The installation with metric correct pump uses a method

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As ceaseless development of economy, bigger and bigger also to the demand of metric pump, because metric pump structure is exquisite, on the safe side, can satisfy already those who carry all sorts of chemical drug is caustic can, can satisfy wholesome requirement again, then metric pump applies at the industry such as vast chemical industry, food, environmental protection, oil, so how to install metric pump correctly? 1.

The proposal uses inspiratory canal to use the inspiratory end from fill type installation, pump under store the lowermost fluid of fluid pool. If inspiratory end must prep above store when face of fluid pool fluid, a powerful person that hold a foot must be added in inspiratory canal. The greatest concessional height suction Cheng needs to have consideration according to specific pipeline condition. 2.

Filter had better be installed in inspiratory pipeline, be checked to go to the lavatory and clean. Must install shut-off valve and pipeline work to receive at the same time, so that be safeguarded in the future. 3.

Can install pulsatile bumper, relief valve to prevent metric pump pipeline to shake. If pressure under 3Bar when, the proposal installs back pressure valve, lest cause pipeline,produce siphonage. 4.

The tubal diameter of inspiratory pipeline must be more than the dimension of entrance a powerful person of metric pump. What add pipe fitting to come back with the hand close can, do not use a tool please; Whorl place does not use raw material tape. 5.

Power source voltage is stable, and ground connection, electric machinery wiring must consult electric machinery nameplate and operation manual. 6.

Open drive box top, join lube case inside, oil level comes worm bearing is bottom. 7.

Stroke of will metric pump is moved to 100% , according to the operation at the same time the manual asks, to be located in the filling oil inside hydraulic pressure gasoline tank a powerful person undertakes adjustment, make core of filling oil a powerful person maintains fluctuation the mobile quantity of 1 millimeter. Observe whether metric pump exit has stock to carry, and discharge changes along with stroke and change. When stroke is changed, filling oil a powerful person must be made adjust accordingly. 8.

Shut watch 6 exhaust valve or join export pipeline, expect to the accretion inside the system. 9.

Installation environment is neat and capacious, drafty. Above content is small make up the experience that sums up in carrying out a process, the hope is helpful to you. If have other technology problem, can contact with us at any time. Line of business of fontal rich pump will go all lengths help you solve. CNC Milling