Modular machine tool of finish machining of aperture of mouth of Kong Zhi of cylinder bushing of diesel engine cylinder body

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Summary: My company B4125(and B4130) precision of size of hole of the cylinder bushing in cylinder body of 4 crocks of diesel engine, surface roughness, stop buccal aperture deepness and position spend a requirement taller, stop especially public errand of buccal aperture deepness is controlled harder. Use the equipment outside introducing a country to solve this problem more at present. The development of this machine tool was the treatment of cylinder body of diesel engine of my company B4125(B4130) successfully to offer reliable technology to assure. Keyword: Cylinder bushing aperture; Stop buccal aperture; Finish machining is prejudicial orgnaization; 1 workpiece machines modular machine tool content and its precision requirement 1.

Cylinder body of diesel engine of B4125 of 1 treatment content closes (B4125.


Installing hole of 4 cylinder bushing in 021) reachs his the end on 4 cylinder bushing stops buccal aperture deepness. Labor situation 1: Half essence boring 2,   of   of dimension of Kong Zhi of crock of 4(1, 3) stops boring of   of aperture of the crock below   of aperture of the crock on buccal   stops the mouth comes greatly labor situation 2: Fine vehicle 2, crock of 4(1, 3) stops the mouth comes greatly labor situation 3: The rework after shift of work of   of   of boring of essence of life 1, fixed position of 3 crocks of opening is standard for craft aperture 1.

2 treatment dimension and precision (1) seeing a picture is main the technology asks 1.

Coaxial is spent be less than 0.

  of 03     2. A - C center line is less than to B face verticality 0.

05     3. Spend to A center coaxial be less than 0.

  of   of 1     4. Stop the mouth faces A-C center to beat completely be less than 0.

05 graphs 2 technologies program analyses 1 workpiece process chart 2.

Basis of plan of 1 machine tool the characteristic of workpiece, the machine tool uses vertical 2 axes duplex operation, if pursue,2 are shown. Configuration odd axis is prejudicial boring head two, vertical slip of nicety of 3 slideway hydraulic pressure one, shift nicety workbench, open wide type clamping apparatus, PC controls frequency control electrical system, hydraulic pressure of drive of station of alone hydraulic pressure is unified set. Automatic job circulates (3) seeing a picture machines Kong Ji of two cylinder bushing to stop by 2 arbor buccal aperture, first by on end is down feed to be semifinishing machining, locate on the head that use boring an as direct as cylinder body end face fixed position, with assuring to stop buccal aperture end panel comes cylinder body end face asks 0.

The public errand of 05mm. Go up to workpiece to do not make the feed force of the slip when fixed position brings to bear on at the same time, amortize float orgnaization was installed on boring head. Scheming compose movement slants by boring head after fixed position, make a group of cutting tool exit semifinishing machining cutting position, at the same time finish machining stops buccal cutting tool is transverse feed, essence of life bores hole the knife turns to position of crock aperture finish machining, next boring head is returned up, finish machining cutting tool has precision work to cylinder bushing aperture. After treatment of aperture of two cylinder bushing finishs first time, shift workbench is mobile a crock of pitch, repeat afore-mentioned content, finish additional aperture of two cylinder bushing, stop buccal aperture and the treatment of end panel. Machine tool slip is vertical 3 slideway slip, slide carriage and pillar are an organic whole, intermediate slideway is oriented, spacing of two side slideway, the strength that increased slip greatly is rigid. Additional, in boring head the fixed position of fixed position piece and workpiece is in, installed compress air spout, aspiration has to position position before fixed position, ensure location is exact. The machine tool uses machine clip knife entirely. Graph diagram of 2 machine tools pursues circular chart of job of 3 machine tools is in before defining afore-mentioned machine tool program, we once also had considered feed orgnaization to push broach piece to undertake transverse cutting with oblique plane. After the course is compared, we think prejudicial orgnaization merit is more, cutter hub and arbor are rigid join without opposite motion, won't appear to be blocked dead by scrap or orgnaization, precision of cutting tool fixed position is very tall. After deploying numerical control system like prejudicial orgnaization, pass those who control prejudicial corner and cutting tool to distributing, adjust implementation to machine with numerical control many (two above) the Kong He of different diameter pours horny process. 2.

2 cutting dosage and knife complementary provide dosage of cutting of design main shaft to express (electric machinery rotate speed is adjustable) - on crock aperture issues crock of Kong Zhi buccal cutting dosage boring of essence of half essence boring be sure to of essence of half essence boring cuts boring of essence of half essence boring ~ of Min80 of speed Vm / 90100.

26 ~ 0.


11 ~ 0.


26 ~ 0.


11 ~ 0.


26 ~ 0.

29- is become cutting tool by on when be down feed, d, E, f3 has boring tool half essence boring (4) seeing a picture, boring cutter F arrives stop when buccal hole depth spends the position, prejudicial orgnaization movement, car of boring of boring cutter A stops buccal end panel, at the same time half essence boring cutter retreats a knife, feed of A of boring cutter of essence of life, B, C bores hole to essence of life dimension, cutting tool by fall to enter boring of feed-in travel essence up. Cutting dosage sees a table, cutting speed V uses frequency control, can adjust inside certain limits. Feed uses hydraulic pressure system to be controlled by timing a powerful person. Graph sketch map of 4 boring working procedure 2.

Requirement of verticality of public to crankshaft bearing aperture center is line of center of aperture of cylinder bushing of workpiece of plan of 3 clamping apparatus 0.

08mm, if use crankshaft bearing aperture to locate, underside is helped up make the same score the fixed position kind that imposes auxiliary bearing, the design of workpiece is standard as fiducial as clamping apparatus fixed position coincide, can better land makes sure the position of aperture of spare parts cylinder bushing spends a requirement, but clamping apparatus structure is complex, the clearance between arbor of crankshaft bearing aperture and fixed position still must be used can go up better land eliminates arbor, in addition, orgnaization of smooth to helping up, auxiliary bearing, clamp asks taller. Considering aperture of bearing of crankshaft of boring of essence of life is to use underside to reach the two fixed position that sell aperture, can make sure line of center of crankshaft bearing aperture is parallel at underside 0.

04mm, this machine tool uses reason underside and 2 sell fixed position, make sure line of center of cylinder bushing aperture is perpendicular underside 0.

04mm can satisfy verticality requirement. At this moment the form of clamping apparatus is one side two sell fixed position, make a structure simple, workpiece assembles and unassemble convenient, and reduced a machine tool greatly the complex degree of system of electric, hydraulic pressure. Because clamping apparatus of this machine tool uses one side the two forms that sell end face clamp. Head of boring of design of head of 3 prejudicial boring is the crucial part of this machine tool. The advanced technique that is the same as type boring head domestic and internationally was absorbed in development, the treatment that joins cylinder body of our company B4125 wants characteristic of sue for peace, used odd rod head of prejudicial orgnaization boring, car of boring of the half essence boring that can finish aperture of cylinder bushing of one-cylinder and engine of much crock derv via only head or much axis combination, essence of life, boring, pour horn to wait for multitask foreword to machine. 3.

Characteristic of 1 main structure (centre of turning circle of main shaft of deviate of center of 1) arbor axis. The control that uses offset to have measure of diameter of boring of half essence boring, essence of life and boring car stop buccal aperture end panel. Bore hole to stop with the car the mouth is in same work, assured to stop of buccal face and line of center of fluctuation crock aperture perpendicular. (2) stops when the mouth is machined, the fixed position on the head that use boring blocks iron to locate with cylinder body end face directly, better land was controlled stop buccal end panel installed fixed position amortize to the deepness of cylinder body end face (float) device, slip of the machine tool when avoiding fixed position exceeds the journey to interfere. (3) boring head designs head of boring of the axis that it is sheet, center by a gear-box drive of an electric machinery, be helpful for making installation adjust. The bearing before main shaft uses bearing of roller of biserial short cylinder to add texture of thrust ball bearing, make tigidity of radial, axial good, precision is taller. (The bearing after 4) arbor axis uses sliding bearing and use fluidity sliding sleeve of plastic Zhang Jin, eliminate its gap, those who raised pair of arbor fight oscillatory ability. (The feed motion of end panel of 5) boring car and cylinder diameter delivered an orgnaization to use eliminate clearance structure, in order to assure transmission precision. 3.

Start of 2 boring head is shown 5 times like the graph, belt of tooth form of classics of electric machinery torsion drives belt annulus 2, take round of 2 classics to make the same score key to drive main shaft 5 rotate, take round of 2 distribute to drive flange at the same time 8, flange 8 inside spline drives spline axis 3, spline of big helix angle of spline axis front drives helix spline flange 4, 4 classics key drives helix spline flange the axis that is in prejudicial condition 7 with main shaft 5 synchronism rotate. Block iron when fixed position 10 after cylinder body end face locates, push rod 1(is driven by oil cylinder) drive spline axis 3 make axial shift, axis flange of spline of helix of classics of spline of 3 front helix 4 drive the axis that is in prejudicial condition 7 roll. As a result of the axis 7 installation are in main shaft inside the prejudicial aperture of 5, consequently axis 7 in main shaft the circumgyrate inside the prejudicial aperture of 5 makes cutting tool increases on radial dimension (reduce) , car of the boring that finish stops buccal aperture end panel, change the treatment that has different diameter opening for another group of cutting tool by a group of cutting tool. Graph structure of 5 boring head 1.

Push rod 2.

Belt annulus 3.

Spline axis 4.

Helix spline flange 5.

Main shaft 6.

Bedspring 7.

Prejudicial main shaft 8.

Inside spline flange 9.

Drive end bearing bracket 10.

Fixed position blocks iron 3.

Principle of 3 prejudicial jobs is shown 6 times like the graph, o gives priority to an axis 5 centre of turning circle (namely) of cutting tool centre of turning circle, o ′ is eccentric shafe 7 centre of turning circle, both span leaves for eccentric throw E, d of point of a knife to eccentric shafe distance of ′ of O of 7 centre of turning circle is R(this value to be the) that decide a value in machining a process, d of point of a knife to main shaft distance of O of 5 centre of turning circle is R(this value as eccentric shafe 7 in main shaft roll of prejudicial Kong Zhong inside 5 body changes ceaselessly, realize a horizontal stroke to go thereby knife and the) that change a knife. By theorem of cosine of OD of Δ O ′ , when = of O of ∠ RO ′ when 0 ° , r is the smallest Rmin = R - E is become when 180 ° of = of O of ∠ RO ′ , r is the biggest E of + of Rmax = R is the biggest the journey is Lmax = Rmax - Rmin = 2e should be mixed with Rmin when Rmax is radius circumgyrate, two circumferential the annular area among is the limits that can machine on end panel. When beginning labour to enter, point of a knife is P1 to radius of main shaft centre of turning circle, labour is P2 into cease, work corner of the eccentric shafe in feed process is: φ = θ 2 - θ 1. Consider this machine tool characteristic, 1 = of setting θ 0 ° , 2 = of θ 150 ° , 2 place diameter is θ namely diameter of boring of essence of life and knife of car end panel keep a diameter. 2 = of θ are not diametical maximum when 150 ° . Appear in cutting tool consequently when wearing away, increase θ the 2 compensation that can have cutting tool wear extent. 1 = of θ is semifinishing machining diameter when 0 ° . See not hard by the graph, should control corner to be in only θ 1 to θ 2 change, cutting tool can appear a series of diameter positions, can realize car of much diameter boring, pour horn to wait. Graph 6 prejudicial sketch map at present this machine tool already made 4 last words, debug finish and investment is used, can make sure the precision of workpiece asks. Abroad is the same as type machine tool end face of cylinder body of mill of essence of life and aperture of cylinder bushing of boring of essence of life, stop buccal aperture setting is on same machine tool, can accuse effectively to check buccal hole depth is spent. Because cylinder body size is larger, machine tool design is gianter, complex. Accordingly we use mill, boring to part, the machine tool is formerer and simple, but the parallelism requirement of end face of cylinder body of mill of working procedure of the line before rising from craft and underside. Classics computation also can make sure its ask. If this machine tool deploys numerical control system, can raise treatment precision and automation rate greatly, this will remain to will be opposite henceforth of this machine tool transform. CNC Milling