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Machine train wheel with respect to OK and automatic, agile ground by a machine tool only? The answer that a lot of users give out is negative. They think, when machining train wheel, need uses multistage of much stage machine tool, have the aid of the manufacturing technology of mutual correlation will finish, and need undertakes iteration holding clip to workpiece, this also means every to machine a batch of new work to need to undertake many heavy new clothes places the job. Aimakeji is round as always, roll out VLC 1200 with acute industry smell muti_function machining center, make undertake to train wheel on only station machine tool complete treatment becomes reality. The process is here medium, the flow of heavy-duty treatment is being shown accelerate, workpiece quality rises apparently, whole production technology is more flexible also. VLC 1200 is muti_function machining center " heavy-duty treatment " cover a series of operations, like turning, auger cut, efficient milling, but its postulate is same: Workpiece is large or heavy work normally, rate of tall metal cutting asks the machine tool has outstanding property. Treatment craft needs to consider from old way, and rather than pays attention to scattered detail. The treatment of train wheel needs to observe these Yan Ke's conditions likewise. Current, a lot of manufacturer still are being used complex, the multistage of cross correlation manufactures technology, however, this craft has very large inferior position. Above all, the machine cost that start is big, the workpiece measurement that machines as a result of place is different, change every time the machine that treatment workpiece needs to start chain of all and whole treatment to go up afresh. "Additional, associated treatment is time-consuming too long. But the craft that ends to can be being machined with only station machine tool only, as a result of need not any transportation, treatment rate becomes fast apparently. " , dust complement of Markus Woitsch of manager of department of professional work of mark application engineering says. Make sure craft is accurate without by accident crucial in fact, dust mark has long-term rich experience on the treatment that using only station machine tool to have intricate work, possess two big a magic weapon especially on the heavy-duty treatment of train wheel: The machine tool uses main shaft to undertake lading, this automation solution is the one part with its indispensable design. Go up in a machine tool collect turning, auger cut, the multinomial operation such as milling, need to be started only or most two. For this, VLC 1200 deployed lathe tool inductor, milling main shaft and the device that change a knife. "Because workpiece needs to hold clip twice only, can assure the accuracy of dimension already, the appearance that can keep top-ranking again is bright and clean degree. Because the price of wheel wool blank is very high, this one right technology is so right the heavy-duty treatment of train wheel especially important " . Markus Woitsch explanation says. In the meantime, outfit quality is added to control a system inside lathe, measure probe to undertake to workpiece and working procedure real time detects -- accuracy is as high as 2 micron, eliminated the error that processes craft greatly thereby. The design is the key that decides whether lathe is successful in applying, dust how many element did the vertical structure of mark VLC 1200 machine tool add successfully for its? "Vertical structure produced all in all effect really " , markus Woitsch says for certain, "Perpendicular suspension is in workpiece main shaft workpiece upper part, such falling bits can fall into the conveyer that discharge bits directly, output from inside the machine tool thereby, prevent workpiece and heat then fall to bits is contacted and warm up, can avoid working main shaft to be polluted. " especially the heavy-duty treatment craft of automation of little height of artificial labour force, the advantage of this design is sent more apparent. Can knife library accommodate Nextpage of 36 lathe tool at the same time the biggest on the world on are afore-mentioned principles in skip bed after all the how old progress on function? VLC 1200 machine tool can show real case most. Dust mark VLC 1200 is the biggest on eye preexistence bound go up makings machine tool, the complete treatment that provides train wheel for the client serves, head of its main shaft can grab the weight of 2 metric ton (include chuck) . Of axis of X of working main shaft and Z axis receive makings rate fast, the biggest torsion can be amounted to 11, 000N*m, shortened greatly processing time. "This machine is the makings on the motive force with powerful market, automation and the intelligent combination that start multiple craft, compare with the craft posture that adopts before, the processing time that sheet approves work shortened 35% . " Markus Woitsch explanation says. Modular the critical factor with so successful machine tool of design VLC series is his modular design, at present many 100 machine tool already used this kind of design. Every machine asks to undertake designing according to the treatment with specific user, can achieve diversiform combination: Or two knives tower, grinding and unifinication of good treatment craft, or, the machine tool that carries different type (the function with VLC 500, VLC800 or VLC1200) different implementation. Dust mark can offer the most overall market to expect up and down, measure and muti_function machine the vertical turning machining center at an organic whole. CNC Milling