NTN develops new-style stationary to wait fast gimbal " CUJ "

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  • source:DELENO CNC Machining
NTN announces, the small-sized and new-style stationary that development went to face small-sized car and light-duty car fast gimbal " CUJ (Coupled Ball Undercut-free Joint) " . This company expresses to supporting transmission shaft this product is angle of the biggest job in 50 degrees product the whole world is the smallest level. Supporting behavioral point of view 50 degrees stationary fast gimbal respect, this company is produced in the quantity all the time before this " EUJ " . And CUJ passes the appearance fluctuation time that wraps up aperture in ball chamfer, the assembly that its make a part the gender rises considerably than EUJ, outside annulus external diameter and weight all reduced about 4 % . Additional, screwy intensity and EUJ are coequal level, the wear respect below big job angle, in old commonly used point of view (8 degrees) below raised 30 % , big job angle (46 degrees) below raised 40 % . CNC Milling