CHV100 transducer is pouring the application on filar machine

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Introductive metal wire pours filar machine, often use the trade is processed in a lot of metallic wire cable, pour filar machine to go up from craft, wire of main implementation is big metal shapes to the winding of small metal wire, in order to facilitate the follow-up of wire is machined. Article general with Jiangsu the application of 20 machine pouring silk in manufactory of some wire rope is exemple, demonstrative CHV100 high-powered vector transducer applies in the success on its. In applying a requirement to make treatment in wire rope, commonly used machine pouring silk is shown like right plan institute, this machinery basically divides composition by 3, namely drive puts line section, tension to detect part, drive controls line share. Mechanical system requirement pours filar process in metallic wire in, the linear velocity that pours silk is constant, the tension that pours silk is constant, in the meantime, ask the central winding that receives a line is controlled, metallic wire arranges the appearance that controlling a labour print wheel cheek by jowl, do not allow to place silk, this is right the control precision that discharges a line raised very tall requirement. In the system of uses in machine pouring silk whole and electric control of NextpageCHV100 transducer, transducer is being assumed close, put the transmission control that coil, among them, the control that puts a share is finished by PLC, PLC basis coils the change of diameter and give put linear velocity, of transducer of real time computation match frequency, come true thereby those who put a linear velocity is relatively constant, because its put a timing precision to reach,answering speed to ask is not very tall, so, systematic transducer type selecting is CHF100 model 7.

5KW, this transducer does timing to use only, accept PLC to give the frequency that come over signal; Receive a part to realize control completely by transducer oneself, the requirement is being started quicken process, normal high speed to run a process to reach jockey decelerate process linear velocity is synchronous, tensional cylinder move about arm swings scope is little, accordingly, reach low speed to started ability to raise very tall requirement to receiving the trends of route system to answer, accordingly, type selecting of the transducer in electrical system is CHV100 4KW, use advocate, the frequency of complementary frequency overlay gives way, namely advocate frequency is given by AI2, auxiliary frequency arises by PID. Sketch map of simple and easy and electric control is as follows: The parameter of electric control sketch map of machine pouring silk is installed (one) the parameter of CHV100 transducer is installed 1, P0.

01=1, terminal instruction passageway; 2, P0.

02=2, UP/DOWN is invalid; 3, P0.

03=6, PID controls set; 4, P0.

04=0, AI2 set; 5, P0.

06=2, a+B; 6, P0.

07=60Hz, the biggest frequency is 60Hz; 7, P0.

08=60Hz, frequency upper limit is 60Hz; 8, P0.


1s, quicken time; 9, P0.


1s, slowdown time; 10, P5.

02=1, turning start; 11, P5.

03=7, breakdown restoration; 12, P5.

04=6, freedom jockeys; 13, P5.


25V, voltage of low of cylinder move about arm (PID feedbacks) ; 14, P5.


50V, cylinder move about arm hints tension high (PID feedbacks) ; 15, P5.


05V, filter wave time; 16, P6.

04=3, breakdown output; 17, P6.

05=6, frequency detects FDT is outputted (control discharges a line) ; 18, P8.

25=2Hz, start drop of the frequency that discharge a line; 19, P8.


0% , detect without lag; 20, P9.


0% , PID is given; 21, P9.


30, coefficient of proportionality; 22, P9.


00, integral coefficient; 23, P9.


10s, use cycle; (2) the parameter of CHF100 transducer is installed 1, P0.

03=1, terminal instruction passageway; 2, P0.

04=60Hz, the biggest frequency is 60Hz; 3, P0.

05=60Hz, frequency upper limit is 60Hz; 4, P0.

07=20s, quicken time; 5, P0.

08=50s, slowdown time; 6, P3.

01=1, imitate measures AI1 set; 7, P5.

01=1, turning start; 8, P5.

02=7, breakdown restoration; 9, P5.

03=6, freedom jockeys; 10, P6.

02=4, breakdown output; Debug skill to should pour filar machine to control a system, most of core debugging is in CHV100 place pilot constant linear velocity controls line share, when be being started to assure to be in, cannot lose too because of PID adjustment, cause steel wire flabby, in the meantime, also cannot cause steel wire too by force to break a string because of PID adjustment, accordingly, search appropriate PID coefficient, it is the key that debugs this system. Before the system is opening accident to go, cylinder move about arm is in lowermost position commonly, such, cause the instant that starting, the feedback of PID is the smallest, because move about arm puts a more reason, pull very quickly in move about arm of the instant that start, position of prep above center, plus put the response that coil, light slight shock of cylinder move about arm swung a few times to tend smooth, can see here advocate the action of frequency, the adjustment of made PID just did a complement, those who be a system is fast tend have main effect smoothly, in the meantime, notice to coil for nothing even start with coil completely started a few difference, can put line transducer through adjusting add, slowdown time will satisfy control requirement. CNC Milling