The treatment of weldment of concrete mixer steel structure

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My company main product is JS concrete mixer, cylindrical shell is the main body spare parts of this series product, blank is steel structure weldment, the index with this the most important part is: Cylindrical shell is two-terminal the dimension public errand of 4 aperture, surface roughness and form precision, because its assumed the fixed position function of transmission system and main shaft. Stiffness of cylindrical shell whole must satisfy a product in use process static, dynamic carry on one's shoulder. In machining a process, blank figuration uses Shanghai Jin Feng solder to cut Huang Shi of machine of cut of AG-6000 of mechanical limited company numerical control, 3 annulus group limited company produces forging press bed bed total factory produces forging press of the QVN31/13 scissors car and WP165/40 machine that fold a turn, Hefei YH32-500 press, ; Blank used factory of Shenyang machine tool to produce factory of machine tool of plain of C630 common lathe, the Qin Dynasty to produce planer of B690 hydraulic pressure and factory of Kunming machine tool to produce TX6II3D number to show the equipment such as mill boring machine in metallic cutting process. Produce from dimensions, solder the respect regard such as intensity and exterior quality, blank uses handiwork to solder to cannot satisfy requirement apparently in figuration process; If blank is in metallic cutting process,use workbench of circumgyrate of mill boring machine to assist implementation cylindrical shell again figuration of aperture of two end panel, satisfy at the same time form precision requirement, depend on workbench circumgyrate precision only now, after with the passing of time, precision is reduced gradually, satisfy the technical requirement of the product very hard. For this, product of JS concrete mixer is aimed at to machine what first wife covers equipment to upgrade in the consideration according to market demand replacement, involve machine tool of cutting of metal of cylindrical shell of JS concrete mixer among them, ask survey of institute special subject, form those who have function of spare parts machining center is full automatic plan of special machine tool. At the same time the consideration replaces traditional manual solder with the robot, raise work efficiency, structure to solder with this intensity and quality of spare parts exterior, produce cost to also can be reduced. The integral function of this series product will be obtained bigger optimize. Pledge about cutting tool material opposite produces the effect of efficiency, my company is the steel structure that has nearly 70 years of histories and mechanical product manufactory, the 20 centuries since memory of company old staff 50 time, in those days material of metallic cutting cutting tool is with " wind steel " the old times that gives priority to body is acting, ability of wind steel cutting as " ants gnawing at a bone " , efficiency is extremely low, suitable scope is very narrow, affect the development of the product badly. As steely smelt technology development and new-style data appear, use at new material of metallic cutting cutting tool ceaseless emerge in large numbers, be gained ground to apply in machining domain, if all sorts of carbon steel, high-speed steel reachs alloy tool steel,wait. Cutting efficiency is shown severalfold or of a few times rise, suitable scope can cover mechanical product major part. Some exceed hard the spare parts used kind of high accuracy pattern more contemporary line cut means finished cutting to machine. This is cut to gold is more for cutting tool cross the development that jumps type. Adopt practice, choose of cutting tool parameter decides immediate to machining efficiency to have impact: (1) age character like rolled steel of thick turning alloy when axial spare parts, use TK hard alloy kind cutting tool, ≈ of Z of cutting tool tool cutting edge angle 750, before horn contains bits chamfer, the crucial point wide for B ≈ 1.

2mm; ≈ of M of 6mm of ≈ of T of deepness of 320mm/s of ≈ of V of linear velocity of face of spare parts turning, penetration of a cutting tool, feed 0.

6mm, obtain better result. (2) when cast of base of steel-tooth of thick turning alloy, treatment face is irregular, the concussion of the generation when turning damages extremely easily cutting tool, if choose BK hard alloy kind cutting tool, and make ≈ of W of the horn before edge - 50, raise edge to fight concussion ability, ensure cutting goes on wheels. Make difficulty machines be readily solved thereby, efficiency got rising. In process of goods lot production, partial high accuracy the treatment of aperture is very time-consuming, use cutting tool of bore with a reamer of the machine that decide way or radial adjustable craft of cutting of float boring cutter, can achieve the result of effect of high accuracy, senior engineer. We ever used radial adjustable extruding of ball of steel of series connection of float boring cutter combines technology, in the aperture inside cylinder body of the boring on common lathe, treatment precision achieves blueprint technology requirement. The field that the earnestly in machining a process at present wants to improve is very much, it is an endless topic, among them hardware good people is tasted of rate rising is 10 thousand first in weighing. Although pass effort of a few years and struggle, mechanical industry of China had swift and violent development, but look up, the Chinese enterprise that ascends body international produces moral to list first-rate still is very few. How to solve? I think to should solve production technology first, especially production technology of raw material industry, be like steely, balata, electron yuan parts of an apparatus, subsequently, function of whole set product can rise somewhat, difference can narrow greatly. Green is made, the energy-saving tentative idea that decrease a platoon just can be expected to also can be reached. CNC Milling