Shallow a certain number of problems that talk about CAD technology to reach its to apply

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Summary: The individuation that elaborated CAD technology and its are designing medium action, raised a few questions of technology of promotion application CAD. CAD (CAD) technology, regard an electron as a of IT main component, the development that is achievement of stimulative scientific research and change, promote traditional industry and subject update and transform, implementation designs automation, enhance enterprise and its product to contend for ability to quicken national economy progress and a national defence is modern decisive new and high technology unexpectedly in the market, also be farther to the computer compositive make (the main technology base that CIMS) expands.

Say from broad sense, CAD technology includes plot of 2 dimension project, three-dimensional geometry design, finite database of management of data of yuan of analysis, CNC Machining, emulation imitate, product, network and afore-mentioned technologies (the compositive technology of CAD/CAE/CAM) . CAD application project is the large system project with the new and high concentrated technology that studies with CAL) technology development, promotion application is relevant. The executive mark of CAD application project is worn our country is in " company of enterprise informatization, information is changed " great progress was obtained on the highway. The use of CAD technology makes product and engineering design, production job content and kind happened essential sex to change, this one technology becomes manufacturing industry of industrial developed country to maintain the important step of competitive advantage, development market. Become number as computer function most of class rise, underground of its price twice falls; As network news report gain ground change, the intelligence of information processing is changed, of multimedia technology practical change; Of CAD technology popularize application more and more extensive, more and more thorough, CAD technology is facing the directional development of open, compositive, intelligence and standardization. Since 90 time, the technical personnel that is engaged in scientific research and application development CAD realises, want to let CAD technology become productivity, the key is to let design personnel to be used, can use CAD system. State committee of science and technology is certain with " throw drawing board " the breach that project goal will come to realize plot to design automation to regard promotion application as CAD technology, today, personal classics popularized a lot of places, business CAD, obtained better result, but still also put in a few problems to be worth to discuss. The 1 CADCAD that causes design revolution is current design professional work basically includes the most active field in computer application research development tentative plan, product is main cartography of estimation of design, cost, design and the auxiliary job that have to design (like product survey, continue to design and be accepted, the computer assists n/arc drafting not only the method that reduces composer work as a kind, and derivative " the revolution that set juice " . CAD makes designed the job to produce those who be as follows to change: ① makes design working development to arrive unprecedented deepness: ② improves the rate that blueprint designs and quality; ③ simplifies design process, after the computer and product standard database join, all oneself bring into component design of the standard to be able to realize the computer to give a picture automatically, the architect needs to tell computer place adoption level parameter is OK only: ④ design is emulated and the design examines, use the three-dimensional graph function of CAD, the appearance state that designs a product can give in the imitate on computer screen, undertake optimizing to the product in the beginning of design, before new product tries put into production, the structure in can making a process to its, treatment, assemble, adornment and dynamic feature undertake analyse and examining, raised successful sex of products plan thereby; ⑤ design is united in wedlock cheek by jowl with what make, the place before be like is narrated, the design number of CAD emulates CAE according to can be being used at the design already, also can transmit system and coupling of CNC Machining equipment through data, the design data is used at the treatment of the product directly, namely CAM, CAD can be finished automatically change from what design machine program. Times of individuation of stride of 2 CAD software is designed and produce the main segment that is product of manufacturing industry development, CAD technology drove the technical revolution of manufacturing industry, he cries cut traditional way, make people need not use drawing board, blueprint to be able to develop a product efficiently, personal classics makes CAD technology now the important sign that measures standard of industry of a nation. Apply the constant growth of domain and crowd, raised taller requirement to CAD software. Each industry user on one hand the CAD software that pressing hope gets suitable him major requirement most, hope on the other hand with reasonable but the major that susceptive price gets coming from professional CAD although have something made to order personally,the manufacturer is him serves. Pressing hope gets industry user Wu of CAD product kimono. CAXA took the lead in rolling out a few days ago " electronic drawing board 2000 " , the mark is worn CAD software strides personalized times. "CAXA electron drawing board " mature the personalized demand of the user, the development platform that offerred major and uses easily, the person that use can change software according to his need, increase a function to develop brand-new major to design software even. "CAXA electron drawing board 2000 " oneself is at present compositive mechanical, electric design module with the building, orgnaizations of tens of development of domestic major software and major of CAXA joint development design software and will ceaseless compositive rise in addition, CAX person rolled out individuation to serve a plan, from groom, support custom-built product, change before " the enterprise produces what to sell " train of thought, and with " what does the user need, what do we offer " for the tenet, be aimed at the application of the person that use and demand, for its place oneself is custom-built, let software and the demand that take the person that Wu suits to use more.

"CAXA electron drawing board 2000 " personalized product and service, the software that lets high-tech more in a popular style. The network of network of a few problems of technology of 3 application CAD is a current trend, CAD uses a network to be able to realize information to share, to the design the job brings huge to go to the lavatory. A bit is CAD software network problem that is necessary to talk here. The volume of exchange of real time data as a result of CAD is great, use lead plane Time Sharing System to be able to reduce design efficiency, optimal program is each node function the independent design that finish works, the photograph intermodulation that the action of the network is each node concerned resource is used. In the meantime, as a result of the need that intellectual property protects, the Jiamicuo that CAD software has him is applied (like the key dish or add close dog) . Be in consequently carry out on appear two kinds of circumstances, it is install to add close dog on the server only, 2 it is in each node machine is installed respectively add close dog. Former facilitating capital manages latter to be able to break away from network stand-alone to move, each have an advantage. The network that resembles CAXA electron drawing board board offerred mode of 3 kinds of installation, namely complete server installation, complete workstation installation, mixture installation. The first kind of mode agrees with do not have dish of workstation network, software full installation is on the server, node workstation does not have hard disk: Insufficient place is a network the demand is high, otherwise traversal speed suffers an effect. The 2nd kind of mode asks workstation has certain hard disk capacity, moving server and workstation basically do not have data to exchange, the action of the server is control of software use attributive only. The 3rd kind of mode is the partial program installation that often will call go up in workstation, and install the library file and so on with hard disk large space on the server, news report of traversal speed of give attention to two or morethings, network and hard disk space individually 10 thousand, it is a kind of better mode. Intelligence changes intelligence is CAD development is inevitable. The main feature that intelligence changes is can process data not only and can handle knowledge, its function Yuan Chao gave computational scope, he can undertake inference, optimize, choice, judgement is made decision-making, such system is solving problem respect to be able to reach expert level, namely ' a kind of system of expert of expert system spirit is artificial intelligence actual application. Well-known, engineering design is an omnibus job, it is engineer basis scientific method, the experience that accumulates by right of oneself, follow national standard, wait for a lot of element by use requirement and execution condition, undertake an analysis, predict the course that conveys design product with blueprint and literal data finally with differentiate quite. Whole design process is an iteration course that seeks fine stage by stage. But at present our country proper motion is developed project CAD software can undertake design of school nucleus sex reachs a construction to pursue only mostly, do not have thinking, decision-making capacity. Intelligence changes CAD technology is a complex systematic project, it is an interdisciplinary major task.

The engineering design expert that must want to have experience and computer software expert cooperate closely to undertake study development gift is nicer solve. Current, the research of system of our country intelligence CAD just begins, still do not have the commercial software that can supply. Accordingly, on the foundation that absorbs foreign advanced technique, a accelerating software of the intelligence that prepares Gao Shuiping CAD also is us urgent task is right the applied level that raises our country CAD and the modernization that devise a method will have positive stimulative effect. Should make the quality of product, project and system good truly, cost capability of competition of low, market is strong, use best design, best treatment and best government with respect to need, the design that sums up domestic and international relevant product, Ding Cheng and system with respect to very urgent need makes experience and lesson, the design the success produces design of intelligence of experience make it, intelligence makes a system coach the design of new product, new project and new system is made, such ability make our product, project and system have innovation sex. Standard standardization is industry technology work when a very important part should use CAD technology, enterprise Technical Division personal some standard undertakes editing or should conclude to the enterprise above all new standard, perfect CAD standard system is to coach our country standardizes management department to undertake CAD technology standardizes the scientific basis with decision-making job, it is development makes CAD technology the foundation of each relative standard, also be the tie method that stimulative CAD technology popularizes application, accordingly, in CAD application the relative standard that international dogs in the project, research establishs the CAD standard that accords with our country national condition, cogent trying to carry out is technology of CAD of stimulative our country what research development, promotion application can develop ceaselessly is important assure. The understanding to soft hardware normally, the use personnel of CAD software is professional technology personnel, the CAD software that they care a choice whether the need that satisfies them to work, good with, and how does development come out software of not great care, and all fields that whether the function of software covered CAD, the newest gain that whether reflected CAD technology research, and the system maintains staff is computer professional mostly, what they care is software has deny development language interface 2 times, development language of the system is which a few kinds, and how is the interface of a certain software waited a moment.

The look of real skill work of the question that some raise and enterprise is out of line.

Accordingly, the type selecting of CAD system should use personnel to give priority to with CAD system. CAD wants compared with system of general word processing, management to the requirement of hardware a few taller. Normally, 2 dimension plot needs the type of 486 above, advocate frequency speed is in 100MHz above, memory 4M above (proposal 8M) , memory size will affect operation rate. Graphical output had better use ink jet graph plotter, will match the size of li of graph plotter according to enterprise blueprint width of cloth. 2 development of CAD software are alleged be developed 2 times even if go up in platform of software of plinth of some kind of grave (like software of 2 dimension plot) build a few specialization applied function, the professional specific aim with improving a system and use efficiency.

Can increase the computation that a few cutting tool design, data and graphical library on CAXA electron drawing board for example, the CA of figuration cutting tool that forms a height to specialization thereby is versed in) system. It is good to should make the enterprise is used truly CAD system, make become actual productivity, 2 tierce that must offer Yi Xueyi to use to the enterprise develop a tool, develop the special CAD software that faces industry and company application and database namely.

Call besides traditional function library, outside Lisp language and tool of C language development, need a system to develop odd potential energy to undertake to the user technical support is mixed in time more groom. The means of graph sound article that presses alternant, dialog now hints user construction suits an industry, the CAD application system that fits a business will more friendly, suffer an user to welcome. Of CAD application talent groom the personnel of quality of modern equipment need high-tech operates, ability produces its due effect, produce enormous economic benefits. Let design personnel to master CAD as soon as possible only this one advanced technology knowledge. Ability lets modern equipment creation give due economic benefits and social benefit. Current, on-the-job project designs personnel to be carried out through the design, in order to have relatively the professional knowledge of abundant cultivate, but the knowledge of technology of devoid application CAD and ability, those who affected CAD technology gain ground and apply. CAD is a new and high technology, the person's factor is very main, stabilize the rank with tremendous skill higher level relatively without, popularize and popularizing project CAD technology is an empty talk. Designing an unit by the reason of 10 histories, still have quite engineering design personnel of the amount is computer blind, more the cannot say understanding to CAD technology. Accordingly, should make full use of above all CAD grooms central advantage undertakes ABC grooms, achieve everybody to be able to use the computer, everybody masters CAD skill, only such ability can talk to go up throw drawing board, just can undertake on this foundation high administrative levels grooms only groom with development can use a few kinds of method to undertake: Send out groom an a few capital, select professional ability is strong in young technology personnel is mixed to universities and colleges groom base undertakes grooming, after coming back, grooming is the key member that CAD technology uses. It is OK to most technology personnel that ego grooms the method that uses be released from production to take on other duty or partly released from productive labor undertakes ego grooms.

Ask computer professional to say technical ability of the ABC that gives computer side, operation technically, the computer that increases technical staff operates a level. Ask an expert to groom into the factory in enterprise great majority technical personnel has mastered certain CAD technology, on the foundation when accumulating a few problems, ask concerned expert into the factory to undertake the spot grooms with respect to need, of this one pace it is very important to raising enterprise CAD technology to apply a standard to groom. CNC Milling