U axis expands muti_function process capability

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Inside metallic cutting domain, what have perspective especially is muti_function treatment or whole process processing technique already were used extensively at producing a workshop. Machine tool manufacturer needs according to this one situation and market, will continue to develop development to go out can be in in outfit clip, compound include current car, mill and auger the more advanced processing technique that waits for working procedure inside. Flexible it is muti_function the key that machines a machine tool. Equiped the machine tool of U axis is one can machine a diameter to be 1500mm, length is the large machine tool of 6500mm. Company of technology of Austrian WFL Millturn recommended new muti_function treatment concept, it besides the 5 axes car that offers convention / mill / get a function (B, c, x, y and Z axis) besides, dou Zaixi of machine tool of company new design cuts main shaft (or boring head) the treatment function that attended to offer axis of an U that be called to the user. According to introducing, on common machining center and mill boring machine, u axis machines a function can head of cutting of servo control end panel and the boring cutter that can expand are right form is complex inside aperture undertakes machining. In muti_function U axis is used to machine a function on machine tool platform, can complex to part of large body of a powerful person and visible form inside the aviation spare parts of aperture, undertake in holding clip efficient whole process treatment. The use of U axis function will a lot of inside actuating device is used at the machine tool. Head of milling of NC end panel and NC boring lever, can irregular to appearance complex deep aperture undertakes machining. Cut in deep Kong Zuan in, put the different axis that is in aperture center and main shaft center generally, and boring cutter suffers too old long way to compare again (rigid difference) restrict and do not allow to use. Differ to having especially aperture of a flight of stairs, form is complex model the spare parts of antrum and abnormity aperture outline undertakes machining in, need uses a special boring tool that can have adjustment to cutting blade dimension. The U axis that goes up through special boring tool can realize the adjustment of pair of cutting blade dimension namely. On Millturn machine tool, boring cutter is to use clamp of ground of solid of clip of a prism knife to end panel of milling main shaft. It is to be below CNC control, pass slow fast gyral milling main shaft, drive installs the actuating device inside boring lever, by treatment bore diameter size adjusts his to position of a dimension. To inside aperture treatment, do not move after boring cutter mix up, cutting is through rotating main shaft is mixed finish along the aperture inside fore-and-aft and mobile spare parts. To the treatment of abnormity aperture, the boring cutter on boring lever (cutting blade) requirement of the dimension in still needing to press machine program, undertake expand or narrowing ceaselessly. To the treatment of the abnormity aperture with complex form, outside rotating except main shaft, still need boring cutter to undertake fore-and-aft with radial two move. Head of end panel milling also can be used on a lot of machine tools. The function of head of milling of this kind of end panel is similar to the control sleeve on machining center on working principle. Consider the weight factor of milling head, the form in machining a spare parts is complex when machining the dimensional hole with large difficulty, still need to B axis and Y axis function cooperate. Rotate milling cutter is by drive of milling main shaft, and the position of radial of cutting blade edge is decided by U axis. The use of its accessory still needs to notice the design produces the sealing surface that gives high accuracy and sealed trough. Head of milling of use end panel also can rotate with drive of milling main shaft the deep aperture with the methodological prejudicial treatment of milling cutter. It is commonly in workpiece static condition, function of use U axis has been adjusted (expand and narrow) cutting blade position, undertake machining again. Flexible it is muti_function the function feature of machine tool key. As muti_function the further progress of processing technique, the borderline between the milling machine of traditional definition and turning center will be become very ambiguous and no longer clear. CNC Milling