Electrochemistry goes burr technology

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The passageway inside part of plan of electrochemistry treatment principle intersects point is crude containing burr is headachy problem all the time. Electrochemistry goes burr is the good method that solves these problems. This one technology is to use figuration tool, undertake machining to the place of make choice of of workpiece, receive the electrolyte that connects electric current to be passed between workpiece and tool, the instant is deliquescent burr, go burr while, inside the passageway intersects place generation is even, accurate pour curl wine cup. Handling time arrives in 10 seconds commonly between 30 seconds. Most workpiece uses tool of many electrode head, can achieve taller work efficiency. Purify quantity depends on workpiece (positive electrode) with tool (negative pole) between the size of electric flow. Electrode head designs the form that says relatively with workpiece surface normally. The part that makes to metallic stuff automatically, finish selectively go burr works. It can be used extensively at the industry such as machine of pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, project, oily oil pump, car, engine needle of body of the pump housing with different metal qualitative ability, a powerful person, connecting rod, force plunger occasionally wait for a spare parts go burr treatment. Electrochemistry goes burr is one kind has distinguishing feature, efficiency manufactures a technology high, machine all sorts of metal spare partses aptly, in order to goes burr, forming machine treatment, edge horn pours round, finishing. Those who cast, forging, machine treatment, or the methodological polish that the spare parts that electric spark machines can use electrochemistry. Purify quantity is in 0.

01mm arrives 0.

Between 5mm. General situation, bright and clean degree ameliorable 5 to 10 amounts class. The product surface after polishing is even and slick, and mirror type is ablaze. The representative application of electrochemistry polish includes: Have high pure the part that spends a requirement completely; Human body operation is embedded; Bottle model; And various stainless steel spare partses. Be like: When spare parts of atomizer of electrochemical machining diesel engine, in in aperture place treatment gives side of a wall smooth mensurable cavity, pour a circle to horn of alternate a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, edge at the same time. Of the United States electroanalysis go automatically burr equipment, have a hour of capacity that can process 100 products. Go machining a car to use the housing on safe gasbag device in electrochemistry on the automatic system of burr, 48 alveolus are shared on every housing, 8 housing are machined at the same time, poriferous of the place of 10 seconds of less than that finish goes burr treatment. Polishing is a when make modelling antrum pattern important working procedure. Its cost occupies the 5%~30% of mould cost, the mould that is badly in need of using often does not follow to go up in polishing time requirement. Electrochemistry machinery polish, combine SD1 particular liquid polish technology at the same time, apply at the spare parts of the metallic mould of all sorts of complex form, got admirable result. Electrochemistry goes the principle chemistry polish of burr is to use metallic electrochemistry positive pole deliquescent principle undertakes repairing grinding polishing. electrochemistry beforehand polishing and mechanical essence polish are united in wedlock organicly together, developed electrochemistry and orgnaization specialty of two kinds of polish. It does not accept the restriction of material hardness and tenacity, but polishing the workpiece of all sorts of complex form. Its method and electroanalysis grinding is similar. Electric polish tool uses file of electric conduction of golden steel stone or black lead oilstone, receive the cathode of power source, by the workpiece of polishing (be like a mould) the positive pole that receives power source. Report is repaired grind polisher to be able to be used long grind polishing the spare parts of all sorts of complex begin and mould, do not accept the hardness institute restriction of material. After classics electric spark is machined model antrum mould, base surface layer generation is as high as 60 ~ 70HRC by the sclerotic layer hardness that dissolves layer and composition of hot influence layer. Benchwork handiwork burnish is very difficult. Report is repaired grind polishing effectively purify this " sclerotic layer " , the surface roughness improvement that is former expression Ra4 ~ 7µm is Ra0.

35 ~ 0.

6µm, productivity is 3min/cm3 left and right sides. Will repair with it grind polishing answer miscellaneous appearance, especially of the mould narrow seam, ministry of channel flooey, horn, root ministry and inside the can apparent land such as aperture improves labor productivity. Report is repaired grind also can use purify stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy the burr of remnant of the incomplete after complex form or machining of thin wall spare parts, make the same score its acute edge, improve the appearance bright and clean degree. Electroanalysis polishing produces a kind of paper-thin one small layer black film in its surface, reoccupy 8000~2000 turns, of Min muti_function polish of flexible shaft machinery implement the proper felt on clip annulus, besmear green ointment undertakes exterior polish slightly, can produce shining appearance. Its are bright and clean degree still can raise 2 class above. Additionally handle of this kind of mechanical flexible shaft can be placed on corresponding tool undertakes getting, mill, grind, vulture, cut, the exercise such as polishing, use very agile and convenient. CNC Milling