gain from inside least capital " to " get the biggest gain from inside least the sources of energy " mode change, can pass technical innovation and long-term sex investment to give only implementation. Acquire the company of cost advantage through using benefit technology and cost-effective production facilities today, aux will be able to is obtained from which in future quite exceed proportional redound. Graph 2 academies are driving the autarky of the sources of energy, mill that discharges engineering of neuter, human body concept, use " benefit of the sources of energy is produced " studying the factory produces a technology to export Fraunhofer IWU winning the home as Germany is to be in durative development energy resources and domain of technology of production of benefit of the sources of energy acquire the world's established principal research organization, this orgnaization coordinates the arrangement of each activity in the project inside the whole nation and international limits. But durative production technology should energy-saving about 50% as an outstanding example, be in what this is worth to be carried is to get German federal teachs what with research the ministry supports " technology of green automobile body " innovation is allied. Here, supplier of many 60 component mixes German automobile industry equipment manufactory, take the lead by people corporation and undertake harmony by Fraunhofer IWU, producing catenary to go up to the whole automobile body of paint from punch, coact improves beneficial result of the sources of energy, reduce material dosage per cent decreases discharge. Its dream is to be in efficient go up with the base that can expand manufacturing technology and establishment continuously, let energy conservation gross achieve 50% . To can continue to answer all sorts of challenges with cacique part, in future, this academy will develop to expand " benefit of the sources of energy is produced " research factory. Below this kind of setting, a challenge that Fraunhofer IWU must face is, implement the manufacturing program of autarky of the sources of energy. In practice, this means process of a production to want to be able to be in fall at the circumstance of exterior energy supplier independently, control and keep the time of certain length. Especially, in including to supply the process with fluctuant quality in electric power, for example, as a result of stability the addition of dosage of bad second birth the sources of energy causes wave motion of network power source, how to ensure quality is sensitive the safety that produces technology. Challenge to answer this to plant, fraunhofer IWU institute gives strategy of a 3 phase for machine tool and development of the technology that fold a turn, this strategy will serve as " benefit of the sources of energy is produced " a component that studies a factory gives application. Graph 3 motion shears a bed are mechanical let face dynamic reference axis to be able to realize Nextpage to produce benefit standard to rise redundantly, the first level is specific the target is promotion craft stability, reduce workload of repair of defect rate and unripe postpartum thereby. Achieve the true measure of this target, be develop and adjust strategy and the manufacturing technology of use the sources of energy and benefit of the sources of energy or system. On foundation of intelligent technology combination and unifinication conformity, or go up in base of innovation production technology, undertake optimize and simplifying to craft catenary, representing additionally one kind of train of thought with very wide perspective. The target of the 2nd phase, it is to pass source control of whole physical ability to come true but durative development. In this phase, the target is to search what kind of the sources of energy to be able to try to use in other applying, serve as useless heat to discharge environmental the sources of energy in producing a course for instance. Want to realize this kind of the sources of energy to use faces special challenge, it is to find out these " loss " origin, store these the sources of energy are opposite have transition. This respect, the sources of energy that should consider to produce system or craft interior not only is interactive, and study the sources of energy between production and environment is interactive even. The person that the plant development makes energy producer and memory the target of the 3rd phase, it is to use in replacing the sources of energy to because source of aux will be able to discharges an environment,change and cause " loss of the sources of energy " . Besides integration heating and power plant, use dispersive the sources of energy to supply (like solar energy, wind energy or the heat of the earth's interior and biology can wait for form of second birth the sources of energy) possibility will become more and more important. So, the factory is the person that the sources of energy is used up not only, and the person produce and store that still makes transition the sources of energy. Promotion produces the another program of systematic benefit level, it is development gifts the machine tool of bionics inspiration. Basic idea is from inside biology choice solution changes his into the plan that solves technical problem, the key in this is athletic bionics. For example, small dynamic movement and the overlay that tall trends moves can be when its happen in nature observe, the phenomenon that these observing can be changed into principle of machine tool motion. Graph 4 in " technology of green automobile body " innovation has one stature project inside allied limits, the key of this subproject is the service that produces domain field in the sources of energy and automobile body of benefit of the sources of energy period life: Press moves pushbutton to undertake aiming -- because the system that is used at automation fine tuning to block close equipment gives speed, big drive the demand that there is mutual contradiction between power and minor volume quality in Gao Jin, the machine tool idea that pursues large construction so reached the limit very quickly. Be in muti_function on the machine tool, this kind of case is particularly clear, between large working space and tall machine tool function existence contradicts. To resolve the contradictory conflict of respect of this kind of target, fraunhofer IWU institute and much home company cooperate, try to implement system of a kind of machine tool, this kind of system moves according to cutting a bed mechanical principle, it is a foundation with concept of overlay drive structure, the union of tall dynamic sex of the large space series construction and shunt-wound structure rises. The characteristic of this kind of concept, it is the dynamic performance that enhances in the implementation in limited section conciously, raise series connection reference axis thereby the dynamic function of transverse motion. Can pass those who face dynamic coordinate is redundant decorate, make a machine tool characteristic get used to requirement of relevant technology measure. The systematic investigation that to particular test component place has makes clear, besides machine treatment quality rises besides, still can reduce handling time substantially, obtain 20% right-and-left energy conservation thereby. The sources of energy that reduces working material dosage and component is used up accordingly, face beneficial result but durative production involves a product to make already, also involve a product to use. For example, make in the car in, the use of benefit technology and efficient production facilities, the sources of energy of every car in reducing a plant not only is used up, and still offer an opportunity, reduce the sources of energy that manufacturing component requires and material to use up. Want to achieve this goal, still need the research with extensive proceed, raise the security that manufactures technology and overall material utilization factor for example, or implementation closes the research of energy line. CNC Milling