Laser becomes form technology quickly main technique

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Laser is fast figuration (Laser Rapid Prototyping: LRP) is the advanced technique such as drive of CAD, CAM, CNC, laser, will accurate servo and new material a compositive kind brand-new production technology. With traditional production method photograph comparing has: The duplicate sex of original shape, interchangeability is tall; Workmanship and the geometrical appearance of production original shape have nothing to do; Treatment is periodic short, cost is low, average production cost reduces 50 % , treatment cycle shortens 70 % above; High technology is compositive, implementation designs production unifinication. The LPR that the near future develops basically has: Stereo smooth shaping (SLA) technology; Alternative laser agglomeration (SLS) technology; Figuration of laser frit Fu (LCF) technology; Laser close look (LENS) technology; Laser chip folds a layer to make (LOM) technology; Laser causes thermal stress figuration (LF) technology and three-dimensional presswork the technology. Stereo smooth shaping (technology of SLA) technology SLA calls smooth solidify fast figuration technology again, its principle is the face that computer control washs beam of light to be raw material to photosensitive colophony undertakes pointwise scans, by the colophony layer of scanning area (make an appointment with very millimeter) produce smooth polymerization to react and solidify, form a layer of the spare parts. The space with a deep layer moves below workbench, so that solidify is good colophony surface again a new liquid state colophony, undertake scanning is machined falling, relapse so, make till whole original shape end. Because smooth aggregate reaction is,not be the action that is based on heat, reason wants the laser source with inferior power only when the job. In addition, because do not have thermal diffusion, add chain reaction to be able to be controlled well, can make sure aggregate reaction does not happen in laser besides the dot, treatment precision is consequently tall, exterior quality is good, the utilization rate of raw material is close to 100 % , can make the part with complex, fine figure, efficiency is tall. Larger to dimension part, can use divide a figuration to stick received method to undertake making next first. The United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium threw big most manpower, material resources studies this technology, ceaselessly new product comes out. University of traffic of our country Xi'an also develops a success LPs600A of machine of stereo smooth shaping. Current, the whole world has many 10 factory to produce this product. ● makes medium applied SLA technology can make a place need proportional nicety to cast a mould in car automobile body, thereby mould gives model of metal of certain proportional automobile body, use this metal model to be able to have the test such as wind tunnel and collision, complete final to automobile body evaluation thereby, in order to decide whether its design is reasonable. The United States overcomes Laisile the company already made automobile body model with SLA technology, put its in high speed wind tunnel to undertake aerodynamics experiment is analysed, obtained satisfactory result, big political integrity restricted experiment cost. ● is used at appearance of lumen of air inlet duct of experiment of car engine air inlet duct is formed by very complex free curved surface, it has very main effect to improving the efficiency that take energy of life, combustion process. In designing a process, need does spirit road test to program of different air inlet duct, traditional method is to use manual method treatment to go out by a few sectional the tracheal wood model that will describe or plaster mold, reoccupy arenaceous model casts air inlet duct, in treatment, the technical level of the understanding of wooden standard class to blueprint and itself often brings about spare parts and the deviate that design an intent, sometimes the influence of this kind of error is remarkable. Although use CNC Machining can be better ground report gives design intent, but its prepare time to grow, it is such more when geometrical form is complex especially. British Rover company uses fast figuration technology to produce air inlet duct outside model and lumen model, obtained satisfactory result. Alternative laser agglomeration (technology of SLS) technology SLS and SLA technique are very similar, just replaced liquid state smooth polymer with pulverous raw material, mix with fixed scanning rate energy action at pulverous material. This technology has raw material to choose extensive, redundant material to clear easily, applied range is wide wait for an advantage, apply to the production of original shape and functional spare parts. In figuration process, laser job parameter and pulverous character and agglomeration atmosphere are the important parameter that affects agglomeration figuration quality. ● makes medium applying in car mould the SLS skill that American Texas establishs an university to consider, already by commercialization of American DTM company. At present this company already developed a SLS2000 set the 3rd acting product. This system can burn all sorts of material such as paraffin precipitation, polycarbonate, nylon, metal. Make the Injection Mold Tooling of steel copper alloy that build with this system, can note model 50 thousand workpiece. Be based on RPM technology mould to already made a technology from original original shape in recent years, development arrives to be versed in the mould is made quickly, become domestic and international application to study the stress of development. Production method can divide the mould that is based on RPM to make frame law and indirect patternmaking way directly. Direct patternmaking law is to use RPM technology to make a pattern directly, be in what RPM technology can make metallic pattern directly in all methods is SLS law. With this kind the method makes the injection mould of steeliness copper alloy that build, life can amount to 50 thousand above. But this law produces bigger systole in the material in agglomeration process, precision is controlled hard. Law of Nextpage indirect patternmaking can divide for: (Soft qualitative low-cost die provides 1) make use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of silicon balata, metal epoxy resin pink and alloy of low melting point original shape accurate and duplicate into the mould, or undertake finishing to original shape, evaporate with metallic spray law or physics the alloy with an inferior melting point will make a pattern. The life of these simple and easy moulds is 50 ~ 5000, because its make this low, cycle weak point, special agree with the small lot production of product trial-produce phase. (Of 2) steel qualitative mould make cast RPM technology and nicety technical photograph union, make what can realize metal pattern quickly. Perhaps make the EDM electrode with an answer form taller precision directly, use at noting the treatment of the antrum of steeliness mould form such as model model, forging die, Die Casting. Relatively a moderate volume, complex electrode is general 4 ~ 8h can be finished, answer form precision satisfies project requirement completely. Ford Motor Corporation made car mould obtain satisfactory result with this technology. The method that Shanghai traffic university already also cast union through RP and nicety reachs the industry such as car tire to produce an entrance to replace mould plan for the car more than pairs 80. With traditional engine treatment method photograph is compared, the making cost that fast mould makes and cycle are reduced greatly. Our country needs every year to import a mould to amount to 800 million much dollar, basically be mixed pattern and exact pattern, accordingly, the SLS technology application in car mould manufacturing industry of future perspective is very wide. The appearance that ● makes the great majority of applied car lamps and lanterns that go up in car lamps and lanterns is irregular, curved surface is complex, mould production difficulty is very great. Adopt fast figuration technique, can get accurate product sample very quickly, for the mould design CAD and CAM provided favorable reference. In the meantime, also can adopt fast figuration technique, with the method that fusible pattern casts fast, high accuracy ground creates a pattern of lamps and lanterns. Figuration of laser frit Fu (the working principle of technology of LCF) technology LCF and technology of other and fast figuration are basic and same, also be to pass pair of workbench numerical control, implementation stimulates Fu of the scanning of beam of light to powder, frit, final take shape gives the part that wants form. Study the result makes clear: Size of power of output of ply of cladding of frit of means of spare parts section, laser, laser, facula, light intensity distributings, the element such as the size of means of interval of scanning speed, scanning, scanning, device sending pink, quantity sending pink and pulverous grain all is opposite the precision of figuration spare parts and intensity are influential. Depend on with the distinction of technology of other and fast figuration, figuration of laser frit Fu can make very compact metal part, its intensity is achieved convention is cast or forging more than even the part that the method produces, have good applied prospect consequently. Laser close look (technology of LENS) technology LENS is SLS technology and LCF technology photograph are united in wedlock, held the advantage of these two kinds of technologies. Chosen metallic powder has 3 kinds of forms: (1) onefold metal; (2) metal adds binder of metal of low melting point; (3) metal adds organic binder. Because use, is the means that spread pink, use the powder of which kinds of form without giving thought to so, the density of the metal after laser agglomeration is inferior, poriferous unoccupied place, intensity is inferior. Want to increase strength of agglomeration spare parts, must undertake an aftertreatment, be like metal of dip ooze colophony, low melting point, or undertake heating up waiting static press processing. But the precision that these aftertreatments can change metallic spare parts. Laser chip folds a layer to make (technology of LOM) technology LOM is one kind commonly used the technology of new-style and fast figuration that will make a pattern. Its principle is to use high-power to stimulate lame of cut of beam of light first, next multilayer and chip overlay, make its appearance produces change gradually, win the solid geometry form that wants original shape finally. LOM technology makes die, its cost makes an appointment with more managing than traditional method 1/2, manufacturing cycle shortens greatly. With will make compound model, thin makings model, class wait into the model, economic benefits also terribly is remarkable. This technology had gotten extensive use in abroad. Laser causes thermal stress figuration (the principle of technology of LF) technology LF is to be based on metallic heat to bilge cold metallic character, undertake to material namely inhomogenous heat, the plasticity that generation books is out of shape. This technology has following characteristic: (1) does not have mould figuration: Manufacturing cycle is short, flexible big, suit sheet particularly the production of small lot or large body work; (2) does not have outside force figuration: Material metabolic germ depends on its in-house thermal stress; (3) is not contact figuration: Figuration precision the tall, mould that do not have labour wears away, can be used at spirit confidential letter make; (4) heats up voice to accumulate figuration: Can what figuration normal temperature falls is difficult be out of shape material or metal of high sclerotic index, and can arise from cold sclerotic effect, the organization of metabolize area material and function are able to improve. CNC Milling