The grinding of tap square head is machined

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Tap square head is used at delivering torque when tap works, what also can regard treatment as tap at the same time is fiducial. When machining tap, surface roughness of the measure with have certain to tap square head, surface and form the error asks (the 1/2) that the square head that provides common tap like national level does not exceed dimension public errand to petiole axes symmetry. Treatment tap square head can use milling or grinding technology. Use grinding craft to machine tap square head precision and efficiency are taller, suit grinding to measure treatment of lesser small norms tap particularly. The author carries summary plant the manufacturing experience of square head of tap of old grinding treatment, the problem between the common quality in analysing craft of grinding of tap square head and treatment and solve measure. Craft of grinding of 1 tap square head pursues principle of treatment of construction of square chance of a taper thread grinding is the technology that satisfies treatment of square to tap head to ask, design of my factory proper motion made tap grind square machine. Grind square machine to by emery wheel wearing, drive part, clip is held and basically cool the composition such as device, its structure is shown 1 times like the graph. When grinding tap square head, drive cam to rotate by decelerate orgnaization, the bearing repass that cam moves to go up through pressing its closely raises an arm to deliver workpiece to go up. When cam is rotational, round contrail makes fluctuation reciprocate outside bearing edge cam, workpiece criterion moves along with the fluctuation that bears an arm and swing, press a range that extends law principle to worry a tap square head, rub a the rest through graduation next 3 faces. The grinding dimension of square head assures through adjusting feed orgnaization to give, when the small norms machine that machines M3 ~ M12 uses tap, machine a loop to be able to achieve dimension requirement through commonly. Clamp means grinds square machine to use clip of means of hydraulic pressure clamp to hold tap. Clamp orgnaization uses the center that turn over a flower in end of tap blade ministry, in tap petiole end uses guide-post bushing to add top texture. After treatment is started circularly, main shaft is ongoing, workpiece clamp. After hydraulic pressure motor starts, drive cam and workpiece roll cam every roll a week, week of workpiece roll 1/4, the grinding of a face machines square head of the tap that finish; cam is rotational all around, workpiece turns a week, square head of the tap that finish the treatment of 4 faces. Right now hydraulic pressure motor stops.

Main shaft go back, loose workpiece, finish loop of a treatment. This kind of card tightens means convenient, fast, can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. Graph grinding of square head of tap of means of refrigeration of 2 two-way and puissant cooling sketch map uses heavy-cut grinding means, many grinding heat produces in machining a process. Adopt a plan for this need 2 show two-way and puissant cooling pattern, with dropping grinding temperature effectively, the workpiece material that because grinding quantity of heat is caused,removes is out of shape, at the same time facilitating workpiece holds clip. Problem of 2 common quality and solve measure to because many grinding heat produces in grinding process,grind burnt burn, easy cause tap square head to grind burnt burn. Solve measure to be the pressure that increases cooling fluid, the refrigerant; with choose cooling effect better in addition, in square head of the grinding before heat treatment working procedure criterion but the influence that oversight grinds burnt burn. Square head appearance is irregular the main reason with the irregular square after causing tap square head to machine has cam to design unreasonable, tip to wear away, workpiece not round parallelism is bad outside the circle outside clamp, emery wheel and workpiece to wait. Solve measure to be reasonable design cam, often change tip, correct nap emery wheel. The main reason that short of of grinding surface surface roughness asks to affect grinding surface quality is emery wheel choice quality of nap of unreasonable, emery wheel is bad to wait. Solve measure to be the emery wheel with choice abrasive granuality, right hardness, the tip of out of tolerance of square head symmetry such as time nap emery wheel is unqualified it is the main reason that causes out of tolerance of square head symmetry, solve measure to be the center that chooses quality qualification. Treatment practice makes clear, use grind opportunity of treatment of square machine grinding to be able to improve the machine treatment with tap with tap square head quality and manufacturing efficiency, suit to popularize application in tap production. CNC Milling