Frit nucleus diameter admits really with solder quality assures

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Receive quality to affirm to solder spot welding, ruinous experiment has workpiece to operate gender and handy sex goodly, the routine test method that because this already was regarded as automobile factory home extensively to undertake automobile body solder nods quality,affirms, contented great majority produces the craft of the respect to ask. Have on car automobile body by tens of thousands solder dot, on different manufacturer and different model, these solder dots may be to be in different position, solder by many manufacturers finish, accordingly, automobile body is debugged formally before reaching production, must solder to its quality undertakes affirming, take step in time to the problem of discovery, assure what final big batch produces to solder quality. Commonly used solder spot welding receives quality to affirm means has experiment of shear test of exterior experiment, section experiment, tension, smoothness and work ruinous experiment (tear apart an experiment - frit nucleus diameter affirms) etc. Among them, ruinous experiment has workpiece to operate gender and handy sex goodly, already was regarded as to undertake automobile body solder chooses the routine test method that quality affirms by home of a lot of automobile factories. Ruinous experiment contains workpiece experiment of craft test piece and objective (workpiece) destroy an experiment two kinds, OK and contented great majority produces the craft of the respect to ask. Frit nucleus diameter and solder the drawing that quality nods as a result of solder cuts load and frit nucleus diameter to have good corresponding concern (see a picture) , there is corresponding scale concern between load and frit nucleus diameter, and this scale relation is right different board thick also hold water accordingly, accordingly, workpiece is ruinous in the experiment, frit nucleus diameter became assess spot welding to solder one of main index of quality. The relationship that the frit nucleus diameter of cold rolling armor plate and drawing cut load 3 parameter are an influence solder the main factor of diameter of nucleus of frit of hot, influence. Total resistor R=2Rw+Rc+2Rew, among them Rw is workpiece itself resistor, rc is electrode and workpiece to hit resistance secondhand to resistor, Rew is contacted between two workpiece. Accordingly, after workpiece and electrode are affirmatory, r basically suffers Rc effect, and the main factor that affects Rc is to solder pressure. The material of craft test piece substitutes to automobile body solders by many workpiece and be become, these workpiece may be an entrance partly, one part is homebred outside make, self-restrained, homebred outside make reach an entrance all may appear craft test piece and the material difference that design workpiece, accordingly, need to use sometimes substitute material. The sort of armor plate material that automobile body uses basically has 3 kinds: Cold rolling armor plate, hot-rolling armor plate reachs spring of cold rolling high strenth, every kinds of armor plate has the surface not to have processing armor plate and finishing armor plate, among them finishing armor plate basically is electric galvanization armor plate, galvanizing armor plate and galvanizing ferroalloy armor plate. Material substitutes to basically consider the impact of the data impact to total resistor R and pair of I that cause by its and T. The relative standard of set of parameter of automobile body spot welding (mark of GB, travel or mark of look forward to) in, material to soldering the influence of parameter reflects for: Armor plate sort, makings thick, tensile strength, have wait without film and film category. Material substitutes principle: 1.

Material of akin armor plate substitutes, be like: Cold rolling board and cold rolling board between, hot-rolling board and hot-rolling board between can consider to substitute; 2.

Tensile strength of craft test piece and workpiece tensile strength should are close to as far as possible, excel in board (440MPa of tensile strength ≥ ) with blame excel in board (440MPa of tensile strength < ) between do not substitute; 3.

Have finishing armor plate and without finishing when substituting between armor plate, the basis solders parameter set standard, substitute material does not make actual production solders parameter produces change, can substitute; 4.

Choose same material as far as possible thick, below the condition that cannot satisfy a requirement, the makings that according to the design workpiece material allows chooses inside thick span. If Nextpage expresses 1 to show, SPHC of our country homebred material, SPHD, SPHE can substitute respectively Japanese material SP221, SP222, SP223. In experiment of test piece of craft of experiment of craft test piece, solder what equipment and its parameter must use device with actual production identical, the material of craft test piece is qualitative, board what condition of thick, heat treatment and exterior condition must use data with actual production identical or quite. After preparative work reachs the designated position, begin test of craft test piece. Take corresponding test piece according to record sheet above all and make its surface level off clean, go to work is done in board group the label such as position of vice of model of clamp of name, solder, solder; Affirm position of solder clamp equipment next, affirm solder parameter setting is proper, the figure that confirms electrode, wear away, homocentric degree wait to all accord with a requirement. Begin to undertake craft test piece tears apart an experiment later. Specific tear apart means to have: Steel authentic experiment, come back wring experiment, machine to come off experiment, tool comes off experiment and handiwork come off the experiment. The mark that high grade solder nods is: Go up in a when tear apart sample aperture having a circle, another goes up stage of protruding having a circle, measure solder to nod D of frit nucleus diameter with vernier calipers, because solder dot appearance is not standard circle mostly, so D takes solder to burn the average of long way A and short way B commonly. To thin stencil steel (5mm of < of plate thickness δ ) , the requirement of D of diameter of nucleus of solder dot frit is to achieve 3.

5 ~ the δ 1/2 of 5 times, sentence calm product to be otherwise unqualified. Some manufacturer still expect by plank thick the requirement that stipulated solder nods diameter of average frit nucleus and diameter of nucleus of the smallest frit clearly, if under diameter of nucleus of the smallest frit, also sentence calm product to be unqualified. Objective (workpiece) after destroying qualification of experiment of experiment craft test piece, begin in kind (workpiece) spot welding reachs his to destroy an experiment, tear apart means to have: Steel authentic experiment, machine comes off experiment. The measurement of diameter of nucleus of solder dot frit and method of product decision of acceptance are Alexandrine. Those who need ambitious shift is, the frit nucleus diameter that every solder should record to nod in detail when undertaking frit nucleus diameter affirms, have statistical pool to unqualified dot, indicate unqualified labour, specific unqualified spot position, unqualified content, so that analyse improvement. No matter which kinds experiment,unqualified reason reachs the way to deal with a situation, appear to case study should have when unqualified solder is nodded and find out countermeasure, confirm executive result, till the experiment is eligible, ability can undertake automobile body solders to debug or be produced. If the reason that we sum up in carrying out experience for years and countermeasure express 2 to show. Those who need an attention is, experiment of craft test piece is eligible and objective (workpiece) destroy when the experiment is unqualified, the element that works as a result of the influence has a variety of, in order to assure objective (workpiece) quality is a principle, accordingly with objective (workpiece) the conclusion that destroys an experiment is final verdict; Every labour, every solder clamp is debugging level, exercise content may produce change, when if work,content happening changes, solder test piece of parameter, craft and workpiece destroy an experiment to want to be installed afresh and affirm. Epilogue carries experiment of craft test piece and in kind (workpiece) destroy an experiment, the frit nucleus diameter that we can nod to solder undertakes affirming, debug those who reach unripe antenatal formally to solder for automobile body quality has been done assure. This kind of method has good operation sex, handy use easily, completely OK and contented great majority produces the craft of the respect to ask. CNC Milling