Shallow analyse shapes the utility of bit reachs use note

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Develop as the high speed of domestic manufacturing industry, put forward to producing efficiency and product quality more upland requirement, production precision of of all kinds spare parts is taller and taller, form is more and more complex. The application of figuration razor blade is wider and wider. Shape bit can be defined to be not mark complex outline razor blade, for example: Shape car razor blade, shape mill razor blade, but dislocation shapes bit, whorl combs bit is waited a moment. 1.

Shape the utility of bit and   of market prospect   shape the application of bit can simplify the athletic shafting of the machine tool, treatment efficiency improves in what ensure the premise of precision issues twice. For example the special tool that figuration lathe tool machines surface of swing tower figuration namely, its cutting blade form is designed according to the outline of workpiece. With treatment of figuration lathe tool, want cutting journey to be able to cut figuration surface only, the operation is simple, manufacturing efficiency is tall, the precision of figuration surface and worker operation level have nothing to do, basically depend on the production precision of blade of cutting tool cutting. It can assure to be machined the consistency of workpiece face figure and dimension precision and interchangeability, treatment precision can amount to IT9, IT10, ra6 of exterior surface roughness.

3, Ra3.

2. Current, shape bit has been in traffic of car, medical treatment, hydraulic pressure, orbit, the sources of energy, bearing, aerospace, horological make etc inside the industry be able to apply extensively. Believe to shape the market of bit will rise ceaselessly. 2.

Shape the analytic     of bit shapes car razor blade, with other cutting tool, due also and reasonable before the horn after horn is mixed. But shape form of blade of car razor blade is more complex, cutting blade each paragraphs advocate section plane way is endless and same, be in impossibly so cutting blade each paragraphs advocate the horn before going out is ground inside section plane, hind horn, be in however shape proper point of view makes cutting tool inside the fore-and-aft section plane of car razor blade, such shaping of car razor blade before regulation of the horn after horn is mixed is measured inside the fore-and-aft section plane of cutting tool. 3.

Shape the analytic     of bit outline error to shaping the precision index of its outline is most important bit, shape the grinding precision of bit outline gets the machinery of grinder, electric and of emery wheel wear away the influence that waits for a respect. Origin: Switzerland applies Inc. of machinery of profit gain case CNC Milling