Series of high-powered cutting tool of hill tall Jetstream

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The Jetstream cutting tool of company of hill tall cutting tool is one kind conveys cooling fluid directly the series of high-powered cutting tool to bit cutting area. The cooling fluid of pressurization is shot directly to cutting area, can drop cutting temperature, such machine tools can choose higher cutting rate to improve cutting tool life. The action of cooling pressure is to make cut bits to bend, break off, or become the smaller, fragment that can accuse more. The treatment workpiece material of Jetstream cutting tool is titanium alloy, Nimonic C263, Inconel 718, aluminium alloy, stainless steel and alloy steel to wait. When machining titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, cutting rate can rise 50% , treatment metre can shorten 50% , bit is used up decrease 60% , have function of the admirable control that cut bits to be able to improve exterior surface roughness. CNC Milling