Small / accept rice photoelectricity is measured accuse a technology

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Our country measures the researcher that dominates a field to be explored for a long time through more than 40 years, ceaseless research, overcame all sorts of difficulty, benefit consumed, machine, report, consider much discipline integrated, developed one a complete set of small / report measures Namiguang accuse new technology, development goes new generation to measure control an apparatus, apply successfully at for military use, civil very much territory, obtained apparent effect. This kind new-style measure accuse a technology, have a lot of important characteristics: Above all, its application covers a range particularly wide, can use at micron already, inferior micron measures level, usable also Yunami measures level; What can be used at traditional machinery, traditional instrument already is newer transform, the high level that can be used at sophisticated science and technology again is broken through; Next, on the technology omnibus very strong, smooth, machine, report, calculate a look to be an organic whole, had the tradition such as pure machinery, pure electricity, pure optics to measure the advantage with very inaccessible technology; Again, its applied range is particularly broad, on for military use, of weapon of as usual compasses transform rise; Of aerospace all sorts of measuring accuse to wait; Civil go up, on traditional industry transform newlier, the technology of manufacturing industry rises etc. Small / accept rice photoelectricity is measured accuse a technology with accept rice metric grating is core component, deserve to be read with photoelectricity changeover, signal take, signal processing and machinery exceeding essence of life, form all sorts of measuring instruments implement, can be used at measuring directly or control a variety of geometry amounts such as length, displacement. Have measure precision big, environment gets used to tall, span ability strong, stability is good wait for an advantage. This technology basically shows plant by sensor and number two parts composition. The product that uses production of this technology place is had demand peak value of the maximum, least value, peak, fair imperial changeover, place automatically number, print, the function such as restoration, self check, still have interface of RS232 serial communication at the same time, with the computer, sheet piece can undertake be metricaled automatically after the join such as machine, the advantage such as automatic data processing and automata. Photoelectricity measures the photoelectricity that accuses a technology to use automatic measurement technique is to get used to what our country high speed develops to measure the current situation that dominates a field progressively research, development is formed, make the test instrument when a kind of inside limits of this age bound new-style, high accuracy stage by stage with its distinct advantage. It uses contemporary high-tech method, test precision covered micron, Yanami and accept rice field. Above all, photoelectricity measures the research that the application that accuses a technology will be promoted greatly and promotes technology of our country new material and progress, the treatment that expects to all sorts of new profile, detect of the mechanical equipment that reachs makings of new profile of manufacturing high accuracy produce the effect with wait to having very main. Next, traditional production industry is photoelectricity measures another when accuse technical application main field. Use photoelectricity to measure in controlling an apparatus in cheap product, the precision in can raising traditional product to make a process substantially, improve metric grade, raise level of technology of industry of our country Electromechanical, these products not only can undertake be metricaled directly mixing to traditional product calibrating, and in still can realizing manufacturing process online measure and control, accelerate a tradition to make those who make an industry upgrade replacement. Can foreknow, in the big state that we are having very giant and traditional manufacturing industry so, the promotion of this technology and its product can promote standard of whole of our country mechanical manufacturing industry greatly rise, the international after sharing a life better competes. In addition, in domain of new and high technology, photoelectricity is measured accuse a technology to producing the effect that cannot replace increasingly. As the progress of science and technology, the size of product component and device is smaller and smaller, and treatment precision demand is higher and higher, entered accept rice range stage by stage, be like: In gear of rice of motor of rice of accept rice machinery, accept, accept and accept rice weapon " mosquito " missile, " ant " soldier, " fly " the plane. With the measurement of tall nicety the technology does not distribute the development success of above machinery. To this, the tradition is measured control technology and its apparatus essential too far behind to catch up with, other relatively modern measure control technology and apparatus also increasingly ability not equal to one's ambition, become hard important task. Only photoelectricity is measured accuse a technology, develop a new style or a new method of one's own, solved contemporary and new and high technology to develop the difficult problem with measuring those who accuse a respect to be faced with very thorny, have epoch-making sense. CNC Milling