Supersonic treatment realizes dentistry industry leap

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As standard of living rise, people is healthy to oral cavity, especially the easy of repair false tooth had higher demand moderately. The occurrence of CAD/CAM allows dentistry rehabilitate system make be able to produce change to digitlization from manual production, shortened not only production cycle, more important is the precision that promoted repair style. And dentistry field is right in last few years for example of machine tool of DMG supersonic treatment introduce, accelerated this one process, dentistry technician people professional work centre of gravity is made from common coronal bridge, step by step transition comes cultivate false tooth, it is to cultivate those who grow the bridge to make even, this kind of change can guide dentistry industry to realize qualitative leap undoubtedly. Traditional false tooth is made, from gesso occlusive model begins, should pass candle model, sprue-way installation, bag is buried, break candle, cast, till finishing, facing is finished. This process technology demand to operation personnel itself is extremely high, and cause error easily, need debugs ability to adorn finally repeatedly, caused certain difficulty to operating technician, dentist and patient tripartite. And the limits that make basically also centers in coronal bridge make, involve embedded system rarely make. The place that the graph needs to machine in 1 matrix the occurrence till CAD/CAM, this one current situation just gets ameliorative. Regard the equipment of dentistry of Hong Kong Well Dental that owns 30 old false tooth to make experience as limited company, also be one of dentistry labs that introduce CAD/CAM the earliest to machine false tooth and are benefited, witnessed false tooth to make the historical changes of the domain. Well Dental company only then the Wengehua that is built at Canada, begin to pay close attention to the rehabilitate of coronal bridge and embedded body from acting 1980 end. Change came the company 1992 Hong Kong, service at local dentist. All Well Dental technologies personnel, pass attestation of British General Dental Council (GDC) , the company also obtained ISO 9001:2 since 2005008 attestation and Germany dust dark attestation of T ü V Nord, and interior manages flow audit be assured every year by tripartite responsibility and have quality government. When father Mr Liang Shufa is reviewing the phylogeny of the company, with all sorts of feelings say: "Well Dental from a make one's fortune of small coronal bridge lab, had developed the provider of dentistry rehabilitate body that becomes concentration of a high accuracy, technology at present. We can face a coronal the bridge, embedded body and cultivate those who grow the bridge to make offer all-around solution, treatment material include titanium metal and vitreous ceramics, zirconia, horniness zirconia. " his summary says, speed of this kind of development should be attributed to pair of CAD/CAM open what in order to reachs industrial level device to introduce. Graph the 5 axes treatment that the 2 treatment example that cultivate long bridge open type brings dentistry to change when Well Dental 1992 year when returning Hong Kong, still be a lab that has 3 people only, of false tooth of dedicated Yu Guanqiao make, and the client that faces Hong Kong this locality only. Expand as business gradually, well Dental begins to wait for abroad country to offer a product for the United States, "We undertook expanding to business 2005, begin to consider to blend in CAD/CAM false tooth to make, chose German Kavo at that time so. This is the company of a professional false tooth that make, sell CAD/CAM system at the same time. " Mr Liang Shufa says, what Kavo offers is data of a market is collected, design and make the CAD/CAM system that is an organic whole, but this system is to close of the gender, must use all things such as the material of Kavo, system and equipment, and the label that makes the false tooth product that make must have Kavo. Through use of 4 years, the abidance that Well Dental realizes a company develops got this is planted the block up of enclosed CAD/CAM system. Above all, well Dental does not have flexibility in make, cannot undertake change and be optimizinged to machine program, and Kavo system applies to coronal bridge false tooth only, cannot come true cultivate the treatment that false tooth contains angle this kind. "It is so when the treatment job that has kind of establish false tooth, we must appeal to make a company at the false tooth of and other places of Switzerland, Germany, because we are uncontrollable product. " Mr Liang Shufa continues say, "Additional, when should popularizing a kind of new false tooth material to pledge to the market when Well Dental, wait like zirconia, horniness zirconia, cast a method because of what use a convention impossibly, must use other treatment strategy, so this also was prevented by enclosed CAD/CAM system on one hand. " Mr Liang Shufa concludes finally, well Dental should make treatment of true CAD/CAM false tooth, must have the knowledge of tripartite face: It is machine treatment strategy above all; It is software knowledge next, false tooth designs software; The false tooth of the technician that finally is Well Dental decorates treatment. Must have ability to succeed at the same time at 3 o'clock. Among them, machine treatment strategy is Well Dental company is the newest, also be false tooth in the process that make most the foundation, most crucial one annulus, decide the development of company future business directly. "So we want choice device not merely, see a supplier can offer us even what treatment knowledge. Because dentistry and machine treatment are two completely different domains, milling craft wants to us from 0 start. " memory of Mr Liang Shufa says. "2009, the process is compared in ours in, DMG shows itself, add the Openmind system that the machine tool deploys, the treatment that provided us to want is flexible. More important is, DMG offerred strategy of a lot of milling to give us, shared them to machine the advanced experience of the domain in false tooth, still introduced a lot of person of the same trades to give us. " author of company of Nextpage graph 3 Well Dental Mr Liang Shufa and daughter Mandy2009 year, the first equipment that Well Dental purchased DMG -- ULTRASonIC 20 Linear. DMG supplied high quality treatment equipment for Well Dental not only, the experience that its provide is shared made Well Dental very fast enter the right path, november 2010, the milling with new Well Dental, research and development center hold water formally in Hong Kong, in DMG all-around on the foundation of the solution, rolled out first from some CAD/CAM brands -- IWell, offer product kimono Wu for the client below this frame. IWell is a wide-open system, the dentistry lab that allows world each district adopts fictitious measure, what online visit concerns the index such as the material that Yu Yi ages, sort, still can use the false tooth that should make the file that scanner makes form of a STL, send digital model file to arrive through Internet Well Dental. Well Dental receives the digital document of plaster cast, return dentistry lab to have CAD and treatment again. The means of this kind of fast processing, make Well Dental OK before receiving physical model begin design and milling, when physical model carry arrives after Hong Kong, the appearance that completes pottery and porcelain again decorates the job. The commutative file of fictitious data allows instant delivery and improve productivity. The opens a gender to let Well Dental size range of pipe bent of graph 4 IWell is wider at present, in the milling center of Well Dental, a of the CAD/CAM software that distributes company of scanner having 3D, Openmind and DMG supersonic and oscillatory milling machines equipment. In this kind all-around below the system of production of Gao Rou sex of form a complete set, well Dental can provide the treatment of coronal bridge for the client not only, return the treatment of the embedded content false tooth that can offer high accuracy, treatment material limits also expands to vitreous ceramics, zirconia, titanium, chromic cobalt and horniness zirconia. Up to now, in Hong Kong the area can use open mode CAD/CAM to become the company that grows long bridge false tooth, well Dental still is the first. From sheet cultivating what cause in Well Dental interior to the making CAD/CAM that cultivates long bridge to change is to point to not merely from enclosed the change to open mode, more important is pair of new industrial level facility introduce, this let Well Dental see more capacious development prospect. To oneself, on one hand, well Dental can control his product through IWell palm eventually, according to demand the choice suits equipment of his form a complete set most, offer a product quickly; On the other hand, the treatment craft of the supersonic treatment ULTRASonIC 20 Linear of DMG helped Well Dental enlarge product size range of pipe bent. "As people living standard rise, easy is paid close attention to moderately by more, in dentistry domain, cultivate base tooth and the development trend that cultivating long bridge will be future. " Mr Liang Shufa is very clear this. When embedded content carries surgical operation when the bone in embedded patient gum, not be the angle with 90 ° normally embedded. The cure before is, the dentist must do CT scanning first, in order to examine bone density, ensure its can support embedded content and the false put oneself in another's position above. Accordingly, embedded content often should be inserted with many different point of view according to the density of bone, need many embedded thing sometimes, perhaps be 8, in the mouth of the angle embedded patient that carries 35 ° part with Jiyading, other it is 50 ° . Was thought the contains many angle tine bridge of milling coping, need the 5 axes facility of high accuracy, this is must, age otherwise the bridge is unwarrantable stable or safe. "The supersonic treatment ULTRASonIC 20 Linear of DMG accords with our demand completely. " Mr Liang Shufa says, the high speed milling with the supersonic treatment strong ULTRASonIC 20 Linear of DMG and typical supersonic fabricating characteristics can offer a lot of advantages, it is in ceramics of zirconia, glass material machines a respect above all, reduced interstitial formation; Next, it is OK and efficient milling horniness material, be like horniness zirconia and vitreous ceramics; Efficiency respect, whole the treatment that cultivates long bridge matrix can be finished inside 4h. The reason of the supersonic treatment ULTRASonIC 20 Linear that Well Dental first time decides to buy DMG depends on, this equipment exceeds supersonic vibration good treatment and high speed milling compositive to a machine tool, can process a variety of data, it is sensitive soft data or metallic stuff no matter. According to introducing, axis of the X of this equipment, Y, Z all introduces drive of linear electric machinery, acceleration > 1.

4g, positional precision is ± 2.

5 μ M, and the 1 μ of ± of the least value that repeats fixed position precision M. 5 axes are machined, flexibility is incomparable. What rotate speed can amount to 40000r/min is water-cooled main shaft of USB 40 treatment reached treatment of high speed mill to initiate wide applied range for good treatment. The profit that new treatment way brings to Well Dental is self-evident, and its are mixed to the dentist for the patient, the improvement of precision also is unprecedented. Use 5 rods machining center machines false tooth, acquisition precision is taller, saved a large number of settling time for the dentist, also discharged a lot of anguish that debug repeatedly to the patient. And, craft of this one treatment laid solid foundation to the development that cultivates long bridge, it is a good news to the patient. Cultivate long bridge false tooth to still be in promotion phase, have very large growth space. Current, the supersonic treatment ULTRASonIC 20 Linear of DMG realized 24h movement in the milling center of Well Dental. Mr Liang Shufa expresses, its occurrence solved difficult problem of a lot of technologies, accelerated the rate with Well Dental patulous business. Well Dental main attack cultivates false tooth market now, although machine production to be in Hong Kong this locality, but business is already outspread land of the home in coming, United States and European market, make acting treatment for these areas. ULTRASonIC 20 Linear is used at machining vitreous ceramics and horniness zirconia by Well Dental before, and multi-purpose now it will add false tooth of establish of type of work, if titanium, chromium is cobaltic,wait for metallic stuff. Machine demand as what increase increasingly, in August 2012, the equipment HSC 20 Linear of the 2nd DMG has arrived, the treatment that is used technically at metallic stuff false tooth. Machining center not only belong to industrial master, immediate still treatment and people live daily direct and relevant a lot of products, machine this angle to look from false tooth only, it already with life quality be closely bound up. In believing industrial level equipment is improving the process of life quality, the tooth just begins, more for example the embedded content, function that is mobile phone crust even follows medical treatment the expression of machining center is direct and relevant, improve human life, machining center more and more before moving toward a stage from the behind the curtain. CNC Milling