Plastic mould course of study faces opportunity

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Change manufacturing industry China in succession as the developed country, make Chinese plastic pattern provides industry to face unprecedented development opportunity. The expert is forecasted, to 2005, chinese plastic pattern provides production value to will achieve 46 billion yuan, annual growth rate is 12% the left and right sides. At the appointed time, the mould is self-sufficient rate general from current 70% rise 80% the left and right sides, mould and export of mould standard component rise the 9000 much dollars from now the left and right sides of 200 million dollar 2005, the car provides an entrance to will decrease in great quantities with plastic pattern. Shenzhen periphery and area of Pearl River delta had become Chinese plastic pattern to provide industry to develop most, the area with highest content of science and technology. Henceforth a few years, this one area becomes world mould to produce a center in the development inside 10 years likely. CNC Milling