Surmount milling or grinding

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Graph the 1 mirror that is used on Ⅱ of satellite of orbit carbon observation is by super- low expand glass is made. The engineers that the supersonic treatment of this surface operates supersonic treatment to be bureau of American country aerospace by gradient jackknife use difficult before machine to machined material to bring new possibility. Consider nobody to drive when you when the technology that aerospace explores is challenged, those who consider is how to send surely spacecraft arrives on orbit or the difficulty of a certain exact position of another world. The engineer is capable to accomplish this, it is a miracle really. However, the challenge is far did not end. The airship that nobody drive also needs exploration. Special need takes step -- it is to want to measure small matter or radiant disperse wavelengh accurately normally. The equipment of airship must enough and sensitive, at the same time enough also and solid run in order to make sure the circumstance that in temperature the extreme changes falls normally. To bureau of American country aerospace, jialifuni regards as the city between dimensional instrument truck jet propulsion lab of Yapasadina (JPL) one part, it is one of places that make these acute component. Graph 2 supersonic machining center offerred to replace grinding plan, can process crucial glass work more quickly with more effective ground the main and professional domain of this workshop is small machining. Accurate machining center, include machine of Bostomatic of two microscope equipment, can milling and auger cut petty appearance component, see scarcely to general naked eye normally. Another computer CNC Milling is a workshop by DAC International custom-built, the work with more delicate even operation -- the main shaft of use 110000rpm and fixed position 10 small inch resolution. The typical part that the workshop produces is to be less than normally 0.

010 inches wide and almost small to 0.

001 inches of wide microwave that have channel of the wave guide that grind mill piece. Peter Bruneau is one of treatment experts that pursue this job. He says, another area of skill of this workshop major, the area that he sees value increases, the treatment that is special material. Actually, he sees this value increases ceaselessly, concern with small machining especially. Adscititious a Sauer that comes from DMG/Mori Seiki " ultrasonic " 5 axes machining center, this workshop enhanced productivity recently. Have production previously cannot the accurate electron of machine treatment pottery and porcelain is relevant the ability of the component, this machine will increase practicable of engineer of bureau of American country aerospace to design possibility. Graph the measured value of spare parts of 3 wave guide is 2 inches of × about 1 inch. The smallest passageway is 0.

005 inches wide, use 0.

The design engineer of bureau of aerospace of country of United States of tall frequency of milling of 004 inches of cutting tool and scientists are fixed consult with dimensional instrument workshop, depend on its staff (it is machinist not only, and it is production adviser) . This workshop improves a help through suggesting to be designed to the spare parts normally they, in order to ensure producibility. Sometimes, when crucial part needs, this workshop finds out new productivity. An example is a mirror that is used at Ⅱ of satellite of orbit carbon observation by super- low expand glass (product of lens of a kind of granule) make. In gradient before abrade operation, mirror by grinding, but grinding is slow and costly, apt leaves exterior crackle. JPL searched a replacement scheme, discover ultrasonic adds labour union to make a looking glass more effectively with reliable ground. This process resembles milling a bit, resemble grinding a bit again, but differ finally with these two kinds of methods. This ultrasonic machine tool deployed the main shaft of a 42000rpm, can accommodate the knife handle of a machining center and cutting tool. However, during supersonic purify material, this machine adopts an abrade cutting tool to regard as replace. Pass with cutting tool of diddle of strict pilot amplitude, this machine with every second the beat tempo of tens of thousands of, use microscopical action authentic drops material. Nextpage graph 4 Peter Bruneau revealed another part that often machines between dimensional instrument truck, the personal computer that it is a model machines this process to need to have little habit, mr Bruneau says, have little only. Treatment of this kind of means includes a parameter unlike other procedure, because of cutting tool by " adjust " in order to find frequency of a stable oscillation. This frequency is in 20000 with the somewhere between 50000Hz. If this process does not use familiar parameter, he says, those parameter are worth the expectation that challenges him. At first, he chooses feed rate and cut deepness according to grinding experience, but discover such doing to make cut is guarded more. For example, fine 200 arenaceous bead cutting tool are easy in order to compare 40ipm(inch / cent) rapidder feed rate, allow to machine mirror of pottery and porcelain, and the 60 arenaceous bead cutting tool of a whisk do not allow to lead grinding to machine a spare parts with this feed. "The material purify rate that I continue to be able to use horniness material to come true to us feels amazed, " he says, he often reminds himself: "We try to supervise and urge. " he says then, an additional challenge is the precision that holds a part, enough makes setting mistake won't compromise with the accuracy latent capacity of the machine. Challenge of this workpiece clamp is to use ultrasonic machine bigger than using Bostomatic machine, because 5 axes workpiece circles an axis,rotate to cause the fixed position error that learns a method with compound triangle possibly. Accordingly this workshop uses the system of cutting tool of essence of life that Erowa comes from on the machine here -- the system that forms by a tray and receiver -- strictly clamp workpiece ensures can repeat fixed position. Graph machine of 5 this ultrasonic is a when JPL often uses at groovy milling to make 5 axes machining center considers besides these, mr Bruneau says, ultrasonic machine is behaved so that resemble another machining center actually. Can use with the process of other machine is same CAM software work out in the workshop. Actually, at present it basically acts as a groovy machining center. Effectively clean mirror surface processes the high-pressured refrigeration system that the workshop buys cut bits. Capture through the refrigerant centrifugal that cuts bits, this workshop can need not change refrigerant and changeover is machined to groovy metal. Current, those groovy operations -- 5 axes grind mill or get cut -- the most job that is in charge of be being done on the machine, metropolis change, he says. Good treatment however, another professional domain of JPL campus is discovered in lab of miniature parts of an apparatus. Besides other side, this branch is a chip acting plant that assures microprocessor function, and dilettante course of study cannot realize cost effectiveness however. When these chip must limits of extreme of temperature of over or across and in good condition when carrying out, the miniature structure that contains these chip also must maintain photograph of over or across to be the same as the precision of big temperature limits. More and more chip stylist are seeking data of special pottery and porcelain, in order to gain thermal stability, but Mr Bruneau says, this choice created restriction to the design. The metal can machine exact figure, but cannot be machined on history of the hardest material of pottery and porcelain -- accordingly they are not to pass an additive process with poorer accuracy to build. Additive process does not agree with build perpendicular wall, for example, make of these structures close assemble become a possibility. So what is the answer? Graph 6 ultrasonic treatment replaces answer of milling cutting tool with abrade cutting tool is ultrasonic treatment. Mr Bruneau says, the diameter is small to 0.

015 or 0.

020 inches abrade cutting tool may be used at the trait of accurate treatment achieving on part of very small hard pottery and porcelain. Actually, because this machine has 5 axes, many surfaces can use this kind of means to be machined accurately, in order to arise really the design of original chip structure with effective space. Before long, its will begin between dimensional instrument truck the first project, investigation uses the ultrasonic treatment of the new ceramics material that makes these chip structures. Of this job pay one of means that are change and design engineer talk. In the part of manufacturing industry adviser, this workshop personnel raises negative mood question normally. That is to say, they ask, "Do you need this function really? " or " is this public errand necessary? " now, those problems turn into affirmative. Stylist still does not know the freedom that ultrasonic treatment will give out is spent, because this Mr Bruneau enquires very quickly " had you considered this kind of data? " or " do you realize can you produce figure of sex of this kind of challenge? " the issue that discovers the possibility of this workshop new capacity will enlarge spacecraft to be able to be done, mr Bruneau is expecting exploration. CNC Milling