The application of technology of three-dimensional laser scanning

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Technology of three-dimensional laser scanning is different from technique of traditional high accuracy mapping, it basically faces high accuracy converse and three-dimensional build a model to reach reframe. Traditional mapping technique basically is used at only place to be measured accurately, but when working with Yu Jianmo reached hard with respect to force place, because describe the complete attribute of target structure to need to collect many mapping place, little criterion tens of thousands of, many millions of above, such ability are over the target soil preparation " move " come in computer, what pass feeling technology in contemporary high accuracy is auxiliary fall to be able to solve this problem. Technology of three-dimensional laser scanning belongs to this kind full automatic high accuracy is stereo scanning technology. The applied range of technology of three-dimensional laser scanning is very broad. Xiang Jianmo technology (if wait by the CATIA of artificial operation, UG, CAD) semmetry application calls the converse skill that build a model (if be received from entity or solid Jing Zhongzhi reductive give a model) . Converse it is OK to build a model design, production, experiment, use the metabolic content in waiting for a process to reframe come out, undertake all sorts of structure character are analysed next (like deformation, stress, efficiency, process, craft, attitude, forecast etc) , detect, imitate, emulate, CIMS, CMMS, virtual reality, flexible make, fictitious make, fictitious assemble etc, this to finite it is very important for the software such as analysis of motivation of analyse of credit of force of yuan of analysis, project, fluid, the job that suits to precision still can undertake an aftertreatment mapping, metric etc. The converse data that uses at present collects a technology to have a few kinds, for example, technology of scanning of French MENSI three-dimensional laser is three-dimensional reframe the newest application technology in technical evolution catenary. It and traditional technical method are different. Before this already some traditional techniques include: 1.

From throwaway the dot collects three-dimensional coordinate, if 3 coordinate measuring instrument, 3 coordinate dog,appearance, 3 coordinate measure machine, altazimuth to wait. Its insufficient place is: The complex structure area that collects to needing magnanimity to nod the cloud, body, data collects existence difficulty. 2.

Be based on planar optics to take a picture principle, push with three-dimensional software next draft three-dimensional model (arrive from 2 dimension namely three-dimensional) , if close shot takes a picture,measure etc. Its insufficient place is: Existence optics is inherent amlposition of plane of the triangle after be out of shape pretreatment of surface of insufficient, objective, datum mark sets error, depth of field, 2 dimension take a picture the difficulty such as the uncertainty of changeover and indirect data. Technology of three-dimensional laser scanning can accomplish MENSI to undertake from inside objective fast converse and three-dimensional number reachs a model to reframe according to collecting directly truly, namely from three-dimensional reframe to data of three-dimensional panoramic and three-dimensional actual measurement. It need not do any objective finishing, and depth of field is very long, avoided the error that optics is out of shape the element is brought, its stimulate every three-dimensional data in spot cloud is the target that collects directly real data, make the data of the aftertreatment true and reliable thereby, so people regards the significant step that gets dimensional data quickly as it. It basically is to be aimed at large and medium-sized target substance or true condition, can mirror external object directly of real time, change, true form is characteristic. Because technology of scanning of MENSI three-dimensional laser is,pass feeling technology, CCD technology, remote sensing automatically to dog by nicety technical support, the quality of the three-dimensional data that nod the cloud that gets objective or solid respect so is very high, sex of sex of the authenticity that assured data, uniformity, real time, operation sex, integrality, vast region, can monitor a gender, can safeguard a gender to wait. Anyhow, dimensional data is complex, the attribute of stagger, change, exterior structure is one of this attribute only, and the task of converse project also will be quantified as the environment, fictitious make, flexible make, operation of factory of combination of tool craft, workpiece, number, flow, visible emulate, virtual reality application is outspread and expand ceaselessly, the society is transverse applied face also will expand further. CNC Milling