Automation is transformed should avoid in the process the following 5 big errors

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Production of many manufacturing industry manufacturer are introducing home automation transforms production, some manufacturer effects is very small. Although the government is promoting robot substitution policy energetically, but many manufacturing industry got allowance, it is an equipment truly cool producing a workshop, automation transforms the 5 big errors that avoid, you need to take seriously! Automation transforms me already the force of exert Hong Huang, why is effects very small? 1, introduce a robot to undertake automation upgrades namely transform! The application of the robot is automation upgrades transform have a representative side most. But do not be equal to can solve all problems. Control of pneumatic hydraulic pressure and automation of the equipment that be not mark also are one of steps with implementation very important automation. Be aimed at a few special application especially, the robot is insoluble, equipment of the automation that be not mark just is the answer. Automation upgrades transform, must not stare at a robot to look only, a variety of channel just are best. 2, the robot is bought can regard intelligence as equipment with     robot, be not simple installation to debug can use. If the development of oversight robot (or develop 2 times) with application, will bring about a lot of robots to be bought with do not go up or use undeserved. The member that take robot and athletic sports will make an analogy, a flock of good athletes (robot) increase a good train (the system is compositive business) just be to allow whole team (enterprise) victorious key. 3, automation upgrades it is OK to transform one pace reachs the designated position the automation with   true   upgrades transform, be not a simple work or be a machine change to be able to be finished, however an extremely complex system project. Automation transforms requirement force and go, begin from more mature automation technology, wait for urgently from the factory upgrade transformed place proceed with, undertake stage by stage, must not go after one pace to reach the designated position. 4, the product that any working procedure can replace     to use automation product line to have production with automation equipment is due and enough big crop; Products plan and craft should advanced, stable, reliable, be in longer keep basic and changeless inside time. Be not all working procedure to suit to undertake automation is transformed. In large quantities of, mass-produced in use transfer matic to have remarkable economic benefits. 5, implementation automation is transformed even if realized industry 4.

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0 reach China to create the concept of 2025 very fervent, as a result is very much the enterprise follows suit blindly. What manufacturing industry enterprise should pay close attention to more is the solution of real skill and problem. Arrive to be the automation of broad sense management of core technology with information when development, industry 4.

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