The integral impeller that is based on UG NX 5 axes CNC Machining

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The impeller of typical spare parts that the article machines with 5 axes linkage is exemple, combine UG NX software, process designing of the program of CNC Machining technological process that basically elaborated integral impeller, CNC Machining. Be in MIKRON UCP800 Duro undertakes machining on machining center of 5 axes linkage. This treatment program is sound, the treatment that is similar spare parts provided train of thought and reference. 1 introductive impeller is machine of compressor, turbine and pump the core component that wait, its machine the actor bad of quality to having conclusive effect to the function of compressor. 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, in the structural design of advanced turbine machinery, appeared " impeller of 3 yuan of whole " structure. 3 yuan of impeller are a basis condition of 3 yuan of of fluid of interior of machinery of turbine type fluid real flow and of the design, can reduce specific power consumption substantially. Integral type 3 yuan of impeller are to show hub and lamina are on same semifinished product, have a structure error of compact, curved surface small, intensity is advanced advantage. Because impeller adopted integral type structure, and the appearance of blade is the machines harder complex form curved surface in machining is formed, the tie condition that plans because of the contrail when this is machined is more, space of photograph adjacent lamina is lesser, add man-hour to produce collision extremely easily to interfere, generate knife of experience of have nothing to do with automatically orbit is more difficult. At present abroad applies the 5 coordinate of integral impeller to machine special software commonly, basically have the special software package that NREC of American impeller production company rolls out: MAX-5, MAX-AB; The integral impeller that the place of numerical control machine tool that Swiss Starrag produces takes machines module, still the special impeller such as Hypermill machines software. In addition, a few current software if: The UG, CATIA, PRO/E, MasterCAM treatment that also can be used at integral impeller. The article chooses UG NX4.

Impeller of 0 pairs of whole undertakes orbit plans machining. 2 treatment craft and equipment are analysed 2.

The type of figuration of general literary composition of impeller of program of 1 treatment technological process is a certain number of group lamina distributing to go up in hub equably, photograph adjacent forms flow path between two lamina, the joint of blade and hub has to transfer round horn, make join glossily between blade and hub. Blade curved surface is straight grain face or free curved surface. The geometrical form of integral impeller is more complex, general flow path is narrower and blade twist rate is old, incidental interference collides. Accordingly main difficult point depends on the treatment of flow path and lamina, cutting tool space, point of a knife is nodded should control accurately with cutter shaft azimuth, ability machines every corner of its geometry appearance, make cutting tool reasonable swing, avoid to produce interference collision. Impeller is machined above all by first semifinished product -- good stuff, cast or the turning that presses an outline outside using lathe to undertake machines forge, receive the basic form of impeller swing tower. Pass pair of impeller structures and the analysis that machine craft, impeller treatment is main by the flow path between rough machining lamina (impeller leaves thick) , the working procedure composition such as the clear root treatment of finish machining of the semifinishing machining of flow path curved surface, lamina, flow path finish machining and round part. 2.

Tigidity of cutting tool of choice of 2 cutting tool and geometrical appearance are the main factor that impeller treatment cutting tool chooses, use the cutting tool of big diameter as far as possible below the condition that flow path dimension allows. Rough machining cutting tool chooses the columnar milling cutter that average a copy commonly. Finish machining chooses cutting tool of head of awl handle ball, taper is helpful for raising the tigidity of cutting tool, dan Zhui is spent should not be too big, general 3~5 is spent more appropriate. Machine efficiency to rise, choose big diameter milling cutter as far as possible below the situation that does not produce collision interference, preferential choose much blade milling cutter. 2.

3 machine tools choose to machine integral impeller to be able to use the machine tool of 5 axes linkage, still need to consider the following factor: Machine tool of the greatest distance of each axis, workbench swing power of limits, machine tool. Machining center of 5 axes linkage is the MIKRON UCP800 Duro that uses in article treatment structure of double circumgyrate workbench, it contains a C axis that circles Z axis to rotate and the A axis that circle X axis to swing. UCP800 Duro configured 20000 R/min main shaft, system of Heidenhain ITNC530 numerical control. X axis journey: - 400~400mm, y axis journey: - 320~330mm, z axis journey: 105~605mm, a axis swings angle: - 105~120 is spent. UG NX of process designing of 3 impeller treatment offerred method of process designing of CNC Machining of many much coordinate and cutter shaft to control fashion, want to choose appropriate treatment method, notice reasonable selection is wide if parameter of craft of finish machining surplus, cutting machines step pitch, treatment rate of feed of rotate speed of deepness, main shaft, machine tool, the treatment efficiency that tastes to raising high yield and quality are crucial. Even the geometrical feature according to impeller is reasonable means of knife of setting advance and retreat, had avoided to cut and be interfered thereby. 3.

The purify of process lieutenant general of flow path of impeller of rough machining of flow path of 1 rough machining is many material, the focal point that its consider is treatment efficiency, the feed with big demand and as far as possible big cutting deepness, so that be inside shorter time,excision cuts bits more. Rough machining is not tall to the requirement of exterior quality, because this wants way of sound program cutting tool, improve rough machining efficiency. Mill of alterable axis outline can be used when opening rough machining (Variable Contour) , face of choice flow path is spare parts face (Part Geometry) with drive geometry face (Drive Geometry) , blade face and hub face examine an aspect for interference. Because blade height is greater, when rough machining but statified milling, leave different surplus to the spare parts namely, the sky in can adjusting curved surface per cent to reduce cutting process takes a knife. Thick when also can use model antrum mill (Cavity Mill) . Model antrum mill comes with planar cut cutting material, cutting tool is machined in every outline along geometrical body. Because leave thick when surplus is large, the way that can choose two to differ undertakes thick, when the attention chooses way, should make size range of pipe bent as far as possible big, as far as possible the material with much purify. The treatment efficiency of this kind of method is tall, but the rest mental allowance is big and irregular, still need to undertake filling machining, make surplus even thereby. 3.

Mill of alterable axis outline chooses when the flow path of semifinishing machining semifinishing machining of curved surface of 2 flow path (Variable Contour) , the flow path curved surface between choice lamina is component geometry body, whole impeller component the choice is examination geometry body, drive means chooses to be " curved surface area " . Drive geometry body and component geometry system are same. Because the space is narrower between lamina of adjacent of integral impeller photograph, and blade twist rate is old, incidental interference collides, accordingly cutting tool wants inside flow path reasonable swing, ability prevents interference. Cutter shaft vector can choose interpolation way (Interpolate) , the feature that this kind of means can assign through be in defines vector direction to control cutting tool axis. Can make vector control line, add or revise data of interpolation cutting tool to nod, what notice to define a need when affirmatory vector direction is enough much vector, make swing become more smooth suitable. Outside noticing drive way way should be pointed to, if way is opposite, click material to correct reversely drive way way. If the graph is shown 1 times,vector of cutter shaft interpolation reachs the cutting tool way of generation. Graph the semifinishing machining Nextpage3 of curved surface of 1 flow path.

The blade twist rate of impeller of 3 lamina finish machining is old and height is taller, space of the flow path between blade is little, it is the body that reflects treatment complexity, because this needs vector of reasonable setting cutter shaft, avoid cutting tool and already machined blade etc lamina to produce interference. According to blade face feature, classify with cutting tool and the means of music surface contact, lamina of treatment of milling of 5 coordinate numerical control face can be divided for " line contact " (side mill law) and " point contact " shape two kinds means. Impeller of face of straight to can be being exhibited grain, law of usable side mill is machined, use the curved surface of lamina of side edge milling of columnar milling cutter namely, method of knife axle control is Swarf. When side mill walk along a knife to be able to machine whole lamina, finish machining time shortens greatly, treatment efficiency is tall, treatment surface quality is good. Use point contact milling to impeller of free curved surface, cutting tool maintains from beginning to end in cutting process edge and be machined curved surface is tangent nod at, milling cutter moves continuously by blade streamline direction, take a knife line by line, final treatment gives blade curved surface, it is a kind of treatment means that shapes accurately. Graph 2 to use the cutting tool method that creates when point contact milling. Choose mill of alterable axis outline (Variable Contour) , drive means is " curved surface area " . Choose face of a lamina to regard drive geometry as body, lamina of other photograph adjacent and flow path face regard an examination as geometrical body, cutter shaft can be used opposite at drive face (Relative To Drive) , produce interference to avoid cutting tool and lamina, need the dip before reasonable setting and side dip. The pace is used into means " height of leftover wave crest " , leftover height is 0.

005mm. Graph method of cutting tool of 2 lamina finish machining 3.

Finish machining of flow path of finish machining of 4 flow path and flow path semifinishing machining are basic and identical, drive means is " curved surface area " , the flow path curved surface between choice lamina is drive geometry body, whole impeller component the choice is examination geometry body, the pace is used into means " height of leftover wave crest " , leftover height is 0.

005mm. 3.

Clear root of round role of ministry of 5 lamina root is round to the transition of blade and hub joint horny treatment, choose round role range to be drive face, face of flow path face, photograph adjacent lamina examines geometrical system as interference, cutter shaft is used opposite at drive (Relative To Drive) the banking angle that notices set is reasonable is spent. Generated cutting tool way is shown 3 times like the graph. Also can introduce front line (Toward Line) means, use a control line only sometimes, incontrollable still treatment a complete curved surface, the likelihood should choose a few control line. Graph clear root of round role of ministry of 3 lamina root machines cutting tool method 3.

6 postposition handle postposition to handle main task is the document of numerical control code that generated knife course file processing, changeover becomes operating system of numerical control machine tool to be able to be accepted. UG/Post Builder is the module of postposition processing function that cooperates with UG/CAM, offerred a definition the function such as parameter of geometry of space of structure of code of concern of each axis motion, numerical control, machine tool. The kind that selects a machine tool in UG/Post Builder is double revolving stage 5 axes machine tool (5-Axis With Dual Rotary Tables) , install two axis of rotation to be axis of A, C, machine tool of setting MIKRON UCP800 Duro the journey parameter of each axis, the relation of origin of certain work coordinate and origin of machine tool coordinate the value with set 4th Axis Center To 5th Axis Center, the pattern that sets remaining part of head of document of numerical control program according to the characteristic of Heidenhain ITNC530 system. The postposition that applies configuration handles the file of cutting tool contrail that weaves to place to undertake postposition is handled, make file of numerical control code. 3.

7 emulation test and verify to file of generated numerical control code, the emulation module that should pass UG NX or Vericut software undertake iteration emulation test and verify to knife course, examination interference, cut too wait for a problem and revise in time. Affirm without by accident hind, still must undertake trying cutting on the machine tool, debug the craft parameter of cutting, so that efficient treatment gives eligible impeller. Graph 4 undertake to cutting tool method in Vericut 4 conclusion UG NX serves as current software emulation test and verify, can finish the numerical control process designing of impeller spare parts very well. The article used UG NX software to undertake machining process designing to integral impeller, logical choice machines use cutting tool and machine tool, the geometrical feature that is aimed at flow path and lamina decides the control way of cutter shaft, generate treatment contrail, undertook emulation test and verify, assure the validity of generated cutting tool contrail. Through MIKRON UCP800 Duro machining center of 5 axes linkage realized the treatment of impeller spare parts finally, treatment process is smooth, treatment surface is bright and clean degree tall, achieved expectant goal. CNC Milling