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Of Kong Yi of essence of the 19th enlarge getting, problem put forward bore to regard rough machining as working procedure commonly, the precision to aperture and bright and clean degree of demand is not high. But fall in certain and special situation, for example odd a production, or in make repairs and supply replacements, development work, or measure of standard of bore diameter dispute, and lack special reamer, at this moment if can use broach reaming or direct drill, make sure taller precision is mixed bright and clean degree went to the lavatory quite. In the article each analysed above how to assure nonferrous metal in the section (wait like pure copper) , cast-iron reach metalloid material (wait like organic glass) wait for treatment quality problem. Can see, it is circumstance of which kinds of treatment no matter, good arrives taller bright and clean spend and precision, answer to begin from the following respects: (1) reduces the attrition of first flank and hole wall, scratch, and avoid to cut bits the abrade to hole wall; (2) avoids cutting medium centering is flabby with vibration; (3) avoids to accumulate the generation of bits tumour; (4) improves the change of cut; (5) reduces rudimental area; (6) notices the precision of broach itself, and the relative position of broach and workpiece and opposite motion accuracy. 2, the measure of enlarge essence aperture should point out, afore-mentioned a few respects are interact, processing of a link is undeserved, the quality of aperture is bad, accordingly cannot sheet is solved from, want all to prepare collect give attention to two or morethings. (One) reduce attrition and scratch (1) is repaired grind first flank, reduce the attrition of it and hole wall. Repair the way that grind to have two kinds commonly, be like graph 5-30. One kind is repair first flank only narrow, ≈ of B α ´ 0.

1 ~ 0.

4 millimeter, long grind ≈ of ´ of length L α 4 millimeter of 3 ~ , when necessary but lengthen arrives be more than hole depth; Another kind still is ground piece deputy hind 5 ~ of ≈ of horny α ´ 6 ° , form Rui Ren. Additional, what can increase first flank is return to pour awl when need, make deputy blade 15 ~ of ≈ of ´ of Φ of half cone angle 30´ . (2) is repaired grind piece T of λ of dip of end panel blade, be like graph 5-31. T of λ of dip of end panel blade can control the way that spreads bits. When undertaking reaming to via with broach, after had better making cut bits to be cut by cutting blade, break up to raw surface to be discharged instantly, is not to rely on the weight that cuts bits to go to whereabouts, can make cut bits to be not contacted completely with the hole wall that already machined so, avoid abrade. And, in long grind while blade is obliquitous, make deputy cutting blade (first flank) also become sharp, be helpful for machining the improvement of quality. But cutting blade is ground went out after blade is obliquitous, make some weaken the intensity of broach cutting part, because this cannot use too big cutting dosage. (2) avoid centering flabby with vibration (in 1) bore, the stable circumstance of centering basically decides the geometrical parameter of Yu Zuanxin part. This is in this chapter already spoke of in bore of the 9th pure copper, should reduce appropriately inside blade sharp angle 2 ψ τ , , increase get pointed tall H, inside C of τ of γ of the horn before blade is lost some morer, r0 of α of the horn after circular arc wants to reduce, increase ψ of horizontal blade bevel. (Centering is like in 2) bore bad, just cutting not deep when, aperture form often appears edges and corners is odd polygonal, such meetings make bore diameter expands. Sharp angle is smaller, feed is smaller, criterion arris number is more, after that part is larger, polygonal more remarkable. We should have specific aim ground to take step. (3) if reaming, outside of blade hind horn should be reduced appropriately, the vibration in causing reaming very easily otherwise (especially the aperture) of big diameter. (4) broach as far as possible a few shorter, in order to increase its tigidity. (3) the generation that avoids the tumour that accumulate bits (rotate speed of 1) bring down, make cutting speed V under 2 ~ 6 meters / cent, in order to drop cutting temperature. (2) or increase rotate speed greatly, make ~ of cutting speed V>60 70 meters / cent, make produce the temperature range of the tumour that accumulate bits more than with heighten cutting temperature. But actually, to using high-speed steel cannot come true for broach, otherwise the durability of broach should be reduced greatly. (3) raises cutting sword, before knife face, hind of knife face and first flank bright and clean degree, amount to ▽ 8 above, want to note the mark of incomplete of the tumour that accumulate bits on seasonable cleared first flank, use oilstone Bei light, avoid hole wall cut. (4) is cooling and sufficient, drop cutting temperature. (4) those who improve cut be out of shape (1) cutting point wants sharp, face of the knife before repairing those who worry bit when necessary, hind knife face and first flank, before increasing, hind horn, in order to assure cutting save labour, the avulsion that avoids hole wall phenomenon. (2) but to certain material (be like brass, cling to) of family name alloy, although reduce before part comes negative worth, make point produces extruding effect on workpiece surface layer, also can get very bright and clean face. (When 3) is getting the data such as pure copper, raise cutting rate, can reduce cut to be out of shape, make hole wall bright and clean. But when getting the data such as steel, be restricted by the tumour that accumulate bits and cutting tool tatty, raise cutting rate, right bright and clean degree adverse instead. (4) chooses appropriate cooling lubricant, join proper exterior activator for example, or extremely pressure fill add an agent, enhance lubricant action, be out of shape in order to reduce cut. (Because 5) gets choice the feed like Kong Yi is very small, the cutting ply of every blade often is less than 0.

05 millimeter, because of Fc of α of after this horn cannot too small, otherwise, there is round part on point, make edge cuts work not easily, want those who increase cut to be out of shape. Already spoke of above, hind horn cannot too big, integrated consideration, get metallic data commonly, 13 ~ of = of Fc extraction α 18º . (5) reduce rudimental area (place of 1) outer predestined relationship is ground piece transfer Xiu Guangren, its sharp angle 1 ≤ of 2 Φ 60º . (2) or will outside predestined relationship horn repairs blade of wear circular arc, 1 ~ of = of R of the radius that repair a circle 3 millimeter. (3) reduces feed, f<0.

15 millimeter / turn, but feed cannot too small, otherwise point cannot cut work steadily, cause vibration. Experience makes clear, feed F ≈ 0.

05 ~ 0.

15 millimeter / it is better to turn. (6) the athletic precision that improves bit (1) cutting blade should as far as possible symmetrical, the axial of two blade is jumpy should be in 0.

05 millimeter less than, make two blade bear even, increase cutting stability. (2) advocate, Ying Guangjie of deputy cutting blade, wait without breach, burr. (The radial of 3) broach is jumpy should be less than 0.

02 ~ 0.

03 millimeter, had better measure directly on the machine tool, because this is right machine tool main shaft, auger those who cover is jumpy also should ask with clearance a few taller, or make its error is compensated each other. (4) wants a foundation specific work material, fumble of the aperture in bore shrink, tensor size, determine the size of broach next. Say commonly, the flexibility of workpiece material is bigger (namely stretch coefficient jumps over small) , linear expansion coefficient is bigger, criterion bore diameter contracts more easily; And the cutting blade of broach is sharper, centering is flabbier (before if was increased,sharp angle is mixed, hind horn) with broach place difference bigger, criterion bore diameter expands more easily. Above, we listed this to make many sided. But, cannot form a kind of illusion, think these 6 facets are coequal and important, because this is done " reach every aspect of a matter " , discursive. Must see they are to have advocate have second, accordingly, should come according to specific treatment object analysis, judgement after all what element is main. For example, get brass Kong Shi, those who consider cut be out of shape, make action of point generation extruding is mixed it is more important to reduce rudimental area. When digging pure copper, cutting is stable, centering is reliable, should grant enough attention. The diaphaneity of organic glass aperture, very sensitive to the attrition of broach first flank. And of aluminium alloy hole wall coarse, because accumulate the influence of bits tumour,basically be. 3, the characteristic that enlarge essence Kong Qun gets is on rolled steel bore, want to get hole of essence of life, use reaming method commonly. With broach reaming, we feel the mainest is to should reduce scratch and attrition, with avoid to produce the tumor that accumulate bits, it is broach itself quality and rudimental area next. The basis undertakes experimenting making clear to 45 steel, grind on outer blade piece T of λ of dip of end panel blade, build the predestined relationship outside the circle, blade grows L to be decided according to surplus, because cut bits from point,eduction is down instantly after leaving, what avoided completely to cut bits and hole wall is crowded blow, rose consequently bright and clean degree. General diameter the aperture of 30 millimeter, use feed F ≈ 0.

14 ~ 0.

19 millimeter / turn, 2 ~ of ≈ of cutting speed V 8 meters / cent, ≈ of δ of unilateral mental allowance 0.

6 ~ 0.

8 millimeter, kong Guangjie spends OK and stable ground to achieve ▽ 5 ~ ▽ 6. If can avoid to accumulate bits tumour further, long grind first flank and improve bit the opposite motion precision to workpiece, bright and clean degree still can raise ▽ 7 ~ ▽ 8. Above, talked about the understanding process of the problem of bore of aperture of essence of life to all sorts of material in some detail. We by get pure copper, brass, organic glass to wait for these to be mixed individually special thing, progressively ground expands to know common thing, namely bore of general aperture of essence of life, undertake generalizing the job, know all planting the collective essence of the thing. It is guidance with this kind of common knowledge next, go knowing specific thing again, drill the hole of essence of life of rolled steel for example. 4, the Kong Zuan of essence of characteristic a pithy formula that drills hole of rolled steel essence, can take the place of bore with a reamer, blade benefit, symmetrical, sharp angle is small; First flank grinds narrow, long circular arc, blade is ground outside piece obliquitous; Rotate speed is reduced, feed is slow, cooling and sufficient quality is good. CNC Milling