"2mm project " automobile body of implementation high accuracy is made

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Carry out in auto industry " 2mm project " , establish a quality hierarchy of control that is a foundation with data, realize high quality automobile body to make, rise finally to cooperate precision truckloadly, already was considered as to measure a car to make an enterprise whether achieve international in respect of automobile body size control the standard of advanced level. Contemporary car is made in, use automobile body generally to make CII of integrated error index (Continuous Improvement Indicator) will control automobile body to produce quality, namely " 2mm project " . Index of this one error is not the factual error that automobile body makes quality measure data, make the comprehensive assessment of dimension stability index to automobile body however, not only can apply at truckload make, and can apply at component to make. "2mm project " the car that uses at auto industry to be able to achieve economy not only is made, also be the comprehensive report of level of production technology of a country at the same time. "2mm project " is to build what be a foundation with data to make quality hierarchy of control constitutionally, through building a model to making data the analysis identifies automobile body to make dimension deviation source, assure the stability of automobile body workmanship, rise finally to cooperate precision truckloadly. Its core is to use advanced automobile body to measure a technology, build equip to rig a process from punch craft, treatment harmonious, consistent, efficient survey a system, be analysed through data and accumulate, will factitious management by experience rises to scientific level of management. Production company of the influencing factor of automobile body precision and control measure car is in carry out " 2mm project " in the process, of car automobile body matching is main influencing factor all the time, if automobile body match accuracy exceeds formulary value, with respect to meeting influence the car makes metre of quality, production and product cost. Car automobile body matchs an error to basically involve 4 respects account (graph 1) , must adopt relevant measure to undertake be controllinged effectively. 1, a product is in quality of automobile body design from inside having some processes, bad of original design quality actor will produce conclusive effect to the inherent quality of the product, accordingly, must take step of the following respects: □ ensures automobile body design is standard as fiducial as craft consistency. The design is standard should with assemble fiducial with treatment fiducial and consistent, such is helpful for that realize automobile body to match solder the stability of quality. □ uses integral stamping workpiece more. Taller to making sure structural dimension or dimension ask not easily construction part should use integral stamping workpiece as far as possible, with reducing the assembly when automobile body matchs sum of errors solders be out of shape. Automobile body of □ reasonable consideration matchs solder method. Soldering joint design uses resistance welding method as far as possible, solder in order to decrease be out of shape. □ tack welding dot has logical place and amount. The place that tack welding chooses and the automobile body stiffness that the amount affects this working procedure whether the automobile body character that assures follow-up working procedure. Transform in product line especially when, should notice solder dot is migratory the influence to automobile body precision. 2, the influence of fixture pursues 2, the graph is shown 3 times it is clamping apparatus of assembly of automobile body side wall and top assembly clamping apparatus respectively. Graph clamping apparatus of assembly of 2 side wall pursues □ of clamping apparatus of 3 top assembly the fixed position of fixture is standard as fiducial as products plan and assemble fiducial should coincide, as a result of,can eliminate so fiducial and different and the on size error of generation, simplify assemble harmonious relationship, the assembly that raises fixture precision. □ clamping apparatus makes precision should achieve design requirement. Want to undertake debugging to clamping apparatus before automobile body trial production, examine clamping apparatus whether assure to solder precision, the harmonious sex of clamping apparatus and spare parts and match quality to undertake assessing to the spare parts. □ and automobile body match relevant spare parts measure to should assure, assemble the aperture, dimension that assembles face and craft aperture to must be controlled strictly especially, when soldering because of automobile body be out of shape the dimension deviation that often creates these position. □ makes precision get assuring premise falls in clamping apparatus, still need to consider to be sold to significant fixed position, the heat treatment of the face and production are safeguarded. 3, control solders deflection □ uses resistance welding to be able to reduce automobile body to solder be out of shape. Because resistance welding is inner heat source, heat area of concentration, hot influence wins high grade contact smally, easily. □ is used advanced solder equipment reduces automobile body to solder be out of shape. The solder when the robot solders to be able to make automobile body solders not only nods order of even, spot welding to stabilize, and can rise solder speed. □ is strict according to welder art control automobile body solders be out of shape. Clear welder must be made in a series of courses that produce in the product art file, strict according to welder art the requirement of the file undertakes controlling. □ as automobile body to " light quantify " way develops, high strenth armor plate gets applied extensively, this kind of data is very sensitive to making precision, the deviation of spare parts precision, affect the precision of white automobile body not only, and also can cause to the intensity of automobile body very earth influence. 4, the affects □ to raise component production quality of component precision and unit process of cargo bandling. As a result of truckload in includes component, having a lot of is offerred by different supplier, put in the difference on technical level consequently, can install error of accumulative total of the generation in the process in solder thereby, precision of influence automobile body and truckload character. Additional, the part that punch workshop produces, wait for a reason because of craft or mould, can produce larger spring back amount, bring bad influence to automobile body precision. Accordingly, the precision that controls component is the first task that raises automobile body precision. The component that □ improves plant of each form a complete set is packed reach content to spread way. The component status change in sorting thing the process brings into quality management scope, the collision between the component in preventing to carry a process is out of shape. The influence of unit process of cargo bandling includes □ already component is in in producing a course between clamping apparatus deliver, also include artificial operation, if the operation is undeserved, can make locate generation of aperture, face is out of shape, between the fixed position of the working procedure after be being affected thereby and spare parts cooperate precision. The train of thought that raises automobile body precision and method 1, □ of aggrandizement equipment management strengthens pair of solder to install clamping apparatus, check to provide, the management that mould, 3 coordinate measure the equipment such as machine and robot, show in the robot in teaching a course, solder attitude is bad to can bring about a spare parts to be out of shape around solder dot directly. Every model has workshop of □ solder outfit nearly 60 ~ 80 clamping apparatus, consequently, high accuracy and assure basically stable clamping apparatus is automobile body of implementation high accuracy. In process of clamping apparatus government, should build database of clamping apparatus management, hold goodly in order to facilitate the condition to every clamping apparatus has, want special attention to do good clamping apparatus to locate sold dependency manages each additionally, some of clamping apparatus analyses the positional precision that single fixed position sells and wear extent only is insufficient, must consider from dependency angle, will not assure the white automobile body of high accuracy otherwise. Additional, should strengthen the care and maintenance to clamping apparatus, clear in time soldering in the process, flying splash down sells the metallic remains that goes up with fixed position face in fixed position. □ " clamping apparatus check is provided change " reasonable apply. "Clamping apparatus check is provided " the function that the clamping apparatus that the end that change is an exorbitant precision will come to to replace partial check to provide, come true to have the effect of monitoring to the character of component in producing a course truly thereby. "Clamping apparatus check is provided change " the clamping apparatus that premise is high accuracy, it can let produce employee to understand the situation of spare parts character that flows into this working procedure in time, be a kind already managing cost, let adequately again complete a new thinking that shares quality management. 2, the serious content that catching feel well programmed control to make working procedure quality control is quality management, working procedure pilot is main the task is the fluctuant limits that controls quality character cost in the regulation inside, make working procedure is in controlled condition. Statistical quality is controlled (SPC) it is pilot of working procedure quality important method, SPC is characteristic to producing the quality in the process value overall undertake sampling randomly, right overall make statistic conclude, it controls a graph to undertake analytic evaluating to producing a course through applying, discover systematic problem in time according to feedback information, make the process is maintained in the controlled position that accepts impact of random sex element only, in order to achieve the goal of control quality. Form of SPC to in an attempt to or numerical value build a quality that is core with the process to run a system for the foundation, among them the quality of data is very important, the accuracy of data, reliability affects us to whether be directly proper when take appropriate action. Basically have the influencing factor of two respects: □ measures systematic effect; □ records the factitious influence such as data, computation. Key of pilot of working procedure quality depends on finding reference point, the quality information of reference point is the main component that produces spot quality information, focus management by workshop quality engineer. In the control graph of each reference point and data logging, containing a lot of valuable quality information, workshop quality engineer is collected in time, collect, undertake jointly with technologist statistic is analysed, regard guidance as the important basis of these working procedure. 3, data of system, scientific analytic automobile body measures gotten automobile body data to must undertake an analysis system, scientificly through 3 coordinate, the means that uses or so difference management, dependency government finds out the rule that exists between these data. For example: Hypothesis deviation presses ± 1.

0mm management, if the graph is shown 4 times, go up in X direction when left side wall deviation - 0.

8mm, surround in the deviation on X direction on the right side of 0.

When 8mm, from theoretic the deviation that says or so side wall all is inside acceptance area, but have 1 from the point of difference of side wall left and right sides.

The change of 6mm, the front that this can bring about engine cover and wing necessarily cannot marriage. 4, TQM aggrandizement carries out TQM (Total Quality Management) it is a kind of client's oriented management method, it emphasizes using manpower resource and metric method effectively, improve through lasting, in order to promote product and service quality (graph 5) . TQM is idea of a kind of idea, a method, method and skill, the participation that passes faculty, improve flow, product, service and company culture, achieve in 100 percent eligible product is produced inside time 100 percent, in order to satisfy client requirement. The fundamental difference of the fundamental that overall quality manages and other idea depends on, it emphasizes managing must only then ask to the quality of the product at identifying a customer, eventually the client is satisfied to product quality. Overall quality manages even if the harmonious activity of to achieve this one goal directive person, machine, information. A when overall quality government works main feature is, control quality from germ place. For example, be promoted through measuring achievement to come by him handlers and establish him to taste the sense of responsibility of quality to producing. Graph management of 5 overall quality emphasizes be being improved in order to last, promotion product quality and service quality are same, the increases to rely on character administrator merely effort of automobile body precision is far insufficient, this is project of a system, it must rely on the consistent effort of faculty: Arrive from design phase stage of production, arrive from component supplier truckload factory between 4 cart, taste character to cooperate precision to automobile body spare parts from spare parts sheet, control assembly from the process of each working procedure integration analysis, need is total member participate in ability to achieve ultimate goal. Last word " 2mm project " not be a system of unitary product quality evaluation, carry pair of businesses however " 2mm project " effectiveness evaluation will advance an enterprise to get used to global market competition. Because automobile body matchs with truckload security and dependability relationship are close, and automobile body is car component match carrier, the actor of low quality that its produce quality is right truckload the influence of quality is great. CNC Milling