The plan of numerical control technology that scale changes applies to all treatment domain

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The market development tide of change quickly and more and more the equipment that personalized product asks to a kind of flexible production and photograph suit. The machine tool makes a manufacturer search a kind of numerical control technique that matchs to it to equip for the technical equipment with its various breed. The durable sex that invests security and equipment is the first selection element that the consideration needs when type selecting. Be opposite to satisfy machine tool industry the requirement that equipment diversity, dissoluble sex, function sex and security and sexual price compare, xi Menzi Sinumerik is familial the innovation that offerred a kind to apply to all sorts of production domains numerical control equips. No matter be to be used at the factory to make, tool and mould are made, still use at auto industry, this product is familial in process designing, installation, debug and behave on tectonic technology extraordinary, innovation sex is had on NC function, communication, operation and open sex, mix in interface of interface of process designing, operation, equipment respect of drive electric machinery has good compatibility. Of the control system that is based on drive platform and hardware of manufactory home drive but compositive sex, it is the characteristic of system of new generation control: Program of numerical control technology builds the drive platform in Sinamics S120. Because systematic model is compact, can save a space in controlling ark accordingly, reduce cost. In numerical control (the core place of NCU, Numerical Control Unit) is compositive numerical control, HMI(Human-Machine-Interface) , PLC(Programmable-Logic- Controller) and adjust wait for a function with communication. This provided flexibility to peripheral equipment: For example, can choose many different front to operate face plate. In addition, still can choose to handle software all and implicit in NCU, the operation is accordingly handy and the Thin-Client technology plan that does not accept periphery impact, perhaps choose to use contain oneself PC(PCU 50.

3) and standard run operation interface program of the system. PC can choose to install go up in operation face plate, also can install in control ark. Control and drive technology also attend to arrived increasingly serious environment problem offerred optimal economy condition: For example efficiency amounts to 97% ~ of 99% energy-saving model drive (adjust and power part) , the efficiency inside the system is asynchronous of 92%(of 81% ~ ) with synchronism of 89% ~ 94%() maximize electric machinery, the discharge of asynchronous electric machinery is reduced, the sources of energy feedbacks, do not have merit compensation and the energy management on intermediate circuitry automatically to wait. The example of respect of environmental protection job has: The content that the much channel that decides together with the user is packed and optimizes jointly sheds the job. Product range is very wide, till the function is driving numerical control system. Sinumerik 840D Sl is one kind agrees with the amount is as high as 31 axes (10 NC passageway) the numerical control system of use circumstance. This system is disperse type, can realize scale to change, open model, can join network, apply to almost all treatment and operation flow (turning, milling, grinding, gear cutting, punch, laser and carry) . This makes a firm to the machine tool for, have a lot of profit: The drive plan with the add component new; that airborne aether net replaces control ark (disperse, odd axis, high-power) ; is implementation drive system is fast the power supply with low cost, use laid of cable of; of intelligent circuitry module handy, installation is handy; structure is compact, take up control ark space is little. Compositive to process designing personnel and system person for, this means them to be able to undertake process designing to Embedded and Windows system at the same time. Another advantage depends on, the HMI of compositive type, NCU(namely the communication between the PLC with each powerful function) it is OK to mix the service interface of entire content has diagnostic facility very big open sex. In addition, special OEM(Object-Exchange-Model) technology program also been able to have come true in numerical control system of the standard. Technology of combination of new-style control drive still conduces to personnel of safe function protection and equipment the dynamical sex that improves machine tool facility. It can control Dynamic Servo Control(DSC) to realize dynamic place to adjust through dynamic servo, will restrain the resonance of the machine through software filter, the biggest effect that will realize servo electric machinery through voltaic adjuster can be mixed to linear electric machinery pitching moment electric machinery has adjusting control. Sinumerik 840D Sl still has good safe function, can undertake protective to personnel and equipment. Control of safe apply the brake, safety stops machine, speed and positional monitoring and demarcate of safe work area and the safe communication that pass Profibus to all belong to this. Sinumerik 840D Sl is a kind compositive the total number word of PC controls a system, it can be used with form a complete set of likewise new-style system of Sinamics S120 drive. This control system by an industry PC(PCU 50.

3) , be aimed at PLC function and drive interface insert card and peripheral equipment to form, the Profibus DP implementation that moves through synchronism and drive and photograph of component of Simatic ET200 periphery join. Sinumerik 840Di Sl moves below Windows environment, adopt HMI-Advanced technique, applicable and Sinumerik 840D Sl are identical interdisciplinary the operation interface software with much passageway. Offer the NC core share of function of noumenon of Sinumerik 840D Sl, in 840Di Sl model, move on PC directly. Program of technology of control of new generation Sinumerik takes seriously successional with investment security problem: Block of numerical control system can be continued to use;NCK function can compatible; maintains; of HMI-Advanced and Shop-Mill and concept of Shop-Turn technology application to be opposite inside NCK/HMI limits it is mature that the hardware performance that the applied; scale of Open-Architecture turns can be continued to use face plate of PCU of; such as, PLC, operation and Profibus peripheral equipment to wait. Sinumerik 802D Sl is the system of a kind of numerical control of the car mill device that is used at standardization. The car mill facility of this kind of standardization controls numerical control all component of the system (NC, PLC, HMI) is compositive arrive one case. Machine a circumstance to 5 axes (can have) of two main shaft among them, the appropriate control system that this kind of system is regarded as to be equipment of car milling machine. The advantage photograph of the character of system of tall Sinumerik 802D Sl of strong, precision and technology of Sinamics S120 drive combines systematic motivation sex, form a kind of new unit. Control system uses technology of 32bit data processing, dynamical sex is strong, precision is tall. The other and important element of new-style control line has: Regard the Linux core of the operating system as the component. From this, can achieve the support of the operating system that adjusts all passing through on one hand, also can make on the other hand personnel of research and development shows bigger flexibility, in order to satisfy compositive Simatic S7-200 of specific applied requirement; , realize powerful PLC function, use aether net to undertake communication; the common Compact Flash Cards on compositive use market and USB store medium, of the incident with wanting to decide to data of NC process designing, put into production, zero float or other user store. "Program memory size is too small " the problem is accused namely solve. CNC Milling